Top 10 Things you should Never buy Cheap

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It is in human nature to get attracted towards anything that we get at a cheap price specially if something not affordable. Anywhere you get discount on something you pick it up without thinking twice. But you can’t be blamed because come on not everyone can afford to buy expensive stuff. You need loathsome of money to buy all branded or good quality things. As we all know all good quality stuff comes with a brand name attached to it which makes it all the more expensive. Well in such cases it is normal to buy local things which are affordable. But in spite of it there are certain things which you should keep in mind to never buy cheap because you should not compromise upon their quality. They are things that require quality more than quantity. Frugality has its limits. There are some things you just can’t cheap out on. It’s like buy right or buy twice. Following is a list which is not comprehensive but it’s a start. Read on it will help you in making right decisions when you go and buy out stuff. It might actually make you think twice before buying certain products at a cheap price with poor quality. So here comes a list of different things never to cheapen out on!!!


bed mattress

After you are done with your day’s chores all that you need is a peaceful sleep. Would you like a sleepless night? A night full of twists and turns? Well I guess certainly not. Surprisingly enough even the mattress that you sleep on needs to be comfortable in order to avoid back problems. Problems might become severe. Even if it costs a bit more, give in. the little extra you pay for quality mattress would go a long way. You want to save money do it somewhere else leaving aside your basic amenities. Bed mattresses are definitely worth the cost.



Which cream to use? Which foundation to apply? Aren’t these the common queries raised by people especially women. When it comes to cosmetics you definitely should not take risks because it is directly related to your skin. Skin is sensitive as well as something to be dealt with care. Compromising upon cosmetics may prove to be dangerous. You simply apply any cream you want just because it costs less. Well it might have negative reactions upon you. You may have to deal with skin problems for a lifetime. Often acne and excessive pimples are a result of experiments with such products. In case you want to be fair and just with your skin then always go for trusted brands which offer a wide range of healthy products. They are quite reliable and safe to use. Do not run after combination that you get at fewer prices. Obviously they are not reliable and offer no guarantee. Applying them is a risk of your own. Further skin issues are not far behind then.



Living in a world of technology we all seem to be very much fascinated with the new gadgets that come up with each new day. Gadgets are a onetime investment then why not invest in something worthy!!! Never buy a local or cheap gadget. Being a hot trend they are obviously expensive. Do not go for cheap ones. They will simply be a waste of that little money that you put in. you would not get the same quality as the one you crave for. There is much of a difference between the two. The cheaper ones lead to consequences like a bad battery back up in phones, not such a good picture quality of cameras. Well then do you think it is worth it? Go for the good quality ones which might be expensive but are worth the price.



We all are quite health conscious isn’t it? No one likes to take a risk when it comes to your health. Well in order to maintain your health you need to eat good quality and nutritious food. Nothing good comes cheap. This being an obvious fact you have put in some money into the edibles that you take in. for example do not rush in for the fruits that you get at supermarkets just because they are cheap. They can be quality degraded. Fresh fruits are always a good choice. Also never subsist on presweetened cereal and frozen dinner just because you had free coupons for them. Act responsible towards yourself and do not cheap out on things like edibles too.



Your clothes define your personality. And you obviously would like to reflect a good one. Your dressing sense holds a lot of importance. Wear whatever you are comfortable in and you can carry too. Quality matters much more than quantity. A wardrobe stuffed with nothing worth wearing is useless. Do not cheapen out on clothes. Wear things that suit you and look good upon you. Going for all cheap stuff just because it costs less is of no use. Clothes especially as a matter of fact should be ones that can be worn with comfort and style.



Buy the safest and most reliable automobile that you can afford. If you can’t afford a good one at present do not compromise upon it. Automobiles with higher prices offer a lot of advantages over the ones that cost less. Then there is also the issue of safety. Why take a risk with it. If you are in a position to purchase one then do not go for something cheap or easily available. To be at a safer side go for the good ones because cheap stuff has less to offer.


contact lenses

Never take a risk with your eyes. In case you have weak eyesight and you prefer lenses over spectacles then always go for ones with high quality. Compromising with such things is a big loss. You might end up with defect in your eyes. Risking your eyesight will lead to severe problems in future which can not be dealt with. Always buy lenses with proper safety. They might cost you more but isn’t it worth it?



You have moved into a new place and need some furniture? Well take a piece of advice and go for good and decorative furniture. Go for resilient quality furniture. Buy furniture that might last long which you do not have to replace after a short period of time. Furniture adds comfort and style to your place so go for something worthwhile. I am pretty sure that you wouldn’t like to embarrass yourself by keeping furniture which can’t even last for some time.



Be kind to your feet or you might regret it. When it comes to shoes always go for well made comfortable ones. It might cost a bit more but trust me it’s worth the price. Don’t wear them so long that your soles end up scraping the pavement because that may lead to foot problems. It will cost less to buy new ones rather than repairing the old ones. Shoes are also said to define you. Do not buy cheap ones which not only need to be repaired within no time but also give a shabby look.



Often with excessive use of gadgets like mobile phones we end up spoiling its accessories like earphones, chargers etc. But never buy cheap accessories it might be a loss for you. Chargers with poor quality will be more electricity consuming. Such things need to be taken care of. They are a one time purchase and if bought wrong it’s useless. Some local things even destruct the gadget with their excessive use.  Do not cheapen out on them. Such minute things also are among things worth spending for.


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