10 Unknown Underground Secret Societies

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If you could turn the pages of world history, you will innumerable small societies which worked secretly for various purposes. Be it to fulfill political agenda or to accomplish religious or practical goals, the reasons for the formation of such underground secret societies were many. They were hidden from the eyes of the world in such a way, that even till date not many people know of them and their hideous practices. A lot of myths revolve around these secret societies and their members. Some are said to be based on supernatural powers and aliens, and some others worked only to gain world domination through their weirdly strange practices. Some wanted to conquer the world, some wanted to gain power over certain religious groups, or some just did to have be a part of the world’s major event and leave their mark through their awkward practice. However, their innocuous practices did affect some great event and have had an impact over a large group of people, thanks to their many fascinating stories. Here is a list of ten such secret societies, which you might not have heard of till date, but yes, they did exist at a point of time in history.

10. The Bilderberg group

The Bilderberg group

The Bilderberg Group was started in the year 1954, more or less revolving around the period of the historical World War II. Thus, the War itself explains the existence of this group, as it was started to spread the streak and culture of anti-Americanism all across different countries of Europe. This society was not really a hundred percent secret society, but yes their practices for sure were unknown to the world outside. This group was very hideous of their discussions and practices. Conference used to be held, which witnessed the presence of some great world leaders, industrialists and other powerful politically based people, yet the Media for some reason was never allowed to be a part of even get to watch the conferences. This group had been a subject to some major controversies in history, especially due to its bent towards directing and framing public policies and financial markets.

9. The Black Hand

The Black Hand

The Black Hand was a group started in Serbia in the year 1912. All their life, they strived to strike a war between Serbia and Austria in order to free themselves and the other Slavic nations. A strange incident related to The Black Hand was that this group had planned to attack a famous Austrian in power, Franz Ferdinand. Due to a mishap, they ended up killing a Hungarian politician and due to the brutal assassination, Austria and Hungary joined hands to fight Serbia, which with time developed into one of the major event in history, the World War I.

8. The Knights of the Golden Circle

The Knights of the Golden Circle

The Knights of the Golden Circle was yet again another u8nderground secret society which flourished in the United States of America. They initially worked for the collaboration of Mexico and West Indies, though later with time, they started preaching the slave trade and through a lot of politics attempts were made to flourish this slave trade in the US again. Union industries and corporation were raided by the guerrilla armed forced formed by members of this group, but no one knew the members of this group neither the name of the group. They operated way too mysteriously and played mind games with the biggest people involved in politics during that time.

7. Ordo Templi Orientis

Ordo Templi Orientis

This group named the Ordo Templi Orientis was established not that long ago, probably somewhere around the early twentieth century. This group probably had some of the most bizarre and weird practices, right from occult practice t the sexual ones. This group largely relied on many religious and cultural rituals, and when that fell short enough, they turned their attention towards seeking what they wanted through bizarre occult practices. The members of this group believed that only occult practices could help you achieve what you want and would help you move from one level to the next upper level within the organisation or group. The ideologies of this group are still very vaguely known to the people today, and remains buried till date.

6. Skull and Bones

Skull and Bones

The group Skull and Bones cannot really be called a secret group anymore, but their practices and beliefs are surely pretty secretive. A part of the Ivy League College, Skull and Bones are renowned for giving membership to students every spring, preferably to those from the very rich, political or elite class families. The members of this group meets twice every week, and have also been known for a lot of condemning acts and pranks. This group, which was sued by the Apache tribe recalls that the group members were found in possession of a Geronimo skeleton. This group has also known to have allegedly forced a slot of students to share their sexual experiences with them, thus exploiting them.

5. The Thule Society

The Thule Society

The Thule Society which was formed in Germany propagated the idea of Nazism even more. Established right after the end of the World War I, this society was a strange reason had a very forward looking attitude towards the Aryan race and strictly despised the Jews and other minority groups. The group gained a lot of popularity over time and finally by the year 1919, The Thule Society had managed to even produce their own propaganda newspaper, spreading Nazism. But they were very secretive all this while as no one knew who was behind this whole propaganda system. When the Nazi leader, Adolf Hitler joined this group, he took over this party and renamed it as Nazi Party.

4. Hashashin – The Order of Assassins

Hashashin – The Order of Assassins

The Hashashins, or popularly known as Nazari, were a large bunch of Shia Muslims who resided in the Middle East in the late 13h century. This group was clever in their plans and strategies, and used only guerrilla tactics or assassination plans to overcome or defeat their enemies. Mysteriously, no library or museum In the world has any record of this group, except for one myth revolving around them of the use of drugs or intoxicants during their activities, yet that is considered to be just a rumour due to the name ‘Hashashin’, which vaguely could be broken down to ‘hashish-user’.

3. The Sons of Liberty

The Sons of Liberty

Being the epitome of notorious acts for a noble cause, The Sons of Liberty are accredited with the implementation of the Stamp Act. This group existed in America, prior to the Revolutionary War. They were known for their terrorist and other corrupt attacks, and were a very disintegrated and separate society. Members of this group were clattered in different parts and met once in a while around an elm tree in Boston, which is known as the ‘Liberty Tree’ today. The believed in ‘no taxation without representation’ and one of their most popular activities include the burning down of British overtaxed tea ships at the Boston Tea Party in the year 1773.

2. The Illuminati

The Illuminati

One of the most secretive groups in the world of history is The Illuminati. Till date, nothing apt or accurate has been known about this group. But myths go to say that this group incited the French revolution in Germany and were indulge in attempts to overthrow the German government at that time, though the members of this group presented themselves as free thinkers. Gradually, the media turned against them and the group was disbanded. Yet, a lot of people still believe that the disbanding actually never put them down and that they were secretly and hideously working somewhere in the underground in the shadows, though no evidence of the existence of such a group has been clarified.

1.  The Freemasons

The Freemasons

This group officially founded in 1717, has witnessed the presence of some notable leaders such as Mark Twain, Ben Franklin, Winston Churchill and many more. The Freemason were believe to be involved in occult practices and believe in spiritual thinking, though they were opposed by many political parties and also by the Church of the State. One of the secretive practices include the process of induction of people into their group. A person has to be referred by any ‘Mason’ before and then that person would need to pass through three standing degree to become a ‘Mason Master’. They had their guidelines and ways of hand gesturing and other expressions, and never allowed non-Masons to attend any of their meetings.


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