10 Tips to Deal with Body Odour

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Ever encountered a moment when you don’t smell good of yourself. It happens with each one of us. How is it that sweat smells so bad? As a matter of fact sweat by itself is virtually odorless. But when microscopic bacteria on your body come in contact with the sweat, they multiply and raise quite a stink. Let’s face it: a pungent odor will make you the most repulsive person on the planet. What do you do when you are faced with such a problem? Roll, spray and otherwise slather on deodorant. It’s almost a chemical warfare over there between the bacteria and the deodorant. If you are concerned about health issues, want to save a little money on those expensive perfumes and anti-perspirants or simply need a backup plan when your deodorant stock runs dry unexpectedly, there are some easy to do things which can combat foul smelling sweat. We see that there are some reliable alternatives which actually work. Underarm odor is embarrassing. What is more, is that it can cause problems in social and professional  relationships. In fact, an amusement park in surrey, England has banned people from raising their arms while riding scary roller coasters on hot days. Such is the aversion to bad odor. Try these tips to get rid of that stink.

10. Cut down offensive foods


An old saying goes like you are what you eat. What you eat affects your lifestyle. It ought to affect your body odor too. If you don’t want to be knocked out of the room, stay away from foods that are heavy on garlic, curry and onions. Hot peppers or similar spicy foods can also contribute to body odor. The sulfur compounds in garlic and onions can make your sweat all the more aromatic. Blue cheese, cabbage and vinegar stand culprit too. If you want to keep a tab on your odor, load your plate with fish, chicken, vegetables and fresh fruits. Drink loads of water. Cut down on spices.

9. Keep your wardrobe clean


Change clothes if you sweat profusely. Fresh clothes will help keep your body odor down. Changing your socks will be an added advantage if you have foot odor. Use deodorant powders in your socks to keep smell at a bay. Replace insoles of regularly worn shoes. Go barefoot whenever possible or wear sandals and slippers. The more loose clothes you put on, the lesser will you sweat. Buy shoes with spores on them so that if you sweat, they will dry off. Make sure your wardrobe clothes are as clean as you are. Old sweat is smelly sweat. So wash your daily worn clothes. Don’t feel lazy because nothing beats the ripe aroma of a day old shirt.

8. Keep it dry and loose


Avoid tight clothes. It is as simple as that. The longer perspiration stays on your skin, the more foul it will smell. Select loose-fitting, light weight and breathable garments. You don’t want a garment that will trap the moisture in. if you are worried about winters, put on layers which can be easily taken off and need not be washed frequently. Fabrics with capillary action wicks the moisture away from the skin and retards the growth of bacteria. It redistributes the moisture to the outer, drier fabric fibers. Fabrics made with polyesters and polyester microfibers are said to be the most airy ones.

7. Stay calm


The apocrine glands which are responsible for perspiration get stimulated by excitement of any kind, be it anger, anxiety or blood pressure. So stay calm, composed and cool. If you start feeling prickling in your underarms or start wetting your shirt when stuck in a road block, you know it is you who is responsible for the sweating and that is stress-induced sweating. Learn and practice meditation and visualization that can help to keep your cool under stressful circumstances. You will have a control on your body’s natural sweat mechanism. What better bonus could you get?

6. Carry a bandana


When outdoors, carry a bandana with you. It is a very useful item to wipe off the perspiration. Keep some baby wipes handy in your bag. Soak a paper towel in a little rubbing alcohol and store in a zip lock bag. You can also spray a little cologne in alcohol. After using paper towels, there might be tiny specks of paper on your face, use the damp bandana to remove those possible specks.

5. Stop smoking


This may sound weird to some the relation between smoking and body odor. We know that cigarette causes its smell to attach to our clothing. It can also adversely affect the regulatory system which is responsible to keep the odor in line. Smoking can do more than just ruining your health. Tobacco smoke contains around 7000 chemicals and compounds. Some of these chemicals are expelled through the skin. This is the reason why people who smoke smell bad. When you quit smoking, your body will smell better with the added benefit of longevity.

4. Stay dry


Once you have taken shower, don’t forget to towel yourself properly. Pay special attention to those areas where you tend to sweat a lot. If your skin is dry, the bacteria find it harder to breed. Human skin is typically inhospitable for the germs when dry. So use that trustworthy, fluffy towel of yours and spend an extra three minutes after your bath to towel off thoroughly. Cotton undershirts are a great way to stay dry. They are comfortable and soak the sweat leaving you dry under your clothes.

3. Apply deodorants and anti-perspirants


Once you are clean and dry, use the deodorants liberally on your underarms. While they do not prevent sweating, they help in masking the foul smell of your sweat. Anti perspirants on the other hand contain aluminium chloride which helps in preventing sweat and they also contain deodorants. Look for products that say high industrial strength if you sweat excessively. If you think you sweat more than often, you can even consult your doctor for prescriptive anti-perspirants. Use them twice in a day, once in the morning and once In the evening.

2. Use anti-bacterial soap


Look for the words anti bacterial on your soap or body wash. The anti-bacterial properties help to eliminate bacteria at a go and keeps a check on the bacteria count. Ultimately, your body odor will also be controlled. Hydrogen peroxide is a good choice for a mild anti-bacterial agent. Choose a 3 percent solution and use about a teaspoon in 8 ounces of water. Swab it on necessary parts and rinse it off. Repeat when necessary. Apple cider, white vinegar, lemon juice, witch hazel and isopropyl alcohol are some of the other alternatives for home remedies. They can help you to get rid of your body odor without burning a hole in your pockets which the anti perspirants and the deodorants can cause.

1. Bathe!


What better could be an alternative to preventing body odor than taking a shower? In fact when it comes to body odor, staying clean is the biggest arsenal. Wash away the sweat and the bacteria regularly. Clean the underarms and the groin area regularly with a soap, preferably an anti-bacterial soap. Use it at least twice a day, or whenever necessary. Shower at least once a day and you will wash off the dirt and the bacteria causing odor. Don’t just run water over yourself. Use soap and use it generously. Soap tends to dissolve the oil on your skin hence making it nearly impossible for the bacteria to feed on. Mostly all soaps kill bacteria. Using proper cleansing agents will do half your job to stay clean and smell good.


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