10 Wardrobe Basics a Girl Must Have

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Have to go out for a last minute party or just a random get together? Your friends just gave you a surprise visit and ask you to go out for dinner with them at a fancy place and you can’t figure out what to wear? Or do you have the perfect top to wear but not so perfect bottoms or the perfect lower wear but don’t know what you can carry with it?.  When switching seasons, the new collection is yet to be out and the earlier collection seems backdated already, then you pile up your things and refurnish your wardrobe adding these must-haves. You will be absolutely comfortable in them and do not have to ponder much over them as your wear them as they are.  These are essential and I am not going to dictate you any fashion rules on what to wear with what or the new designer collection for the same. They are just few essential collections ,few simple items that I think are required for every basic wardrobe . Way to go girls.

10.  Flattering Jeans


Just do not care if you are UK 8 or UK 15 in size, you get yourself a pair of skinny jeans, fitted to your very inch. People may frown all they want, but you just gotta have one of them in your wardrobe and then you can care as less as you want to about the top or blouse you want to wear with it. Again, shop for your body type, the ones that fit and flatter you just as perfectly as you are. Every woman needs a perfect pair of jeans in her closet, find your cut and work your way through it. And the one that fits you perfectly is the one that fits your wardrobe throughout seasons.

9.  Basic T-Shirt

Basic T shirt

You must have a basic tee, in a basic color that suits your skin tone. Or the color that sets your perfect mood. Most people go for black or white. Needless to say, you must have those colors as well, with your designed neckline, mostly preferred V shaped neckline. You can experiment with other colors as well, like the bright pink or the bright yellow with green and orange, so that if you don’t feel like choosing what to wear, you can chose any color and wrap it up as it is with that vibrant color and no accessories.

8.  Fitted Blazer


Yes that’s right, the season doesn’t matter and you just gotta have one of these fitted blazers. Whether it is a formal occasion or something casual like an informal jam session with your friends, you can put these on, over your black pants and carry it off quite well. A fitted blazer can compliment up any outfit. Go with a neutral color blazer, the one that goes about halfway to your hip, complementing that very curve that you have also giving you that slimming effect. It can practically go with anything that you have in your closet.

7. Button down shirt


A basic button down shirt, long or short, white or black, goes with absolutely anything. Wear it with spaghetti inside and just wrap it around with sleek cotton material shirt and you are ready for almost any fashion situation. A basic button down shirt looks good with almost everything. Wear it with jeans or skirt, it’s the most versatile wear and it can range from a beach wear to a casual wear to a formal uptight corporate outfit. Experimenting with other colors can really enliven your wardrobe. So sling this on, before you head out of the door, early in the morning or even at middle of the night.

6.  Black Skirt


A nice short, pencil or just flairs skirt with a perfect side cut line. Wear it with a huge knit with funky printed tights or just a black tight and with a basic leather jacket or simple white shirt and you are all set.  Skirts look flattering on any sort of body type and are an easy way to dress up. Do not worry about tights if you are comfortable with bare legs or just carry it on with long boots. Style it up with printed scarves or a lot of junk jewelry to carry with fairly well. This is an essential and whether you have donned skirts before or not, make sure this sits in your wardrobe.

5. Tank top/ Tube Top

Tank Top

Now some of us may think, ‘Why this?’ But trust me ladies, whether you out for special occasions or just casual get together, it is always good to have a tank top or tube top in your wardrobe. Many of us may not be comfortable wearing it as it is. You just have to style it up with transparent blouse top or loose fitted one shoulder dresses, or just a transparent shirt or even a tee. It allows you to wear those light airy garments that go well with your attire but you often have apprehensions about the same, or they just make you feel self-conscious at times.

4. White Kurta and Black leggings

White kurta with black leggings

If you are in India, you must have . Irrespective of the facts that you are tom boyish or girly, dislike Ethnic wear or you are not so much of an heavy Indian dresser as you are a western attire obsessed person, you still must have these two if you are living anywhere within the Indian territories. A simple, with not much ado White kurta about a little longer or shorter than your knee length, paired up nicely and safely with a black legging, is perfect. If you have any family function to attend or just some relatives showing up, then just put these two on and carry it with a bright beautiful Dupatta or stole to go with it. Do not worry about the rest; the world is yours as you look just as fashionable in these.

3. Black Pants

Blank Pants

From summertime showers to cold winter weather, from formal interviews to casual hang around, black pants will keep you streamlined throughout the year. No matter what the weather calls or the situation in hand is, black pants have been your umbrella for life. Black goes with anything and everything and black pants are accepted universally as not only being comfortable but something that appreciates your body comfort, just as it is. Black pants can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion and of course your mood. So choose with comfort as blank pants are by your side. They will rock with any of your tops in your wardrobe.

2. Little Black Dress


It’s one of the easiest pieces to pull off and just about anybody in any mood and anywhere can look absolutely edgy in them. They are effortless to carry, no accessories needed if you do not want any. And there is no occasion it is not appropriate for. It can go with casual work, meetings, dinner dates, a night with your girl friends. A long or short sleeve may vary with situations maybe. You can carry it off with tights if short is not comfortable. But remember, short is never too short, keep the length at your comfort level. This is the classic staple for go-to look. Choose from varying cocktail to vintage dress looks, just don not forget to keep it classy yet simple.

1. An overcoat

Overcoat woman

That is right, an overcoat is an essential. I know in a tropical country like ours, coats may not be the first thing on your mind, but as the winter descends and you still want to carry of some stylish clothes, it is better to have one of these in your wardrobe. Remember those stormy rainy nights when you don’t wish to ruin your pretty little expensive attire; the overcoat can help protect you from all fashion disasters. Do not forget to put these  as you head on!


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