10 Things that a Girl Expects from her Parents

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Parents to children are like God next to them. Parents are the first ones who a new born baby opens his/her eyes to see. It is a miracle when we go into the details of how a baby is born and your parents are the main reason for this miracle to happen. For them you will be their miracle. They hold you so softly so that nothing would harm you in all walks of your life.

Parents are the only ones on this earth who would do anything for their children without expecting literally anything except a little(not even a lot!)love from them. Parents make sure they cater to all the needs of their children without disappointing them a bit. Every father wants to see his child become a strong individual and mother wants to see her child become a  caring creature. In this developing world with everything around us growing so fast, there are still many who are hesitant in accepting a girl child.

I accept it is not easy to bring up a girl child but her demands are not much either. Her demands may be a lot but they don’t need money to be fulfilled  and are never a burden to you. A girl child is a pleasure to have because she is never a trouble to her parents when born nor when she grows older because she spends only quarter of her life with her parents. As parents, it should be your greatest pleasure to accept her demands and fulfill them until she stays with you and make this time of hers the most memorable one for her!

10.Don’t compare!


Comparing is one bad habit I would like everyone to say no to. Every child is born unique. Every kid possesses his/her own talents. Every girl in this matter has her own self that she respects. With this self being prominent in every girl, she would definitely not like to be compared to anyone as girls most often like being praised for what they are. And for their emotions being so sensitive(in all girls)they can never accept this. Practically they don’t strive for uniqueness and even don’t like someone else having something that they have.

9.Give before she asks for it.

give before she asks-2

When something is given before it is asked for, that feeling has an everlasting stand of happiness in one’s mind. A girl is one who finds happiness even is the smallest of things. With this, she would feel how well her parents have understood her. How well they think about her more than themselves. She would definitely feel how beautiful this life is living with them who means more than her life!

8.Don’t be over protective.


Being protective is the rule of nature that parents cannot give up. They have this constant eye on their child which is not unusual. But how is it affecting you daughter? A boy might not show or possess much of emotions or attachments as a girl. He feels he has his own life and would not want anyone in it(not even parents to be frank!). But that is not the case with girls because they want to be questioned yet not to be made obvious(I know we are weird though!). So as parents you have to watch your steps and not mess up.

7.Console her in her hard times.

console her

A girl faces a lot of hard times in her life. It may be physically(every month) or mentally that effects her daily routine activities. In this busy life of all of us, all she expects from her parents is to recognize her behavioral changes and help her out. She expects this because many a times her problems are not the ones that can be just got up and told. She needs help from parents to lend their hand and hold hers in need.

6.Accept her mistakes.

accept her mistakes

Mistakes are indeed done by all of us. Some don’t care and move on. But the specification in girls is that they just can’t move on seeing the mistake happen and they tend to crib a lot over it. This tends to bring them mentally down. Once they hear to their parents say ‘it’s okay!’ they just feel so relieved.  How nice it is to see a happy face. All a girl expects from her parents is to make her feel fine even when she is wrong and correct them in the right way. It would make her feel in more of need to correct that mistake and be happy.

5.Give importance to her.

importance to her

Guys have their own lives. They don’t bother about others and neither like to be bothered. But a girl is special. She needs constant attention. She does not feel fine even if the attention of parents is slightly diverted upon anyone, not even her siblings. Even a slightest affection shown by her mum to her dad or dad to mum is not tolerable is what she feels. This is not right but I would not say it’s wrong too! It’s time for parents to focus their attention on their kids.

4.Shower a lot of love and care on her.

love and care

She does not need a basket of fruits, chocolates, clothes etc to make her happy but lots of love and care bestowed up on her is all what she needs to live her life. It is very obvious that a girl tends to drift apart from her parents when she finds the increased levels of love shown to her by someone else. This is not a safe thing happening. So it is of  most importance to give so much of love to your daughter that she can find no other love in this world greater than her parent’s love. With this she will definitely take right decisions in life.

3.Just be her best friend.


There are so many things that a girl would feel more comfortable sharing with her friends than her parents. This is because parents have always been the ones who demand and try taking over their daughter’s life than suggesting them what they must do. Thus a friend takes the role of pointing to her mistakes and telling ways to correct it and not scolding or making the issue big. So, when parents get into this role of being their daughter’s best friend, they become a part of all her activities and this is what she expects too.

2.Be very supportive.

Mother Walking Daughter Down Balance Beam

Standing up right among all people (especially men) for girls in today’s world is just not so simple as we can say it to be. She needs a helping hand, a supporting thought, a suggestion to take a brave step, a backbone to her decisions and a hand to hold on when she finds herself to be lost. That support a daughter expects from her parents includes studies, work, relationship, career and shaping a bright future for her. This is the prime  duty every parent must take up to make their daughter live a struggle proof life!

1.Trust your daughter and she is yours!


Giving everything in the world may sound very simple when compared to trusting her in her every step. As parents you might give her all luxury and comforts but as daughter she enjoys all of them only when she feels that she is trusted by that two important people of her life who is nothing less than God to her. She feels most secure when her decisions are nurtured and trusted. She wants her parents to give thoughts to her opinions and respect them. Trust her words when she tells it and as a daughter never hesitate to speak the truth. That is when you will always be trusted.

Respect your daughter my dear parents and in return she will bring in a lot of respect for you!


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