10 Types of Neck Accessories for Men and Women

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Want to look elegant and get the heads turning from a simple yet elegant neck accessory then you just have landed on the right place. Fashion is a way you tell the world about yourself without speaking a word and when you team up the right fashion accessory with your ensemble then you are good to go in any event to make your presence felt. Neck is a beautiful part of our body which is not given much attention but when smartly accessorised it can easily make anybody look beautiful. For buying a neck accessory that suits your persona you don’t even have to spend a fortune and get Prada, Louis Vuitton, Valentino or Armani stuff. Brands like those can make anybody look beautiful but when you talk about affordable fashion and style then here are some smart picks for your neck which can speak a great deal about your personality.


5. Mufflers –


The way men drape a muffler can transform it from a simple garment to a potential neck accessory. The biggest mistake men commit is to realise the use of muffler, it’s a winter wear and therefore it shouldn’t be worn off season. This classic piece of style is no more boring and restricted to your sweaters. There are wide assortment of vibrant colors that are available in the market. All you need to do is wisely select the color of your choice depending on whether you would be wearing it with blazers, jackets, shirts or trench coats. Tying mufflers efficiently around your neck is an art, you can either secure it as a basic wrap or as a loop wrap; choice is yours.

4. Ascot –


Ascot can give you the most stylish and royal look that can let the stud within you radiate brilliantly but beware of the risk associated with this vintage accessory. Wearing an ascot is quite a trick and not everybody can ramp up the look. In today’s morning newspaper, I saw David Beckham sporting the look effortlessly and then I saw some other celeb who was looking totally absurd and pretentious. There are two basic styles in which ascot come, the first is ascot scarf and the other is ascot tie. What suits on your built is something you have to check for yourself because carrying the royal ascot look is not everybody’s cup of tea and we don’t want to ruin anybody’s individuality.

3. Dog Tags –


Since decades, dog tags have been used by military forces to give an identity to their soldiers. But now, it has become a fashion accessory which symbolises manliness and bravery. If you are not in a habit of wearing dog tags then you should give it a chance, who knows it becomes your style statement. A personalised engraved dog tag pendant can remind you of your favourite saying or person. Anyone can carry dog tags and honour the soldiers fighting for their country. The choice of metal is a personal decision, but to keep the look rugged and bold it would be better if you go for stainless steel. Dog tags can be worn on any casual ensemble giving it new life.

2. Bow Tie –


This retro piece of fabric can make you look amazing if you are wearing it with elegant tuxedo. The basic rule of wearing a bow tie is to select a proper size which should never extend past the tips of the shirt collar. A huge blunder some men commit is when they buy readymade bow tie or clip-on without knowing that they are made for school kids, a sensible man would always go for self knotting bow-tie. If worn rightly with a slim cut suit, bow-tie can easily prep up your entire look. If you want to feature a contemporary and on-trend look then go for textures like flannel, denim, seersucker or for that matter madras checks would work just fine. So make your look memorable and go buy this must have signature accessory for your closet.

1. Necktie –


Necktie can make a strong personal impression on anybody and it adds a touch of class to your look. A self-respecting man would choose a tie as carefully as he would choose his woman; a tie can turn you from someone not so important to someone who is totally capable of seeking attention. Make sure that when you choose a tie its colour properly sync with the colour of your shirt. The very first thing people notice about you when you wear a necktie is its knot and if the knot is untidy then you have very poorly presented yourself, a neatly tied knot shows that you know how to dress. Tie is one of those accessories which maybe small in size but makes a huge difference. So now its time for you to rediscover yourself and make ties an integral part of your wardrobe.


5. Bolo Tie –


Who says women can’t sport bolo ties effortlessly? Compared to men, women look thousand times sexier in this staple. Bolo tie is the official neckwear of Arizona and Mexico and is made of a cord secured by an ornamental tassel. This fashion piece was totally forgotten but now it is back with a bang from its exile to seek comfort in your closet. Bolo tie can make you look bold and confident; it can give your outfit an extra stylish edge. Bolo tie represents a different way of life and can help you express your individuality. Today there are endless options available in the market and if you are looking for a welcome change in your professional look then bolo tie is your next must have neck accessory.

4. Foulards –


Foulards are the most underrated and stylish neck accessory that both add a style punch to your outfit and ooze classic appeal. If you want to update your wardrobe in a flash without spending much then go for a wide collection of foulards available in vibrant colours. It works just fine in almost all the season and if you are smart enough in choosing the right colour and fabric then you are all set to create your own style statement. Foulards are fun to collect and there are a zillion ways to drape it around your neck making your outfit look effortlessly different each time. Foulards can be worn with coats, blazers, jackets and shirts; they simply can add flare to your non-exciting and boring outfit. Give it a try if you haven’t already, it can complete your look.

3. Chokers –


Choker is one of the finest neck accessories that fit closely around your neck just above the collar bone. All you have to do is team it up appropriately so that you not only can wear it with formal ensemble but also with casual and semi-casual attire. The best dressed women around the world have started preferring choker to spread their magic on the Red Carpet and if you are wearing a strapless dress or ballroom gown then you can pair it up with this neckpiece for a look which is entirely different and visually appealing. The type of details you want on your piece is a matter of personal preference but if you indulge yourself much in detailing, it might cost you.

2. Collars –


Gone are the days when you had to search for patterned collar shirts to suit your style. Now there are different forms of detachable jewelled collars that have become the most favourite neck accessory for any fashion lover. This staple is trending hot everywhere as it’s totally versatile and suits everybody. No matter how simple your evening attire is if you have an embellished neck collar then you don’t have to worry about expensive neckpieces or high fashion apparel. Instead of buying those jewelled collar shirts invest in one or two trendy and futuristic detachable collars that can personalise your look and keep you ready to play around anytime.

1. Necklace –


Necklaces are the most common and must have fashion accessory to get a beautiful look. It’s an easy and instant way to spice up your attire. You must be having umpteen fashion accessories but nothing can match the class of an elegant neckpiece. If you have a versatile collection of neckpieces then you can add style and glamour to even your very basic outfit. Take a wise decision of investing in this neck accessory because it’s the most treasured piece of jewellery for any women and those who don’t want to invest much can go for chunky neckpieces widely available in the market. Make sure that the neckpiece you pick for yourself works fine not just with your attire but also with your face cut and skin colour.


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