10 Tips for a Fresh and Healthy Morning

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Let’s admit it people, getting up in the morning can be annoying at times. It is very irritating to wake up from a good sleep to go office or school. The very thought of getting up in the morning makes us angry. The mood, with which we start our morning, reflects the whole day. If we wake up all tired and grouchy, we tend to remain lazy all day. If we have something planned up for the day than we should  wake up ‘calm’. All our moods depend on how good we have slept and how we get up in the morning. We need to have the strength and stamina to go through the daily tasks and for that we should have a fresh and healthy morning.


10.  Adequate Sleep

A proper sleep freshens ups your body. After working for hours, a proper 8- 9 hours of sleep is important. While sleeping our body gets recharged and gets ready to perform the next day tasks. If we don’t receive appropriate amount of sleep at night, we get cranky and irritated in the morning and we are likely to have a bad day. Constant sleep of minimum 8 hours relaxes the body and mind and you  wake up feeling fresh in the morning.



9. Tension-Free

Mind full of thoughts and to-do list running can distract us from sleeping. We plan thousands of things while going to bed. “Oh! I should not forget to take my presentation to the office, ‘its my last day to submit my project’ etc”. Before the day is over, we start planning for the next day. All these thoughts and tensions can spoil your sleep which leads to a bad morning. We all have tensions but lack of sleep does not help in solving any of those problems. Improper sleep will create more problems as it confuses the mind and affects the decision-making ability of the brain. So a proper sleep is very important. Before going to bed, empty your mind, pray for a while and get to sleep with no thoughts or plans hovering over your mind.



8. Exercise

We all think that exercise will make us tired. But that is not true. It is very difficult to get up early and sometimes we don’t feel fresh even after a nice shower. When we wake up we are hazy and grouchy, little bit of exercise and stretching in an open environment can help you to wake up faster. Exercise makes your body flexible. Watching the greenery of the plants around and the fresh breeze can make you feel more refreshing and energetic. Exercising in the morning will make you fit and healthy and thus, help you to start your day feeling excited and refreshed.



7. Healthy Appetite

There is a well known phrase “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper”. We should eat healthy breakfast everyday. If you’re trying to lose weight, a healthy breakfast is must, take breakfast that includes mostly liquids and are rich in nutrients  like juices or shakes and your favorite cereal. The liquids will keep your tummy full for a longer time and make you eat less. If you eat proper amount of breakfast, your body gets extra energy and you don’t feel sleepy or lazy throughout the day. Empty stomach in the morning distracts you and breaks your concentration while you are working, and you only think about food. So having a good breakfast makes you feel fresh and active throughout the day.



6. Calm Environment

Mornings can only be good if you sleep consistently through the night. Waking up in the middle of the night due to traffic noise, bathroom breaks, your dogs barking or due to any activity happening, can affect your sleep and cause stress. You should make sure that there is enough peace in your surroundings which should not distract your sleep, so that you can wake up fresh in the morning and have a happy and healthy day. Mobile phone is also one of the biggest distraction in your sleep. Make sure you switch off your cellphone or put in ot ‘silent’ before you hit the bed.



5. Listening to Music

It is said that music can boost the brain. Waking up listening to your favorite music is really a good option. Instead of waking up in the morning all irritated and cranky, set the alarm of your favorite song and see the difference. You will have a real jump start to your day! It will definitely change your mood and you will get up dancing on your favorite song. Music helps in creating positive energy. Music helps you  feel energetic and fresh. So, start your day with a happy mood on a happy ‘tune’



4. Drink Water

As we all know, water has many benefits for the body. Human body is nearly 70% water. Water is present in our blood which helps to carry oxygen to all the cells in our body. Drinking a glass of water in the morning helps to wake up more easily. Drinking water in the morning helps in the proper functioning of the body and our body works faster and feels more fresh and active and gives a good start to the day.



3.  Meditation

Meditation is the best way to feel fresh and awake. Meditating for a while in the morning makes you feel energetic and healthy. Doing yoga, performing ‘asanas’ and saying a little prayer helps to calm your mind and makes you strong and healthy. Different postures help in better blood flow to the body, makes the body flexible and also less prone to diseases. It helps to reduce stress from the body and building stamina. Yoga is an ancient Indian art. A good  session of this ‘art’ in the morning will help you focus all day long. No matter how much work you do or how many responsibilities you have, take out one hour for your body and you will see the difference in your performance. Even internet is full of people’s personal experiences about how yoga has made a difference in their lives.



2. Bowel Movements

Well you might not be comfortable discussing about this but this is probably the most important for the start for your healthy day. Not only biologically but if you haven’t done well in your bathroom you feel full and heaviness in your stomach. Hence it is very important to get your bowel movements right. If you are constipated you must talk to your doctor as early as possible because prolong constipation damages the anal portion which leads to heamohorroids. But in addition to that some home remedies to cure constipation are as follows: drink  lots of water everyday (at least 3- 4 liter), eat food rich in roughage and fiber, have a glass of milk before bed or you  can drink a glass of water when you get up in the morning. These are some simple home remedies you can try. When you’ll have a “light start” to your day, you will definitely feel good.


1.  Bed Tea

Ok, the next thing we are talking about is probably as old as a good night of sleep! Almost all of you must have enjoyed a hot cup of morning tea. A chilly morning, you cuddling with your blanket and the aroma of freshly prepared hot tea. Sheer bliss… not just for blissful start but tea also has its own advantages too. Tea is an amazing heath drink, it really kick starts your day. Tea is rich in anti-oxidants which helps your immune system to grow stronger. Tea even helps in building healthy teeth and bones. In fact some researchers claim that green tea is healthy. It helps your body become toxin free by flushing out toxins out of the body. So, now you have some genuine reasons to justify your morning cup of ‘tea’.


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