10 Tips to Save Petrol or Diesel when Driving

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Don’t we all hate it when the government suddenly increases the price of petrol or diesel? Saving petrol and diesel is really necessary in our daily lives in today’s time. Since it is a natural resource, it will ultimately get over. We will not have anything left for the future generation, which is why it is very necessary to use it wisely. It takes nearly two hundred million years for nature to form petrol, but the way we are using it, it won’t last long. In today’s fast moving world, how can we save petrol and diesel when our life ultimately revolves around motor vehicles? These following points will tell you how you can save petrol and diesel in your everyday life while driving.




Haven’t you found yourself caught up in situations when you do not know the route and are aimlessly roaming around the city in your car? Have you wondered how much fuel is being wasted during that process? If you plan from home about where you want to go, what work you want to do and the route you want to take, it will save much of your time and also the fuel of your vehicle. You will not find yourself trapped in traffic jams and this will save the petrol and diesel. By planning, you will also be able to do several things in one visit instead of roaming around without planning.


9- Traffic Signal Alert

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One more trick to save your petrol and diesel while driving is to follow the traffic signal alert rule. When you are nearing a traffic signal, slow down your vehicle slowly and turn it off. We wait for a lot of time while we are at the traffic signal and if you keep your vehicle on for that time, it means all that fuel is being wasted. Waiting for the traffic light to turn green takes at least one minute and if you close the engine, then your fuel will be saved. The petrol used in restarting the motor vehicle will be comparatively less than the one lost during the time you were waiting at the signal. Also, when the light turn greens, avoid accelerating too fast. This will also save your petrol and diesel to a great extent.


8-Do not use the Air- Conditioner

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If you do not use the air- conditioner in the car, it will save up a lot of your fuel. The air- conditioner used about ten percent of your fuel and that is too much if you have a look at the average fuel used in a month. If you really want to switch on the air-conditioner, then switch it on for a while and turn it off as soon as the vehicle is cool enough and after that just switch on the fan to circulate the cool air inside. This can be done when you are about to reach home of your office. Do not use the air-conditioner unnecessarily because it will use up a lot of fuel which can be utilized in an effective way.


7-Parking in shade

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If you are going outside and you have to park your car then try choosing a place which is cool, for example under a tree or shade. The purpose of this is that when you come back and restart it, the car will take less time to cool since it is under a shade. The car uses a lot of fuel to cool down if it is hot. That is why if it is already cool, it will use less of your fuel and your fuel can be used efficiently. And anyway, who does not like to come back to a car which is already cool? I’m sure none of us like to sit in a hot car. Thus, the next time you are out, look for a shade to park your vehicle.


6- Drive Fluently

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You must have often heard people saying that if you drive smoothly, you will save a lot on your petrol and diesel. That is correct. When you drive fluently and smoothly the car uses petrol minimally.If you are in the habit of rash driving then you will end up wasting a lot of money on petrol. If you want to save the fuel, do not apply the brakes all of a sudden and avoid accelerating suddenly. By driving smoothly, your vehicle will also always be in a good condition and also you will be saving your petrol and diesel. Next time when you take your car out, make up your mind that you will drive smoothly this time.


5-Do not overload the vehicle

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If too many people sit in a care, the fuel that is used goes up heavily. For every fifty kilogram load, the fuel consumption also increases by 2 percent. That is why it is necessary not to over load your vehicle. If you travel light, your fuel bill will also be light. The more load you put inside your car and the more people sit inside it, your fuel consumption will go up eventually. So the next time you are planning to take a road trip, carry only the required things and do not overload.


4-Changing gears


Changing gears is one of the most important steps in saving petrol and diesel. It is very necessary that you put the right gear according to the right speed. If you put a lower gear at a higher speed and a higher gear at a lower speed, your fuel consumption will be more. You should always check your speed meter to ensure that you are putting the right gear at the right speed. This will put less strain at the engine and will help you save your fuel.


3-Starting the engine

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Another useful tip to avoid loss of fuel is when you start your vehicle. After starting it, let the vehicle warm up for around thirty seconds. This will not put strain on the engine and it will run smoothly. The vehicle will warm up better on the road, so do not accelerate too fast immediately after starting the vehicle. Another important thing while starting the engine is to see that your air conditioner is off. If the air conditioner is on while you are starting the vehicle, a lot of strain is put on the engine. Wait for around a minute before you switch on the air-conditioner.



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If you constantly see that your petrol and diesel bills are too high, you should immediately switch to CNG or LPG. These fuels are cheaper and cleaner than petrol and diesel. These fuels will help you in reducing your fuel cost to around thirty to forty percent.  Another advantage of these fuels is that they are environment friendly. They will cause less pollution and emit less polluting gasses. Thus, not only will they cut down your fuel cost but will also contribute to keeping the environment clean.


1- Use Car pools

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The best way to save your diesel and petrol is to use car pools. You must have seen that you and a few of your neighbors drive your kids everyday to the same school. Have you ever wondered that if you used car pools by turns, you could save so much of fuel? Same should be the case while going to offices. You can make a group of five to six people and use a single car while going to the same place. In some cities, car pool services are available and you just have to send a message for it. Be on the lookout for anyone going to the same work place or same school where your child is studying. I am sure they too would not mind car pooling since it will benefit you both.


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