10 Traits of a Person with Capricorn Astrological Sun Sign

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Capricorns which are also known as “Makara” in Sanskrit are the ones who are born from 22 December to 19 January and are said to have ruled by element Earth and are thus they are often referred to as down to earth people. The most common quote that can be associated with Capricorns is usually “I Use”. Ruling house of Capricorn is Tenth which is the House of Father that influences work and profession and that is why Capricorns are more inclined towards work and wealth. Ruling planet of Capricorns is Saturn which signifies limitations and boundaries and therefore they only get success according to the hard work that they perform that is they only get what they deserve. Capricorns are symbolized by Goats as just like the goats they climb to the top of the mountain to get the most fresh grass and most clear air. Capricorns are associated with Cardinal quality and winter season. It is often said that when it comes to profession, the best careers which are suited for Capricorns are Banking, Finance, Government, Building, Osteopathy and Dentistry. When it comes to colors, Black, Steel, Grey and Brown are considered lucky for them. Saturday is known as the luckiest day for the people who have Capricorns as their zodiac sign. Some of the famous Capricorns who are known all around the world are Emily Watson (Actress), Sir Isaac Newton (Scientist), Atal Bihari Vajpayee (President), Peter Taylor (Author) and many more of them can be found around the globe. This article contains the top ten traits of Capricorns that are famous and make them different from rest of the zodiac signs.



Capricorns are really ambitious in their nature. They possess a strong desire to reach great heights and thus in the race to attain outstanding success they do everything in their hand that is they make full use of all the resources or abilities available to them. They usually thus accomplish promotions at a higher rate at their workplace and are thus great leaders. They not only set high standards for themselves but also set the same for others and thus help themselves and others to achieve more and more achievements. Also, when Capricorns set goals for themselves, they work very hard for is and are also capable of persisting to achieve what they want to for as long as it is required. Capricorns are thus the people every company should hire, if they want their projects to be completed with success.



Capricorns plan everything very carefully whenever they take any decision of their life. They very cautiously take plan every step and usually do not take much risk in life. Even regarding their career they plan it beforehand on how to achieve their ambition in life and that too with less of the expenses as their cautious nature prevents them from taking risk and thus make their decisions economical in nature. Because of their cautious nature, they do not trust people very easily and therefore they have great respect for honest and fair people around them as they are alike them.



Capricorns are disciplined in their work and want everything to be done with perfection and in a prescribed manner. They not only do everything in a disciplined manner but also demand the same from people around them. This quality of their when mixed with their ambitious nature helps them to achieve success much easily. This quality helps to make them more mature and organizable and that is why they can handle ample amount of projects simultaneously and that also very efficiently. Thus Capricorns are known for their trait of being well behaved and also of their ability to train themselves to improve their self control and their strength.



Capricorns are considered the ones who show lack of emotional involvement in any relationship. As because of their over cautious nature, they do not trust people easily which thus makes them less sentimental and emotional towards their personal life. They can easily get over any kind of emotional happening and also because of their detached nature they make very few friends. They thus do not involve emotionally very easily but when they do, they offer full commitment and faithfulness to that relationship. Because of this they are even said to be the persons who marry for their whole life.



Capricorns possess a very high patience level in their behavior and thus remains calm most of the time. They do not lose their temperament easily and have a very high saturation point. They can tolerate delay in success and keep working with persistence determination to attain it. Even when they fail, they do not lose their focus in life and with their patient nature waits for the success to come to them. They are also referred to as good leaders because of this quality as they have the ability to calmly correct their fellow beings without losing their temper.



Capricorns are way too practical in their life and do not keep any unrealistic expectations. They believe in the purpose and facts and do not believe much in ‘Karma’. They believe that if they have knowledge then they should utilize it to fulfill their dreams rather than sitting at home and waiting for miracles to happen. Also, their ability to think practically is very advantageous at workplace as it helps them to provide great profits to their business. They are often said to have live and work by rules and regulations. The stick to the quote “Seeing is believing” . They are thus often recognized as those who are realistic and practical and the ones who speak the language of the idealist and the visionary.



Capricorns are known for their mood swings and that is not considered as a good trait in one’s behavior. They are a little self centered which is also a reason of their moody behavior as they do not think what effect will their behavior will have on others and act according to their own choice. It is very difficult to understand their mood as it may be possible that at one instant they are happy and at the next they may be shouting on someone. They do not have much control over their emotions and therefore their mood change very quickly and most of the time without any reason.



Capricorns are said to be very responsible and are also considered as the backbone of any task that they undertake. They complete every chore given to them within time and with full efficiency. Their responsible nature makes them reliable and dependable both at their professional and personal life. People with Capricorns as their zodiac sign are the most stable ones. This quality also endures in them loyalty towards the people they love and also makes them the sincere one. So, if one has a Capricorn in their life, they can anytime ask them for help is the quote “A friend in need, is a friend indeed” suites them the best.



Capricorns are a little shy in nature and does not gel around with people easily. They take a lot of time to get comfortable with new people. They like to spend most of their time alone. Spending most of the time alone makes them insensitive and selfish and that is why they keep themselves above any other individual. Introvert nature of Capricorns also make them less creative and poor in imagining things.  Thus Capricorns are often called as unapproachable and unsociable.



Capricorns are the most stubborn of all sun signs as no one can make then do anything forcefully. They do listen to the opinions of every individual but at the end do only what they want to. This makes them egoistic also sometimes dictatorial in nature as they like to boss and dominate around. This stubbornness in their behavior does not allow them to forgive people easily and thus once they have a fight with someone, it is very difficult for them to start fresh with that person.


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