10 Uses of Petroleum Jelly you didn’t know

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Each one of us has that one jar of petroleum jelly in our house and for most of us; it is Vaseline that is synonymous to white petroleum jelly. We all have used it but do we actually know what it is or what does it do? Starting with a brief introduction of petroleum jelly, it is also known as petrolatum, soft paraffin or multi-hydrocarbon as it is an odorless, semi-solid mixture of hydrocarbons. Robert Chesebrough is the name behind the discovery of petroleum jelly. He brought the unrefined “rod wax”, found on the oil rigs to his laboratory and made petroleum jelly out of it which he patented in 1872. Making petroleum jelly is a long process which involves vacuum distillation of crude material after which the left over is filtered through bone char to give away petroleum jelly. In the beginning years the chemist had to travel across the New York to demonstrate his great discovery but success soon followed and he opened his first factory in the year 1870, under the name Vaseline. It has long been used in a number of ointments and lubricants solving different purposes, and is claimed to be one among the few things which has umpteen uses. So, here we are putting up the 10 best uses of petroleum jelly in our everyday lives.

So, read on and use that jar in more than one way.


10. On leather shoes

on shoes

Buying patent leather shoes is surely an expensive deal and then maintaining their shine takes in more efforts than ever thought.  None of us likes to buy those expensive leather lotions available in the market, for maintaining the moisture of leather. But what else can we do? Worry not we do have another option now which will not only moisturize your favorite leather shoes but will also give them a new like shine. After cleaning your shoes with a small piece of damp cloth, which will remove all the dust from its surface, apply a small amount of petroleum jelly over the shoes. Let it rest for 5 minutes for the leather to absorb moisture, following which using a dry piece of cloth rub the shoes in quick motion which will give you the desired glossy shine on them.


9. On watermarks

on watermarks

Who among us doesn’t hate those watermarks and rings created by hot cups and glasses, on our classy wooden furniture? Surely, there is none. But we can’t even help it as we certainly cannot ask our guests to keep holding their glasses. So, what do we do to remove those? For those who still did not get which marks I am talking about, these are the white or light colored rings found on wooden furniture, generally caused by keeping water glasses, hot tea/coffee cups, etc. on the furniture. For such marks, petroleum jelly is ready to help. All we need to do is take a small amount of petroleum jelly on a clean piece of cloth and rub it on the affected area on furniture and leave it overnight. The next day, we can easily rub the mark off along with the jelly. But, then don’t forget to wax your furniture that will give it a new life.


8. While painting

while painting

Are you up painting some delicate design on your lovely window, or your floor or any other metal work? You would not want the paint to drip down at the side of the edges of windows or spill anywhere on the floor; as it is very difficult to remove that extra paint. Never mind, petroleum jelly is here to our rescue again. Before, you hold your brushes; apply a little amount of petroleum jelly to all the edges or other areas where you do not want the paint to go. This won’t stop the paint from entering the undesired areas but instead it will ease your after works. That means you will easily be able to remove the excess paint from all the areas where petroleum jelly was applied.


7. In candle holders

in candle holders

Did you have a special candle light dinner last night where you kept your best candle stands? So, today you must be up cleaning all the stuff and specially those precious and your favorite candle holders; oh, and did you just notice some wax dripped from the candles on the holders? I know how tough it is to remove that left over wax. But, from the next time you do not need to worry for that too. All you have to do is, before you put your candles in the holders next time, apply a bit of petroleum jelly in it. So, the next time you are up cleaning those holders, the wax will come out very easily of them.


6. On chewing gum

on chewing gum

The other day I found chewing gum stuck under my dining table. Did you ever find anything similar in places like under dining table, behind the headboard of bed or door, floor, window, etc.? I really had a tough time cleaning the surface and removing the chewing gum until I got to know about another use of petroleum jelly. Don’t be amazed but yes, it works here as well. All you will have to do is, squeeze some petroleum jelly on the affected area and start rubbing it. With this the gum will lose its hold and it will come out very easily, leaving your furniture like before.


5. On machinery

on machinery

If you are planning to keep away some of your machines or kid’s bicycle in the garage until next season, then wait for a while. We all have seen that when we take out our old machines which have not been used for a while, they have a layer of rust on them which is due to the contact of moisture to the metal. So, to avoid this, put a layer of petroleum jelly on the chrome parts of cycle and other metallic parts of machines, before keeping them away. This step will help in keeping your favorite stuff rust free.


4. On pet food bowls

Good Dog Food

Ants are the last thing we ever want to see in our houses but then we can’t even keep them away from the pet’s food bowls. Don’t know if it is that tasty or what but the ants keep coming back to the bowl. It is high time now and we must keep them away for the sake of our pets. To do that, just ring the bowl with a good layer of petroleum jelly. However tasty the food be, the ants won’t come closer if it is a trail of petroleum jelly which they have to cross.


3. On bottle caps

on bottle caps

I hate those nail paint bottles, the cap of which is so hard to open after every use. Don’t know why these caps stick to the bottles and not only that but I often wonder why the glue does not stick to the bottle itself. But anyways, we can surely prevent the caps of nail paints, glue, etc. from sticking to the bottle. For that just apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly inside the cap, on the thread as in glue tube and around the screw in case of screw caps. This will allow the material to not stick around the bottle and let you easily open it.


2. While coloring your hair

while coloring your hair

Are you planning to go out for dinner? Oh you surely need a hair coloring. But don’t you just hate how that color drips from your head and even your hairline gets colored. So before you start working with color, apply a mask of petroleum jelly around the hairline and you are all set to color. Wash your hair and you will see the magic; the color does not get coated on the areas where petroleum jelly was applied. It also protects against the harmful effects of perming and straightening chemicals.


1.  On face

on face

So here we are. None of us are unaware of petroleum jelly’s exceptional anti-chaffing properties but it is good for the face in one more than one way. Use it on your eyelashes before sleeping; it will help your eyelashes grow long and thick. Don’t go for those expensive, chemically treated lip glosses instead use petroleum jelly. If you want a colored lip gloss you can add a bit of food color to it or for a flavored one, melt it with a small amount of chocolate and let it solidify again. When petroleum jelly is applied on teeth it prevents the lips and lip color from sticking to teeth. Before using your eye shadow, apply little bit of petroleum jelly this will give a glossy effect. You can define your cheek bones and eyebrows with it too.

Use it in any way you want, it is there to benefit not only your body but your house too.


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