10 Things that Women Can Do but Men Can’t

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Humans originally belong to Animal Kingdom but we are different from all other animals because we have mind, we can think. Among humans also, like in all other animal species there are two sexes male and female, with various biological differences. Being a social animal the sexual differences among humans have taken another form accompanied with social and cultural differences which has led the formation of the two genders, men and women. In day to day life, we come across with various differences in the way of living of the two. These differences can vary from place to place in different cultures and different societies. But throughout the history we have witnessed a kind of conflict between the two where we observe the development of the culture with the subordination of women. But with the modern times this scenario is being ruled out with the acknowledgement of women’s importance. Today we find women working in every sector, achieving great heights in their respective fields.
If we look backward to find out the reason and explanation for this historic subordination of one sex then as an answer we can think over the biological differences that has made both men and women physically very different from each other. We see that with time these biological differences played the role of making the ground for the successive social differences. Some activities were exclusively related to women and these are termed as feminine.
But as time has changed so we find that now these activities are being looked from other parameters rather than their masculine or feminine aspect. Here in this article we have tried to point out some activities or things that are only done or performed by women and the reason behind these may be biological limitations or it can be the social and cultural. The motivation behind writing these is just an interesting look over on our present social set up where women is still primarily associated with some activities and things, in such set up we have tried to search out the fields where women is on edge. To write these was a creative exercise rather than proving superiority of any of the sex. The reader must enjoy it instead of taking any kind of offence.

Here is the list of top ten things that women can do and men can’t:


10. Enjoying the convenience of wearing frocks and dresses:

Enjoying the convenience of wearing frocks and dresses

Women may prefer to wear pants in offices and at workplace but when it comes to leisure time nothing can be compatible with frocks and dresses. In parties smart evening dresses bring magic but men are always left with their option of pants. To look like Barbie, to wear Barbie dresses is wished by so many ladies and the men who surely like Barbie kind girls are bound to simply stare and come up with their creative complements.

9. Exercising the choice of Ms., Miss, and Mrs.:


This one is quite interesting as here the exclusive choice provided to women to choose an honorific according to their marital status or even hiding that, is due to the variety available in the global language-English. When writing their name in English language every women can write the honorific before her name according to her marital status (Mrs. or Miss) or with her choice she can even hide this by choosing Ms. But the language does not provide any such choice to men and they have the only option of writing Mr. either married or not.

8. Doing multiple tasks at one point of time:

. Doing multiple tasks at one point of time

From years it has been thought that women are better at multitasking then men and the proof to this came with a research on the same. Professor Keith Laws, a psychologist at the University of Hertfordshire, conducted the research to find out the reality in this age long perception and what came was in the support of the notion. In the research conducted on 50 male and 50 female it was found out that women can do number of tasks at one point of time efficiently.

7. Understanding emotions and expressions:

Understanding emotions and expressions

Women are generally found complaining about their male counterparts regarding their failure in understanding their feelings and emotions. Interestingly, they can be right at their claim, as according to new research it has been proved that women can read facial expressions and better understand the emotions. Olivier Collignon, from the University of Montreal, led the research in which the results proved this ability of women of having better understanding of expressions and emotions.

6. Celebrating more birthdays:

Celebrating more birthdays

It is a fact that women have high life expectancy rate. It is not just that women live longer but they have lower mortality rate at every stage of life. Among the various suggested reasons for the sex mortality differential in people the basic one are both biological/genetic and environmental/behavioral risk and protective factors. The interpreted reasons behind this can be many but the central thing is that women are more likely to celebrate higher number of birthdays and tallying more candles on the birthday cake.

5. Pleasure of wearing pencil heels:


Many of the girls and ladies are just fond of the stylish pencil heels. They want to look fashionable by hurting their feet a little with these jazzy heels. But have you ever thought that men who may appreciate your heels have no option of trying these themselves. Amir Khan may wear high shoes to look tall but pencil heels are surely no choice either for him or any other man. So, now women can even increase the level of their pleasure while flaunting their pencil heels as this option is exclusive to them.

4. Quick response to baby’s cry:


You may have observed that women are quick to respond at baby’s cry while men may not pay attention at all. In a research shocking results have come out on the different designing of brains of men and women to respond to the cries of baby. In a research led out by National Institute for child health, USA, it has been find out that women are hard wired to feel more as well as pay more attention on infants’ cry.

3. Natural food providers:

Generally we observe that it is a social perception to consider woman proper to look after the children. But here is a right that is exclusively provided to women by nature and that is of providing food naturally to the baby. A good and radical father may think over preparing meals for his child but breast feeding is something out of his approach. So, here we have women as natural food providers.

2. Menstruation:


It may be painful and may feel discriminating to bear pain and all the irritation during menstrual cycle but have you ever thought that this is something that can only be experienced by women. To menstruate is a kind of natural right of women. The brands like Whisper, Stayfree will always be targeting women as their sole potential customer and men are on backside here. Periods are an intrinsic part of a woman’s life which is a different kind of experience to which only women are entitled. So here is the other side to the coin on which periods are an enjoyable natural cycle.

1. Giving birth:

Birth Giving

To become mother is a blessing, it is a pleasure. To feel another life breathing inside you is heavenly and again on this divine feeling women have their patent rights. Though men contribute to it but they themselves can never give birth and here women are on edge naturally. Fatherhood is a feeling, it is an experience full of pleasure but what constitutes motherhood is something far more complex and full of real joy and divine feelings which surely can never be felt by men.


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