10 Very Interesting Facts About Pizza

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Nothing beats pizza, no one ‘can haz cheezeburgers’ over this maddening delicacy, scores of conversations are rendered as boring if it isn’t for hot piping pizza slices and not to mention those never to be forgotten fights over the last slice. Add some delectable side orders; garlic bread, lava cakes, wings and brain freezing cold-drink and you have the complete recipe for a successful party. Listed below are some facts you can read and share while you wait for your order to arrive in 30 minutes or less.

10) Pizza Hut Wins

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Most mothers only allow pizza when they are tired or the kids get on their nerves but I bet not many of them  know that one of our favorite pizza brand, Pizza Hut was funded by the founder duo’s mother with a nifty starting loan of 600$ . In the year 1958 Dan and Frank Carney from Wichita, Kansas, United States decided to commercialize their homemade recipe of delicious pizzas and came up with the pizzeria Pizza Hut. What marks pizza hut different from other pizzerias is the jaw dropping varieties it offers not just pizzas but an assortment of salad, pasta, garlic bread, wings, dips and breadstick. It has become so popular that not only it inspired other pizzerias but went onto acquire more the 6000 stores in United States alone and more than 5000 franchise across the world in approximately 94 countries. How well Pizza Hut knows its customers is clear from the fact that back in 1989 it sponsored the cult movie Back to the Future Part II and came up with a promotional pair of futuristic sunglasses known as “Solar Shades”.

9) Delivery to Space


Pizza Hut’s quest for adventure doesn’t just end with the concept of Hydrate Pizza. In 2000 it set up a landmark in the race of galactic commercialization by acquiring a space for its logo on the world’s largest proton rocket. Though the space dream wasn’t halted here and on May 21, 2001 Pizza Hut became the first company to deliver pizza in outer space, to the international space station. Even though it took more than a year for the Russian Food scientist and the R & D team of Pizza Hut to create the world’s first ever space- consumable pizza, no compromises were done on customizing the crust and topping, it included a crispy crust, pizza sauce and cheese, topped with salami. However, more caution went into  packing the space-pizza, it was packed in a especially designed vacuum sealed packing.

8) Flying Pizzas


If Pizza Hut was making its mark in space there was no away its arch rival Dominos was going to sit back at ease. This American restaurant chain was founded in the year 1960, headquartered in Michigan, United States, it the second largest pizza chain after Pizza Hut of course, with more than 10,000 corporate and franchised stores in 70 countries. It recently hit the headlines when an independent franchisor from U.K published a video on youtube of a drone making immaculate pizza deliveries. This video featured a cutting edge technology which could transform the very face of pizza delivery. The “DOMIcopter” however is not being commercialized as for now but in near future the Flying pizza could very well be a reality.

7) 30 minutes or less


Domino’s 30 minute or less scheme was started in the year 1973, according to which if a delivery failed to reach the customers within 30 minutes *condition applied then they would receive it for free. In 1973 however Domino’s faced a nasty lawsuit by the family of a woman in Indiana who was hurt by a speeding Domino’s Pizza delivery motorist, who claimed innocence as he was just trying to do his job within 30 minutes. After 7 different lawsuits one of which costed a staggering payout of $15 Million the company decided to drop the scheme. However it prevails in some franchise outside United States of America.

6) Saturday- pizza ordering day

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Everyone looks forward to a weekend and Friday night inevitably becomes the busiest night of the week. While every worker preferred to stay out of kitchen on a lethargic Saturday, they also made it the most preferred day for placing a pizza order. According to statistics the number of pizzas ordered on a Saturday overrides the pizza sale on any three weekdays. Guess one should hold up all the coupons for a Saturday and not to mention what good breakfast a cold pizza makes.

5) Most expensive pizza


Pizza is definitely one of the staple diets of a modern worker, especially amongst the fast generation, the singletons and the lower class. But Chef Domenico Crolla set all these typecasts aside with what he named “Pizza Royale 007” ( nope no order discount for relating it to Casino Royale). No one would have expected making such an expensive pizza as its better known as a low-budget meal. This 12 inch pizza consist an assortment of world’s most expensive delicacies, lobster marinated in cognac and caviar soaked in champagne, the base is a spread of sunblush tomato sauce and topped with Scottish smoked Salmon. Just when this wasn’t enough the wholesome delicacy was topped with fine 24 carat gold flakes. The whole pizza was sold for £2,150 ( 4,200 in U.S Dollars) and it was originally worth 3,700. 

4) Biggest and Fastest Pizza


Pizza originated in Italy and it’s obvious that Italians would never let go off the opportunity to make it big. So five Italian chefs decided to create; the World’s Biggest Pizza. The scrumptious monstrosity was measured 131-feet in diameter, and weighed over 51,000 pounds. So what exactly went into it? 1,488 pounds of margarine, 19,800 pounds of flour, 10,000 pounds of tomato sauce, 8,800 pounds of mozzarella cheese, 551 pounds of salt, 220 pounds of lettuce and 55 pounds of vinegar.

The Fastest Pizza maker in the world is Bruno Di Fabio, a 13 time medalist of World Pizza Games. He has been working in the pizza industry for the last 20 years. He can make 14 pizzas in 2 minutes and 35 seconds.

3) Types


The most sold types of pizza are: Italian, Neapolitan which are typically made using fresh picked tomatoes and Mozzarella cheese ( they are also an STG product i.e., Specialità Tradizionale Garantita), Lazio style; Pizza Rustica and Pizza Al Taglio, Sicilian Pizza and Mexican Pizza which is the fieriest of them all. While the conventional includes; thin curst, double cheese, deep dish, coned, calzone, marinara and stromboli.

2) Women better tippers


If you are working part time as a pizza delivery guy it is advised to take on more female orders as compared to males because the former are more generous when it comes to tipping. Study shows that on an average woman tips 3 times more than their male counterparts for a pizza delivery

1) Pizza toppings


The most common pizza toppings are Anchovies, Bacon, Ground beef, Mushrooms, Olives, Onions, Pepperoni, Peppers, Sausage, Seafood, Tomatoes, Vegetables, Fruit such as Pineapple, Feta cheese, Spinach and Artichoke. On global basis, choices of topping vary upto a great extent while Indians prefer minced mutton, and paneer (a form of cottage cheese), Russians like mockba (a combination of sardines, tuna, salmon, and onions), Brazilians like their Pizza topped with fresh green peas and Japanese topping range from eels and squids to Mayo Jaga, alike Mexicans Pakistanis like their fiery and thus prefer curry and Australians love it with shrimps and barbeque sauces, Costa Ricans have an interesting addition of coconuts while Netherlands have a customer base of Double Dutch lovers i.e., double meat, double cheese, double onion, Americans adhere to more conventional toppings like pepperoni, mushrooms, sausage, green pepper, onion, and of course extra cheese


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