10 Things that Dispel the Most Popular belief Money Can’t Buy Happiness

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Whosoever said “Money Can’t Buy Happiness” doesn’t know where to shop, how to spend and what to buy and those who know, wouldn’t say that. The world is a basket full of infinite ecstasies, it just needs the right person to explore the joy hidden within and “money” is the only substance that can help you find your share of happiness. Now many of you must be thinking then what about love, friendship and relationships are they this shallow that now we are able to buy them. Well…to them my answer is…Most definitely not, money cannot buy love, friends or relations but it is that one thing that surely can keep your loved ones happy and when they are happy, trust me, you would be ecstatic to know you are the reason behind. So, what arguments do I have that proves “Money Can Buy Happiness,” to know, read on…

10. Give Surprises –


Nothing in the world can match the overwhelming expression on the face of your loved ones when they get something they were craving for as a totally unexpected surprise. Whether it’s making your parents dream come true, throwing a surprise birthday party for your best friend, giving your sibling numerous gifts from their basket list or going down on knees with a ring in your hand for asking your partner to marry you, life’s best moments are the ones that remain unpredictably awesome and money certainly can help you get this wonderful feeling of giving surprises which ultimately will add to your happiness.

9. Hang out Freely –


Hanging out with friends is the most perfect thing to do when you have had a tiring work day or terrible fight with your partner. Friendship is probably the best medicine in the world for mental pain and depression and when you have all the means you don’t even have to think twice before taking your friends out with you for clubbing or on some crazy excursion. For hanging out freely with friends without any guilt factor of taking favours you need to have deep pockets which can easily take you away from all the drama you have gone through only to bring happiness and joy in your life.

8. Have Experiences –


Life is all about exploring, experimenting and experiencing and when you have the resources to make your life worth-living then who in this world can stop you. From sky diving to bungee jumping, from music festivals to operas, from travelling to spa treatment and from swimming with dolphins to driving a Formula one car, there is no end to the amazing experiences money can buy. Hopefully, you don’t wallow in regret when you realise later in life about the crazy things you could have done if you wouldn’t have stuck with your belief that “Money Can’t Buy Happiness” when it actually can.

7. Buy “Time” –


I am not talking about Andrew Niccol’s “In Time” movie in which “Time is money” literally. There are so many people who complain that they don’t get time and because of that all the money they have can’t buy them happiness when the truth is, now you can actually buy time which in turn can buy you more happiness. With advancement in science and technology you can now invest your money in time saving products and services. So, go put your money to better use and buy a 10-second car, improved home appliances, new OS X platform with 4G services and what you get then is a perfect recipe that can buy you time.

 6. Make your house look like your “Dream Home” –


Everyone fantasise to live in a house with custom trims, swimming pools, top-of-the-line appliances, the latest in home technology having Lamborghini or Limousine parked outside but not everybody is Mukesh Ambani or Bill Gates. If Money Can’t Buy Happiness then why the hell some people invests insane level of wealth in building their mansions and villas whereas some others spend significant time of their lives dreaming about the same. Let the truth be told, we all have some unfulfilled desires and money can definitely bridge the gap in between the dreams and reality.

5. Be Generous –


If there exists the purist form of happiness in this world then it’s in the Joy of Giving. You don’t have to be a multi-millionaire for showering generosity on others; all you need is a strong will to make a difference in the society we live in. Always remember, what we do for only ourselves dies with us but when we make the world happy then we become immortal. Try not to underestimate the power of money because it not only can buy you material things but can give you all forms of immaterial happiness you never knew existed.

4. Prepay for your vacations –


The idea of waiting and anticipating for something makes it even more exciting and pleasurable but when you are worried about the expenses then you may not be able to live in the moment. Ergo, it’s important that you pay for your trip upfront so that you can fly like a free bird in the sky of your dreams without caring much about the cost that you may incur when you are taking your time off to enjoy. There is one more benefit of paying for your expenses in advance and that is the ease with which you can get rid of the feeling that you might spend extravagantly or impulsively, this will free your mind of all the agitation and worries.

3. Shop till you Drop –


There is something special in adding a little bit of luxury to your life and shopping definitely help you do that. It’s a therapy that lands you in a state of euphoria when you are sad or unsure. Money may not buy happiness but it certainly has the power to buy the things that can make you happy and when your pockets are full, shopping becomes an unforgettable experience that you cherish every time you see the stuff you’ve bought. For any shopaholic, a trip to Dubai’s shopping festival is the best way to banish the blues and there is nothing like it when you have the money. Shop till you drop in Dubai and then tell me how you feel when you carry the Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen & Prada bags in your hands.

2. Travel –


Take a break, pack your bags, grab your passport and get ready to go around the world with deep pockets and you’ve got the key of the door towards happiness. When you decide to travel to the places where you’ve never been before, you get a whole new perspective on what really matters and realise the importance of every single minute you live. Travelling gives you a chance to step out of your well-worn, self-constructed and mundane reality to explore the world and adapt the happy experiences you get. What’s the point carping when you have oodles of cash and perfect opportunity to go out and see Paris, Northern California or Mediterranean Sea and yet you decide to spend time at your psychoanalyst’s office whining “Money Cant Buy Happiness.”

1. Visit Disneyland –

Visit - Disneyland

Oh no! I am not endorsing The Walt Disney Enterprises but seriously I don’t mind if they ask me to. Although Disneyland is an experience but the reason I mentioned it separately is because it’s an altogether different world and is a must go place with your family before you say good-bye. Disneyland claims to be “The Happiest Place on Earth” and yes, you will forget all your sorrows the moment you enter the magical world of Disney and the experience is worth every single penny. Money can’t buy you happiness but it can buy you a Disneyland trip which is pretty much the same thing.


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