10 Things that can give you Instant Goosebumps

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The sudden thumping of a heart and the skipping of beats, the chill running down the spines and sudden electricity felt in your skin is what happens when you have a goose bump. We have come across this feeling over many times in the span of your lifetime and there will be more to come on our way. But what exactly are goosebumps, to explain that we must remember some of the experiences that we have come across in the span of time we have lived, the involuntary creations of bumps on our skin the uneasiness felt through our body and some of the things that cause it are listed below:


when you hear that song

Sometimes, when you suddenly come across a song that completely justifies or at least describe the same kind of situation you are in you are bound to feel the electricity running through your body. It’s kind of weird to think that someone where must have gone through the same feelings as have you. songs do really connect to you, because you can feel the words. it portrays an image through the web of words, and this makes it way too uncanny to feel the same thing as someone else has.

9. FALLING IN LOVE and as well getting out it


Ah! Men out there might, some might, deny this. But everybody feels this and it is something very normal. When the heart beats and makes your knees go weak. The world stops and all you can hear is the sound of that person. Right! This doesn’t happen, what happens when you fall in love is nothing but a chill running down your spine and giving an instant goosebump. All of that may happen on films but in reality, you do have the chills. No doubt about that. On the other hand, getting out of love, or as colloquially called a “break-up” may also be the reason for an instant goosebumps.


waiting for results

These ones are especially for students. For those, who have been notoriously lazy and did not bother to study that hard, they have this feeling magnified by 10 times. Yes, you do have goosebumps right before they declare the result. The feeling is truly uncanny.  And when you pass, there is nothing like it. The feeling continues to be so, until it settles deep inside you.

There is another type of result that might actually give you the goosebumps and those are any sort of result after a serious medical test. Especially anything related to blood tests. These are the worst sort of tests because not only does it involve blood but that too being extracted right out our veins and then it is the waiting part. This is the time when you actually feel nervous and with every passing second the heart seems to stop beating and time seems to stop ticking. Goosebumps are a sure form of feeling at such times.


entering some institution

Everybody, every single soul on this earth has faced this situation. Being selected for an interview and then you have to go into that institution just to make yourself presentable, be it your first day in a school or be it your day at work. You surely have the bumps on your body. this is a scary situation if you ask me. it makes the heart race so fast that nothing seems to matter, all other words are shut off and what can be heard is the loud thumping of your heart.



Excitement, a state of being that is bound to be followed by the bumpy things on your skin. You can actually feel the heart thumping in your ear and have the feeling that it might come out of your mouth. When you have some big news or even better, when you hear something that might get you excited it is a sure feeling that you might have a wide grin, may be when a little dramatic, small drops of tear and then the feeling like your body is trembling. So yes, goosebumps and excitements go hand in hand.  An instant goosebump is inevitable to occur when you are excited and you would have the sense of tremble in your nerves and the bumps occurring in your skin.


reading a good book

People who love to read books will know what this is about. Reading a book that is so intense or may be in some uncanny way similar to your life or that of somebody else’s you know of, absolutely freak out. There is truly nothing like a good book, if you ask anybody. The sense of reading the life of someone or even if its fiction is has always been about a journey through thick and thin or even at times that of facts. It is really interesting to know something through such a platform, right in front of your eyes and your mind read and evaluating every single word. With every single word comes that sense of instant goosebumps that you can’t deny.



Not many will be aware of this; honestly it’s not a personal experience either. But those people I have asked they have all said the same. They have all had the jitters, the butterflies and some have claimed that they almost had an uncanny feeling as to when they were to get married. Well, it all just to put in one word, defines goosebumps.


real experiencce

To have an instant goosebump, all that is required is something to happen right in front of your eyes, or even hear about something that has happened in real. It may be somebody else’s experience but there is nothing like experiencing something by oneself. If we come across something that is brutal in nature, may be from the TV shows that we come across claiming to have happened to somebody’s life in reality, which gets one to have the gory sense of feeling created inside makes the chills to run down and create the sense of a deep emptiness, suggesting that it might have been you.


emotions that are intense

Yes, falling in love or some exciting givings can make you feel euphoric.But there are some more feelings that may be the reason for an instant goosebump. They maybe something emotional, sad, or that of sexual in nature but such emotions do cause an eerie emotion in you. Sadness really plays with the mind. It numbs the mind and prevents it from thinking clearly because it has already been preoccupied with something that depresses you. Sexual arousals are of different kind. It falls more into the excitement category, where the goosebumps are something that is absolutely inevitable in nature. So emotions as can be summed up can be said to play a major role in producing the goosebumps that we have every now and then under such circumstances.

 1. FEAR


There is seriously nothing as scary and an emotion that can get you to have an instant goosebump like within microseconds. Fear is something that is truly intense and something that  comes uncalled for. There are so many thing one can be scared of and an encounter  with it brings along the beating of the heart, so fast that it might burst into the cage provided for it. The chills do run through the spines and you have a weak feeling in you. The mind completely shuts and nothing in the world matters than to be getting over with something that can cause fear in you, so that the uneasiness in your body is gone and so are the goosebumps. Honestly speaking these goosebumps are not really something that someone looks forward to.


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