10 Type of People you should Never Date

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Life is all about stumbling upon new people, getting to know them and somehow they affect our whole lifestyle. Such people can be our best friends, secret crush or the people you date. But it annoys the hell out of us when we get to know our partner is not worth it and we should never have dated them. They can be really eating our brains out or simply much of an irritant at petty issues. And sure are applaud able if you resist all of these tantrums without speaking a word. It’s high time you should bid adieu or if you see these signs, refrain yourself from dating that guy:

10.Astrology freak:

There are these types of people you should save yourself from meeting before even dreaming to date. These freaks just want everything according to the stars, stones and the fake saints allow them to think. Even if it a petty stuff like spending all day with him, he would come up a perfect date not the mood, then only you are allowed to enjoy. Sometimes they freak us in their own tantrums about the prediction and not to go out in your favorite green color or not buy the house you yearned for a long time ago.

9.The pessimist:

Life is nothing but a glass half unfilled with water. This is the motto he is worshiping. He sees negativity in every single situation of his. No control over the troubles, he has nothing but someone else to blame about. Not a single stuff can appease him, make his life seem red.

8.The one clinging to you every time:

0 messages, 0 calls on your cell screen? The first thought coming to your mind is-“Is he alright?”

Although this might not have happened with you, but you had longed for it sure enough, then you are dealing with Mr. Clingy. He wants to message you, call you and talk about his issues every second of the day. Initially it might seem him to be sharing all troubles, but later on it becomes exhausting to get a piece of life on your own handling other issues.

7.The attention seeker:

He is always there vying for your attention. It is not that you don’t give him enough of it but he desires more. But there are certain situations, issues which leave you with no time let alone see him, admire him all the time. It is suffocating to be smileys all year. There would be tough days and you need him rather than his fake crabbing about the boss and admiring how lucky you are to have him.

6.Too much of poking nose in your life:

Now that you date him, he is feeling kind of possessing you and your life. He wants to have details about every single activity in your life. May be it is the first walking steps you took or the people you are hanging out with. I know partners are curious to know and have right to know everything about our life, but there are certain things are forbidden into. There should be space between you two.

5.The emotionally unavailable:

Love is not all roses with any thorns. But when thorns are there, your partner should always be there to support you, give you tight hug and console you. But these categories of people are drowned in their own issues and have not time for troubled waters. He is emotionally retarded and gives you no hope of a shoulder to cry on.

4.Over possessive- a complete no no!!

You lie about the road trip you are having with your colleagues.

Just when you entered the campus being the envy of every girl and eye for every guy, just then he comes buzzing and tells that you should dress up much ordinary.
You try to hide messages else she would be angry at talking to your ex.
These are enough signs of being over possessive with you. You no longer have to go through every day torment, just say good bye.

3.The player:

Oh! he is hot and going around painting the town green for every guy. He is completely consumed within himself and his millions and billions of girlfriends. He thinks he can pin down any girl at a mere wink. This is the player hunting down innocent people at their perils. You need any advice? Just avoid him.


It was as if ego is on its nose every time he wakes up. The person is sure to have issues with you on your slightest thrive towards success. He will let his ego speak through his words. He will resume his speech towards his greatest deed (even if it’s like letting cat pull out his tongue to feed) and dare you not interrupt him in the middle. He is really confident actually over confident about himself. If you are in sight of this type of person, bend your way towards other guy.

1.The one trying to boss around:

Before dating, he is guy trying his hands on every issue of yours and commanding you to follow his orders. He is the one that calls upon the dress you wear or the people you hang out with. He doesn’t even applaud at your little success or compliments your choice. When your partner thinks he is always Mr. Right and everyone should just obey his rules, it is high time you shun your door upon him.



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