10 Things to truly Avoid after a Breakup

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Breaking up is almost a natural phenomenon, we have all been through break ups once or twice… Or in some highly experienced case even more. I agree breaking up is always painful, emotionally distressing and upsetting . But one thing you need to remember is that THIS IS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD .You should really stop treating yourself as the only poor victim alive in this cruel world, open your eyes look around, you are definitely not alone. Breaking up simply signifies that you just need to give your love life yet another chance, who knows this time it might just click for real, having said so listed below are the top ten things that you should truly avoid after a break up or we can call these “break -up etiquette’s”.


stalking your ex

Even thought of it seems tempting, the whole tailing ones ex-partner thing is just pointless. Don’t do it if you don’t want yourself to be tagged as a psycho. Just give it a thought how will you feel if your ex stalk your present partner, irritated right? This is not going to endear him/her towards you, rather it’s a forgone conclusion that stalking will eventuate into even more hatred. Breaking up is tough agreed; don’t make it worse by irrationally following your ex ,as every new piece of useless information about him/her is going to lead you deeper into the mess.


preserving gifts


Throwing away memories, which where once as closer to your heart as your heartbeats certainly needs serious will power, but one needs to comprehend the fact that memories with no backup of reality are beyond the shadow of doubt categorized as a waste, specially if the memories haunt you. It’s simple if you can’t handle it, don’t be over dramatic and just get rid of everything that you are not comfortable giving a look at. Needless to say the mental images will take their own sweet time to fade but physical gifts should be shown the way to the exit as early as possible, so that you can make way for new memories to draw up by dumping all the memory triggers once and for all   .




Even the most amiable and peaceful breakups can cause a great deal of panic and may come to light as potentially damaging. It’s okay to be angry and hurt but this should not take priority over your way of life instead you should try to stick to the pre-breakup routine you had. There’s nothing sadder than giving in to addictions just because you couldn’t pull off a relationship successfully. That’s nothing more than a cowardly display of your weaknesses. Addictions can camouflage your mental state for a short while and make you feel at peace with yourself but in the longer run all you’ll be left with will be loneliness and probable health issues which will undoubtedly give you a hard time coping up to.


friends of ex

Now this is a thumb rule to broken relations, never ever get involved with the friends or friends of friends of your current or ex partner. This can have consequences that may hold the ability and amplitude to blow you off your minds. This seems like one of the most dangerous prospects and after effects of a break up. The shadows of your previous relation will engross your current one and more or less it can have serious traumatic effects and drive you crazy. If you are not sure that it’s worth taking the risk, don’t jump into such a relationship post your break up unless you are sure that the gamble will pay off, in your favor that is .




With every tumble and fall there is a stand up and shake it off. What can be a dumber solution to treat post breakups sufferings than opting for a indefinite period of hibernation, you should realize that this is one phase when you really need to socialize, catch up with all your good friends, make new acquaintances, and who knows maybe you stumble on a worthy candidate with whom you might perhaps give your love life another go. Remember that social interactions is one of the most promising keys to get a hold on dealing with the worst breakups, isolating yourself and sitting on the pity pot will only lengthen your recovery period, the formula is to get up and get going!



This is something you need to genuinely give a thought as it might land you in great trouble if not dealt with caution.The post break up theory has established the fact based on numerous observations by heart broken  researchers, that if you go on saying not so friendly stuff about your ex the probability of you coming face to face with your ex increases eminently, and trust me such confrontations are in no way enjoyable. Badmouthing or back biting about your ex will make you look like an angry heart broken soul trying hard to overcome the grief and failing bitterly to do so. If you want to get over your past and get a grip on your present  then you should take an intelligent decision and try sticking to it, one must learn to forget and forgive and such childish acts should be avoided at any cost whatsoever.


friends after a break up

Given all circumstances Ex lovers can never be friends (except for a few noble souls), this is a well proven fact that post breakup friendship’s hardly last, this kind of a friendship will never let you move on in life rather it will always be the ex who will rule your thoughts whenever you will gather up will power to aspire for a new relationship. The ex-lovers-turned-friends are the most confused set of homo sapiens on this planet as they have no clue about where their lives are leading them, the more they try to get over their ex flames the deeper they fall into the pit of bewilderment, they always find them trying to discover new methods and techniques by which they can start their relationship afresh, its advisable to not fall into these  dreadful potholes and look for other better options and bid farewell to the ones which didn’t work out, accept the fact that  they were never meant to .

3 .DO NOT HURT YOURSELF (like literally)


This point is for all those psycho lovers who believe strongly in self destruction, get a hold on your thoughts people because hurting thy selves is not going to serve the purpose. It will certainly not help you to win back your lover; instead it might scare them off for eternity. Break ups are not meant to be treated as violent battles fought between two mentally unstable groups who are always on the self-destructive mode. Of all things love is not a war. Hurting yourself will make things worse and leave with nothing but scars of foolishness which is indeed not a delightful piece of  memory to keep up your sleeves



No one usually will prefer constantly soothing a broken heart with kind words, who is going through a never-ending-ordeal of break up blues. Do not cry out about your personal life in public and try to drag on the topic as after a point no body is interested. The idea of playing the emotionally damaged poor little creature beyond repair its not going to work in your favor for long.There is no possible way out of the mess if you look up to others for sympathy and pity. One has to take charge of one’s own fate. Do not expect your friends and family to constantly arrange therapy sessions for you; instead try playing the master of your own destiny for a change



The most important thing is to stop yourself from planning a vicious revenge, even if you had the worst breakup one could possibly think of, you should always keep sane. Anger is not always better than remorse although deep down you might hope for destiny doing things the payback way and punishing your ex lover for leaving you, you should not be the one  executing it with tainted hands. Do not lose your mind at any cost as being mean is so not the solution to your agonies.


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