10 Traits of a Person with Virgo Astrological Sun Sign

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The Virgo is the sixth astrological sign. The people who are born on the dates, August 23 to September 23 belong to this zodiac sign. Virgo is ruled by planet Mercury and is an earth element. The Virgo represents the delicate feminine personality. We can see this from its symbol. It stands for purity and represents the pristine girl.  The Virgo symbolizes the virgin, but it cannot be taken literally. There are thousands of Virgo women the world over, who lead family lives.

True to the symbolization, indeed, people who belong to this astrological sign are soft and friendly. They are not arrogant or haughty and they treat everyone with due respect.  As it is generally said, a Virgo is like placid water that runs deep. They appear extremely calm on the outside, but inside their mind, there a thousand thoughts. Their minds usually don’t rest very often. They are pondering over one thing or another. They also dwell quite a lot on the past and will not let  go of it very easily. Nevertheless, they are very nice people to know.  The Virgo is known to be one of the most practical of the zodiac signs. They come up with the best pragmatic solutions for any problem. They are very intelligent and they have an innate ability to discriminate the worthy from the unworthy. They are extremely picky and will not accept anything that is mediocre. They are also quite conservative and do not accept new changes readily. They are strong independent individuals.

Virgos are very talented individuals and they channelize their talents effectively. Famous personalities under this zodiac sign are Beyonce Knowles, Michael Jackson, Ronaldo and Stephen King to name a few. Does it ring a bell? In this article, I have tried to list out the ten traits of a typical Virgo. Being a Virgo myself, it was not a herculean task to come up with these! It is difficult to understand a Virgo, for they are not very expressive. Don’t be intrigued. Read on to find out.


10. Creative


Virgos are skillfully creative people. For many, art is their forte. Creativity runs in their blood. It is a fundamental characteristic. You may see a Virgo sketching intently or deeply engrossed in writing. They are good artists, writers and actors. Walt Disney was a Virgo too. Many of them shine in music and dance also. They prefer to work alone, as it is conducive to bring out their creativity. Their beautiful thinking minds give way to this creativity.

9. Romantic


Although Virgos are looked at as cold and insensitive, their secret wish is to love and be loved. They prove to be very honest and sincere partners. The Virgo is romantic, but in a subtle way. They believe in true love. They despise flings and loathe people who take relationships lightly. If they find their perfect partner, they will give their best in the relationship.  They don’t trust people easily, but for their loved ones, they’ll go the extra mile.  They are pure lovers. But they don’t exude charm and don’t show much passion. This doesn’t mean they are disinterested. They just don’t make their emotions too obvious.

8. Attractive


Virgos have attractive, with good facial features and well crafted bodies. The men have good physique. The women have delicate, yet distinctive features and a feminine physique.  Scarlett Johansson is one such example. Virgos are elegant and are well dressed, which naturally makes them attractive. They pick the right accessories and the right brands. They are a classy lot!  Grace and poise are their inborn qualities.

7. Simple and subtle


It is rare to find a Virgo who is very loud and boisterous, or a Virgo who brags and shows off too much. A Virgo does not show off that he/she is intelligent. They are subtle and understated. They are quiet, but full of substance. They are modest. Many times, their talents remain dormant until they open up at the right time. They don’t believe in just talking about their worth. They prove their mettle.  They maintain a low key, in spite of their accomplishments. They don’t crave to be in the limelight. Their choices also reflect how hey like to keep it simple.

6. Systematic and organized


Discipline is something Virgos cannot compromise with. They have strict routines which they adhere to. They don’t like things to be in disarray and they always try to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. They are excellent planners and will go about executing their plans, for they do not like uncertainty. They are comfortable to stick to the structured pattern and won’t deviate from it, which makes them a tad conservative. They have very good organizational skills. They are diligent. They come up with the best methods to follow any practice.

5. Shy


It’s more common to see a Virgo sitting by himself or herself rather than being comfortable in crowd. They don’t exactly dislike crowd, but they enjoy solitude more, because they find it more comforting.  If they don’t like someone’s company, they’ll rather spend time with nature. Most Virgos are introverts. They require individual attention to blossom fully and come out in the open. They allow other people to take the center stage initially. It takes time and patience to fully understand a Virgo, because they are not outgoing.Most Virgos live in their heads. But underneath this shy reserve lies a wonderful person, ready to give you a lot of care and affection.

4. Caring and loving


Even though a Virgo doesn’t show public displays of affection, they really care for the people they love. They take a lot of efforts to please their near and dear ones. They remain very attached to few people they love. They are humane and compassionate. They don’t like to see people suffering and offer a helping hand. They are empathetic toward the underprivileged. They are sensitive and understand the problems of other people. They are down to earth and will not insult anyone. The best possible example I can think of is Mother Teresa.

3. Determined


A Virgo is very resolute and will work towards his or her goals diligently. They are very meticulous. Talent, hard work and discipline make them successful in their respective fields. Their methodical approach and the will to succeed are their very strong points. They leave no stone unturned to achieve their goal. They practice rigorously to become experts in their fields. They have clarity of thought and focus. Hence, they will not get deterred or bogged down and they will keep working. They don’t heed to distractions.  They will not indulge in anything trivial. The world is their oyster.

2. Analytical


A Virgo is a great researcher. Virgos tend to analyze every aspect of a thing and they rarely go wrong in judgements. They are very intuitive individuals. You can rarely pull the wool over a Virgo’s eyes. Their thinking minds always make them analyze the ‘why’ of any situation or any person. They leave no detail unnoticed. It is as if they are always with a microscope! Virgos are intellectuals and analyze the human psychology pretty well. The Virgo is probably the most analytical, of all the zodiac signs.

1. Perfectionist


Virgos are known to be perfectionists. They are obsessed about perfection. This could be both, strength and a weakness. They set high standards for themselves and others around them. They may feel disenchanted when they fail to live up to their own standards. They appreciate sophistication. Sometimes, they may be so engrossed in the minute details that they miss the larger picture. They may, at times, be critical of people for their imperfections, but they mean to give advice.

They get the sense of fulfillment only when their standards are met. They like to indulge in self-mastery. They are experts in their fields, which is a result of their research, hard work and dedication.



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    March 24, 2014 8:54 pm

    Virgos are ” people who belong to this astrological sign are soft and friendly. They are not arrogant or haughty and they treat everyone with due respect”? wha? I don’t think so. so much nonsense

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