10 Things you Do in College, Which you may Never do Again

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“College life was the best! Those were the best days of my life!” You would have probably heard this from many people. Yes, indeed, college is an amazing phase of life, which you will never get back. Your life takes on a new turn. The journey has many ups and downs. You change, for good. On the one side, you have to let go of your childhood and immaturity and on the other, you have to embrace adulthood and responsibility, slowly. Through all this, you will have the support of parents, teachers and friends. College is where you discover your passion, develop your interests, decide your career path and make friendships that last for a lifetime!

I still remember how nervous I was on my first day of college. I am pretty sure that is how everyone would have felt. To embark on something new, you will get the initial jitters. You may begin anticipating. It does feel nervous to venture into something so new and so important.  But let me tell you, it is all for the good. You go through so many experiences in college, both the good and the bad ones. But in the end you learn a lot and become a better person. It is an experience of a lifetime.

From jostling with each other for good grades, to striving hard for project work, to dressing up for parties etc, the things we do in college, we will never do anywhere else in our life, later. You have all the time and all the energy in the world to make your dreams come true, when you are in college. May be, you may not find so much of time, later in life. And that is why, we must make the best use of our college days, for which must look back and rejoice, not regret! When we leave college, nostalgia will bite us, bad! We feel like going back for all the fun. Nevertheless, this article lists out the top ten things that you do in college, which you may never do again. Here they are:

10. Enjoying summer Vacations


We all wait for this time of the year, don’t we? It is the time to totally unwind and relax, after the bout of exams. It gives the much needed break, temporarily, from academics. After the sleepless nights of studying, the vacation comes as a big relief! We plan holidays to different picturesque places with families or go partying with friends. Yes, we travel even if we are not in college. But you will not get these exclusive summer vacations once you are out of college, especially when you start working.


9. Road trips with friends


 Aren’t you reminded of the movie “College Road Trip”? Well, it is in college that we go out a lot with our friends. To different places all over the country and even abroad, to enjoy and be with nature. Road trips can be particularly exciting! You go on wild rides, treks and expeditions. College trips and class trips are fun too. Going out with the entire class makes the trip so enjoyable!  You will miss going on such adventurous and jolly trips with friends once you are out of college!


8. Honing other skills


 College is where you discover your talent and skills. It is the phase of constant learning. You acquire so many skills, academic and non-academic. All of these form a valuable part of your skills’ set. Whether it is learning driving, or learning cooking, or any other skill. During holidays especially, we find time to undertake such activities. We take many certificate courses like programming courses, linguistic courses etc. We do internships during the holidays, to help in our process of learning and experience.


7. Crushes- your heart skips a beat!


 Having a crush and a liking towards someone is natural. It is human tendency to be attracted to someone who makes you feel good, who makes you blush and makes you happy. And in college, it can be all the more special. Friends make it fun and memorable. They tease you and have fun. And in turn, you get to tease them too.  Many times, innocent crushes blossom into beautiful relationships and culminate in marriage, if you are lucky enough to find your soul mate! Love is innocent and special, while in college.


6. Dressing up trendily


 “What do I wear today?” and “What do I wear tomorrow”? are questions you probably ask yourself everyday. In college, dressing up is a big fad. Following the latest fashion trends makes you cool. With girls especially, fashion and being trendy is a hot topic of discussion. The guys are not to be left behind. Everybody loves to dress up and look good in college. Match it with the right accessories and carry yourself well, and you stand out! It in a way makes you more popular and talked about. Everyone loves to make heads turn, right? It is only when you are in college that dressing up holds a special significance.


5. Last minute and group studies


 Last minute studies are a part and parcel of the life of a college student. With tests coming up every other week and the portions piling up, what else can one do? Almost everyone indulges in late night studies, burning the midnight oil.

Many of us do group studies and combine studies with our friends. It helps us before the exams. We teach and help each other with our doubts. Friends help us out with what we don’t understand. It is easier to remember when you study along with friends. Definitely something to miss!


4. Bunking classes


 You were looking for this weren’t you? This had to be on the list, obviously! The reason it isn’t the number one is because I think that even though it is fun and something we all have done, it is actually not good. We must try to be very regular to the classes and listen to the lectures attentively. Only then can we get a good hold of the subject.

Nevertheless, as students, I think all of us bunk classes for the fun of it! Bunking that boring lecture and hanging out with friends or going out somewhere. Sounds fun?


3. College Fests- time for fun!


 Come fests and we are all involved in something or another, whether it is our own college’s fest or the fests in other colleges. We may be organizing, volunteering, participating in the cultural and technical activities or just having fun as the audience. Fests are fun unlimited! The college turns into a vibrant spot of action and thrill! It is a great platform to showcase one’s talents. During fests, you can socialize very well too. You will miss the fests for sure!


2. Pursuing extra curricular activities


 It is in college that you discover your interests and your true calling. You find out what your talents are and make ample time to pursue them with all your heart. Working professionals always complain that they never find time to pursue their interests. But when you are in college that is not the case. You have a lot of scope to go on and do what you like.  Whether it is music or sports or anything else, you get a lot of support and encouragement to improve yourself in your areas of interest, which is why we must make best use of such time.


1. Hanging out with friends – what we miss the most!


Nostalgia! Nostalgia means friends! It means all those fun days which are now just memories! Hanging out with friends is probably what you will miss the most after college! Funny incidents, silly fights and those times of support never fail to put a smile on your face! It is painful to bid adieu to your friends after spending many years with them and after having bonded with many of them. Friendships and other relationships have a special place in our hearts. They added colours to our college life and made it so memorable!

It is true that, when you are in college, the world is your oyster!


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