10 very Wierd Fashion Accessories

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Accessories have always been an essential component in anybody’s wardrobe who has even a slightest interest in fashion. They can pep up your plain boring clothes in a matter of seconds without making you look over the top. For a believer in fashion, accessories play as much a role as clothes and maybe bigger in creating an ensemble. Moreover, getting a whole new wardrobe every season seems to be too expensive and a tedious task and nobody likes buying a new dress for every second party. Here is when accessories come to your rescue. Just add a dash of colour or some metallic element to your favourite LBD (Little Black Dress) and you have got a whole new attire! Now as we are done knowing the importance of accessories, I think I should tell you about some really weird ones. While belts, neckpieces, bracelets are few things that everyone knows about and am sure you also own a lot of them but here are 10 fashion accessories that have topped all the weirdness charts!

10. Lego Sunglasses

lego sunglasses

As kids we all used to love Lego, the toy building brick game in which you can make plenty of things from a garden to a house or even a tractor.  But how about having those colourful bricks over your sunglasses? This idea struck into the makers of Lego and they teamed up with French optical company Lynx Optique to create this very unusual type of sunglasses that has Lego bricks attached on its sides. You can construct anything over it whenever you want and you get a new design every time. Or while you are getting bored during a class or at office you might just want to play your creative mind and give your sunglasses a new look.

9. Shippo – Brain Controlled Tail


A Japanese company has invented this Shippo (which means tail) and I have no idea why? It looks like a cute furry tail at your back but it is much more than that. The Shippo uses an EEG headset and a clip on heart moniter and can tell the world what mood you are in. It even consists of a geotagging feature and smart phone sharing support. The followers of this weird trend can use these features to find each other.

8. Elf Boots

elf boots

I think we all are quite familiar with Elves, the green coloured creatures which people often dress up as around Christmas. But have you ever noticed their shoes? Long, pointy and really, really weird. Would you like to wear those kind of shoes ever? Well, that’s what people are flaunting in Mexico. Wearing Elf shoes is considered as a sign of “peacocking” where males try grabbing females’ attention by wearing distinctive and unusual clothing. This trend has also picked up in United States but according to me, is totally bizarre.

7. Meggings


Men + leggings give “Meggings”. Sounds stupid? It looks equally stupid. Leggings have always been popular for ladies, be it the celebs or local people, girls love this comfortable yet fashionable piece of clothing. But men don’t need to get jealous because they have got their own version of leggings – the meggings. While these should be worn or not remains a high discussion issue, many designers, stage artists, choreographers and dancers are already following the trend and flaunting their pair of meggings.

6. Mantyhose


If you thought we were done with men taking over girls’ apparels then you were wrong. Next on the list is “Mantyhose”. Yes, you just read Mantyhose! Mantyhose is Pantyhose for men which is being wore all across the world. This fashion accessory came into existence in 1998 when L’eggs, a US pantyhose company realized that a lot of men were regularly wearing a pantyhose, so why not launch a new line targeting only men. Ever since they became a fashion trend in US and Europe and today you can find mantyhoses in a large range of sizes and patterns like stars, polka dots, barbed wires etc.

5. Botox Handbags


You can find an array of anti ageing products in the market ranging from special anti oxidant creams, facials to surgical procedures and Botox injections. But what about your favourite leather handbag? Designers have an answer to that too, and that is a Botox Handbag. Milan designer Mauro Orietti-Carella is known for her botox injected handbags which are immensely popular with Hollywood divas. Mauro, a former dermatologist, has been experimenting over handbags and he soon realized that by using silicone injections over crocodile, python and ostrich leather, the quality of the leather increases and it stays in a near perfect condition for a longer period of time. Using Botox injections also makes the colour of these bags more vivid and attractive. So while you are busy worrying about your ageing skin, your handbag might also be in need of a dose of Botox.

4. Eye Jewellery


Those days are long past when the only way to accentuate your eyes was doing an eye make-up or using coloured contact lenses. The latest trend which is picking up these days is the eye jewelry and Dutch people are quite fond of it. Eye jewelry can include wearing small studs made from precious metals around the eyes. These adornments hang by a wire on the contact lenses and other than metal, these can also be crystals or flowers.


Are you in a habit of constantly sitting in front of TV? So much so that you avert getting out of your house because you do not want to miss your favourite sitcom? Then this fashion accessory is just for you! It is the Bag TV, a bag with a TV which is actually a 7 inches LCD screen. The Bag TV is available in seven different colours and can be bought with or without the TV where the with TV one is obviously more expensive. This unusual invention can play MP3 files, DVDs, music and images and gives you a battery life of upto 2 and a half hours.

2. Fish Belt

fish belt

I love fish and dishes made from it and I’m sure a lot of people out there do too. But would you mind wearing a bunch of fishes around your waste aligned in such a way that it forms a belt? Just check this out. This shiny silver belt is not made up of metal but fishes. This is a belt which is actually made up of 75 fishes! (Yes, I counted them) The fish belt is one of the many accessories which are made up of food products and are completely edible. You can also find blackcurrant handbags and spaghetti belts. But you dare to wear such stuff in public or not, is totally up to you.

1. Animal Accessories

animal accessories

Using animal skins for making furs and leathers have been in fashion from a long time and there has always been a huge debate over the use of such products. Where animal lovers try to banish the use of animal skin completely, fur and leather products have acquired a posh position in the world of apparels. But talking till skin was still okay, what you are going to read next may just horrify you. A London based accessories designer Reid Peppard working with RP/Encore uses the preserved bodies of animals directly to create pouches, necklaces, hairbands and many other strange adornments. In his unique series of fashion trinkets, you can find bow ties made up of a mouse, squirrels attached over hairbands, squirrels and fox necklaces and many other squeamish and creepy accessories. Though it has been said that only found animals are used for these projects and there is completely no harming of animals taking place, people all across the world have expressed their anguish over this kind of jewelry.


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