10 Things you must know about a Person before you Propose

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Love is a pure and sacred feeling. It connects people with unbreakable threads. When in love, people are said to be on cloud nine. Well, it happens out of the blue and does not knock your door and ask for permission. That time when you know that this is the right person and you’re quite sure that you want to spend the rest of your life with him/her. Till dating everything seems to go pretty smooth, it is when you think of marriage that complications arise. In case you’ve got someone that you think you’re in love with and would love to propose, there are certain things that you must know about the other one before you take the big leap…


You must know the kind of family that your partner belongs to. The status of the families is a big issue in today’s stereotypical societies. The person must at least belong to such a family that matches your family status or else it can be a deal breaker. In case your partner’s family belongs to upper strata of society, their expectations will definitely be high. It does sound cliché but this is how things work. You don’t want to take a step and suffer thereafter.


Get yourself mentally prepared for knowing the past of the person, no matter how horrible or pleasant it has been. Let the beans spill. You deserve to know your partner’s past before you decide to spend the rest of your life with him/her. Especially his/her take on relationships is a necessity. Has he/she been into relationships before? How long did they last? What went wrong? Sounds kind of interrogative, but you must know such stuff. It gives you an inside into his/her character and values.


What future plans does your partner hold? This is an important one. You never know what the other one wants. Family planning becomes an important issue once you’re together. Make sure that your partner’s plans are in accordance with yours. It might happen that clashes arise on such things too. So, discuss it all before it’s too late.


Obviously two people planning to spend their lives together will have a loathsome of expectations from each other. You must know your partner’s expectations from you. Will you be able to fulfill them? Or does he/she plan on fulfilling yours? These things left ignored can lead to misunderstandings and thereafter separations.


It may happen that you’ve fallen head over heels for someone who lacks interest in you. What if what you’re thinking is love is just time pass for your partner? You think that the other one is drooling over you while you never know your partner’s planned on calling it quits. So, here’s a piece of advice, keep your eyes wide open to face reality. Not everyone you love loves you back the same way.


Marriage is a really important decision and it takes time to proceed to such an event. You can’t get married within the blink of an eye. Or it may happen that you’re ready but your partner is not. Let her take her time. Often popping up the question out of nowhere comes as a shock for the other person and a relation which could blossom simply blows off. We know you want good things to happen soon but a little wait does no harm. Give your partner their space.


Well this is a big question. Is your partner career oriented? What if she has made a huge career graph for herself where family is allotted minimum time? are you ok with it?You surely don’t want to figure this out after marriage. You won’t even realize and such things will cause clashes between you two. So have a discussion over it as to what are her plans for her career.


Explore your partner before you decide to unite into marriage. Getting to know someone is not a matter of few days. You require plenty of time for it. Spend some quality time with him/her. Good looks must not be the priority of your list. Nature needs to be given a thought too. Do you really like him/her? Do you guys really hit it off? A wrong decision can lead to lifetime regret.


No one’s telling you to go around your partner like a spy and keep an eye on him/her. By loyalty I don’t just mean fidelity. Observe how your partner behaves with you publicly. Are you just a show off for them? Is he/she supportive towards you? Do you really think you guys are meant to be together?


Everyone deserves respect and who doesn’t like to be respected. You must be shown respect from your partner too. Does he/ she really love you for what you are? Are you ill-treated by him/her? Can you feel yourself getting dominated? Well , time for reality check. These are some questions you need to ask yourself before its too late.


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