10 Things you Must know before you get yourself a Dog

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It is a known fact that dogs are called man’s best friend. They are intelligent, loving and happiest creatures to have around. For dog lovers having a dog as pet could be the most joyous moment of life. Dogs make good pets because the compel one to indulge in fitness regimes like taking dogs for strolls or sports. They also make one’s life disciplined and increases social interaction with other people. For some people having dogs also acts as stress reliever as they take time off from stressful schedule to spend time with the dog. It has been understood through various studies that having a dog can reduce chances of illness, recover emotional instability faster and keep people happier generally. So if you are a dog lover and wish to get a dog soon in your life, here are few things that one must consider before buying a dog.


10. Be a dog lover

It is advisable that only people who love dog should adopt dog as pet. It becomes difficult for people to have a dog if they dislike, scared or not comfortable around dog. Dogs are very friendly and they feel comfortable only if they are loved and pampered. A dog can give immense happiness, provide secure environment, keep people lively etc. People who become friendly to dogs can have a wonderful experience in life. Petting a dog could be one of the most blissful moments of your life. It is necessary that you be a dog lover in order to provide loving environment to your dog.


9. Knowing about restrictions

Petting a dog comes with cost. If they can provide with happiness there are also some limitations that should be taken care of. Taking care of dog would take up most of your personal time. You might also have to face restriction in terms of leaving house for long. If your dog is not habituated to live alone, it might be difficult for him to stay alone at home. It would be difficult for you to go outstation for long time and leave the dog behind. If your dog is difficult to handle or is less social, it would be problematic to drop him at crèche or otherwise.

8. Be Involved

Taking care of dog needs a lot of involvement. It is a lot of fun for people who love dogs. You would have to take dog for walks, train the dog, play ball with him, give him bath and all other possible activities. Taking care of dog can be fun at the cost of full involvement all your free time. Your weekend would get busy in grooming the dog, giving him bath, taking dog to the vet etc. As puppies, you would also have to take care of everything the pup is eating. Pups are most prone to distemper. You might have to take off from office/college to look after pup for a few months. Pups even tend to urinate often everywhere. Just like babies you would have clean up the floors, mattresses, rugs, beds dirtied by the pup. This exercise would go on till the pup grows up.

You will also have to be socially involved in order to get your dog favorable to new places, people and animals. This would help him to grow friendlier and would not be aggressive when he grows up. It is suitable that you take your dog for games to park where he would meet other dogs and people.

7. Shopping

Before getting a dog, you will have to prepare a lot of things for his welcome. You will have to get a bedding, chews, toys, snacks, biscuits, powder, shampoo, brush, coat etc. So you would have to get into a shopping spree before you get a dog. Getting a dog is almost like getting a baby home. You would have to prepare for all the requirements.


6. Training the dog:  

This is one of the most essential qualities that you would have to build on. Starting from very early age you would have to learn to train your dog. As pup you would have to potty-train them. From a very young age you would also have to teach them obedience of orders. The training is generally practiced in open ground through various exercises that you could learn from a trainer or through self help books. Training of the dog would take place for a long time which needs to be practiced everyday through activities, sports and games. This way the dog becomes suitable to live with a family.

5. Work Load.

It is true that getting a dog will increase work burden on you. If you do not have a care taker, it would be difficult to handle a dog along with word and household chores. Getting a dog means self-involvement and taking up of a lot of time. Often you may have to rush to a doctor for any emergency; you would have to cook for the dog separately, go shopping for him, play with him, give him bath etc. If you already have a tight schedule, getting a dog could be a difficult task.


4. Financial Commitment:

 Before getting a dog one must check their financial condition. As easy it may sound, getting a dog involves a lot of money. You would require more than a loving home to pet a dog. As puppies you would have to take them to doctor for regular vaccine, followed by immunization and other medical related commitments. Dog food and chews are equally costly.

3. It is for life.

 Getting a dog is a big responsibility. You must remember that it would be there for a long period of time, at least 10- 15 years. They become like family members for whom you would have to take care equally till their last breath. Some irresponsible owners tend to give away their dogs during old age when they face serious difficulties and health issues. One must understand before buying a dog that it is a life time responsibility that you would attach yourself with.

2. Being comfortable: 

It is necessary for one to be very comfortable around a dog. Since dogs are going to around the house all the time you need to be easy with their getting on rugs, mats, beds, carpets etc. Small puppies tend to chew shoes, furniture and other household goods due to growth of their dentures. You would have to take situations lightly where puppies might destroy your most loved outfit!

1. Finding the right breed

 Knowing the kind the breed you wish to pet is the most essential requirement before you get a dog. The kind of breed one could pet depends on the size of house. For instance, it is impossible to pet hound dogs without a garden in the house. Hound dogs like Doberman, Grade den are high on energy and need a big space to grow with lush gardens to play in. Another factor depends on the time that one can devote, for instance dogs like beagle require a lot of pampering and time. It is difficult to leave them alone as they start feeling lonely and may become sick in long time. For people who live in flats or small sized home, it is advisable to have house dogs, show dogs or small canines. House dogs like Pugs, Boston terrier, Pomeranian, Chihuahua, Miniature poodle, Lhasa Apso are most suitable for small sized house. Such dogs fit well in a small family and are very adjustable. Such dogs like to be around people all the time and are very friendly.


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