10 Tips to be Popular in College

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College life probably is the most memorable part for an individual’s lifetime. This is the phase when we learn from our surroundings and also from the mistakes that we commit. It is the time when we break the cocoon around us and fly like an adult butterfly. And, everyone would agree on this, it is a damn happening phase of our life. When I think of my college life, I remember all that crazy stuff – classes, boring teachers, crushes, sports, cultural clubs, cafeteria, fights, love– everything one can wish for at this age. Perhaps a few years later, when we are bored with our 9 to 5 job and travel down the memory lane, this period will be badly missed.

Popularity is another big thing that almost every college student craves for, other than fun and success of course. I mean just imagine this, you are the most popular boy or girl of the college, everyone is longing to be friends with you, none of the college activities go on without you being involved, seniors love to have you, juniors look up to you and batch mates want to follow you. Isn’t that a great feeling? Although there are groups in college I agree, but you being the leader of the largest group is definitely eye catchy. So, what if you haven’t got that popularity yet, you can simply follow the list of methods given below to get popular in your college:

10. Choose your style:

choose your style

So what type of a person are you? What do you want people to perceive of you? You need to be clear about that first.  I am not asking you to be fake. You must be truly genuine in what you portray but you got to choose your style type. Would you want to be the classy and chivalric one? Or shall the college see you as someone who’s truly adventurous and loves risk? Or else, what do you think about being humorous type? You should choose the image that suits you and go by that. Avoid mood swings and be consistent in the manner you deal with fellow students. People around you must be able to see you as an individual having a distinct personality.

9. Go trendy with clothes and accessories:

go trendy

If you are a girl, your god knows this is truly, truly important. But even as a guy, you should sport your own style in terms of your clothes and accessories. Style may mean differently to different people and that is how should go. Always go for stuff, that you are comfortable in carrying. It adds to your confidence and makes you stand out too. Add colors and variety, come on this is your college life, you won’t be getting it back, you must spill out the fashion sense in you. Go for the classy red, black and white but don’t stop yourself from sporting blues, yellows, greens and pinks. Whereas accessories are concerned, choose the best for yourself from the wide trendy ranges of watches, bags, wallets, deos, chains, lockets, shoes, flip flops etc available in markets.

8. Get involved in sports:


This is not something everyone can be good at. Getting into sports gives you hype and popularity and that sporty image is truly awesome. Life is awesome for a college sportsperson. You have a great time playing, you interact with new people, you go for those fun filled tournaments, you get the opportunity to get laurels for your college and you can even compete for the prestigious sports president post. It gives you a whole new campus life altogether. Just imagine your college crowd yelling your name while they cheer at the next inter-college sports event held by your college. Awesome, right? And even if you are not a professional player, you can still get into those year wise matches held in the college premises.

7. Be a part of cultural clubs:

college club

Are you fond of music? Or are you inclined towards dance and drama? Every college has some cultural clubs usually for music, dance, drama, fine arts, literature and even some technical clubs concerning the subjects you are studying at your college. Even when you have slightest of inclination towards any of them, you must go in for auditions. Obviously, every guy in your college is not MJ or Rihanna. So, without fearing, give it a try. People in college are often known for the club they belong to or for the activities they carry out in those clubs. So if you want to be popular, this is definitely one of the good ways to get noticed.

6. Participate in or organize fests:


Once you are part of some student union or committee or some cultural club, it becomes easy for you to interact with both your seniors and juniors. Moreover, you get the opportunity to put up an act or an event at the time of your college fest. A stage performance, whether good or bad, will get you noticed for sure. When you organize college fests, then you definitely stand a chance to get in contact with more people than ever apart from getting an organizing certificate.

5. Use more of social media:

social media

Social media is a great platform to get to know your college people in a better way. So get your twitter, facebook and google+ profiles more actively used. Or even better, create events, groups, pages, and as the latest trend goes, you can admin the confession page of your college. If you already have a confession page, you can let your computer submit some leaky confessions. This would get you in the talk. Also, don’t be hesitant to send friend requests to new people. You can make the first move in making friends and expand your circle. But don’t appear too desperate to do that. Maintain your dignity and chat your way to popularity.

4. Always be humble and open with new people:


If you don’t want to be misjudged for a person with an attitude problem, start communicating and expressing. Let people know of who you actually are. You must impress your friends of friends and acquaintances with your witty but comforting talks. The best thing to do is to lighten the entire conversation and let the others feel more comfortable with you even if they are meeting you for the first time. Do not go with taunts; rather be humble and polite with your conduct. If you genuinely have something superior to them, even then you must be careful not to boast. Open up to people and you’re in for making some great friends.

3. Humor is often the key:


Everybody wants to spend time with someone who is fun to be with. Laughs and giggles always attract people. And if you want to be popular among friends, then you got to have a humor factor in yourself. I am not saying one should a comedian, but one can’t be boring or stoic. Such people find it difficult to find favoritism among college students. Just like you love a humorous company, be the same way so that others may enjoy your company.

2. Make many new friends but check their quality:

quality friends

IF you want to be popular, it is obvious that you should have a big circle of friends. But you must also take care of the fact that friends should be worth calling “friends”. Be cautious and selective such that the friends you chose should not be bad mouthing about you in your absence. Also, if you fall in a bad company, others may think that you too are part of the gang and may misunderstand you. So, make friends but make good friends. Remember, you don’t need to make everyone your friend. All you need is to have a group that you can rely on.

1. Once you make friends, be loyal to them:

loyal friends

Now comes the most important point for being popular among your friends. If you are popular, be popular for a good reason. Be a man/woman of your words. Once you make friends, be loyal to them. Don’t bitch against them to become friends with others. Even if they hurt you, don’t utter words against them. You should be a person of integrity and should remain calm about things. Do justice to your friendship and help your friends in whichever possible manner you can. Be known among others for being an honest, helpful and caring friend.


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  1. alyssa

    May 27, 2017 7:47 am

    Thanks for the tips! Although, I’ll have to disagree with number 3. A popular student can still be a fun person even though they’re not good at cracking jokes.

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