10 Ways College Can Make you End up Feeling Dumb

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‘College’, a word that makes you think of young people, fresh ideas, lots of energy and a spirit of making the difference. But what else is there to experience during the most crucial phase of one’s life?
After attending the high school, surviving all the entrance exams and deadly cutoffs, you finally get into the college. Entering into the college is like achieving a milestone in your career building but the journey of college in itself not too easy. There are number of problems which have to be faced by the students and overcoming all those can sometimes really prove painful.
College is not all about fun, friends and party. Along with laborious studies, there are thousand other things that constitute your college life. Surviving the college needs a lot from you and of course college transforms your personality drastically. It makes you more practical, social and matured. College life is an important essence of one’s life but you need to be careful to get a positive flavour out of it.

Here is the list of 10 Ways College can make you end up feeling dumb:

10.Language problem

Language Problem


This may not apply to everyone but it is really problematic to overcome this for those on whom it does apply. From international perspective it is really a major problem as students find it difficult to adjust at new place and it is not easy to be friend with the people with whom they don’t even share a common language. Even talking about your own country, language can prove as a barrier to proper interaction and being comfortable in college for the people who are from different place having different native languages. Like in India, for some Hindi speaking people, adjusting into English medium institution is not that easy and all such linguistic problems can ultimately make you feel unhappy and uncomfortable as well.


9.Leads you unshielded

Leads you unshielded


During school time you may have enjoyed the support of your parents at every small event and step but the concept of college in itself enforces the idea of being independent. This uncovering of the protective shield of your parents and family members may really bother you as now there will be no one to care about your meals, class assignments and of course there will be no one to listen to your long and trivial stories. This factor can really effect people who are too habitual to discussions with the family and if are not continued with a right attitude they can really end up feeling as a creature of some other planet struggling with the college environment.


 8.Bunking classes

Bunking classes


The most important part of college is attending lectures. But then a very usual habit found among college students is that of bunking their classes. It can be understood that having too many lectures become too monotonic and sometimes you do need to relax but bunking classes is no good option. There can be many other ways of entertainment and bringing some fun to your life instead of missing out your lectures. In college you may learn such ill habits but you should avoid these for your own benefit.


7.Managing your budget

Managing your budget


Once you are at college, you are the manager of so many things. In school time, you may have thought about spending your pocket money only on your favourite stuff but in college there is lot more to buy and being an economic fact supply is always less than the demand. Your pocket money may be less or more but then it will always be limited and you will always have to make a right choice while spending your money. Improper management of money leads to the shortage of money at times and this can seriously trouble you as so many things of your college life are related to money.


6.Company of bad people

Company of bad people


In college you are left on your own to choose your friends and a wrong choice can ruin your life. Company of bad people can indulge you in wrong deeds and you may start doing what you are not supposed to do otherwise. At this age distraction is nothing unusual and then the influence of bad people can result into the complete spoiling of your relations, prestige and career at worst. College life is not meant to be spent in negligence or ignorance; instead you must be vigilant enough to judge people.


5.Pressure of being an all rounder

Pressure of being all rounder


In the modern times of competition it is not all about reading your books and scoring well in the exams. You need to be smart enough, you should be active in your college activities, you must be an all rounder and all these things can put students under pressure. These days it has become a kind of necessity to be in some club or society of your college and show your representation over there. With this same thinking students struggle for their good performance in every field and which sometimes result into pressure, dissatisfaction and depression.


4.Maintaining relationships

Maintaining relationships


As now you are no more under the shied of your parents, so you obviously start making personal and new relations at your own. But then the problem of handling them arises and you may find yourself in a fuss. To keep your spouse happy and at the same time make your parents satisfy and obviously to be on good tune with all other friends can simply prove an exhausting exercise. You need a lot of patience and energy for all this otherwise you are out of the game. So, proper management of relationships is too necessary in order to prevent your college life from turning torturous.


3.Pressure of projects and assignments

Pressure of projects and assignments


During school, the upcoming class assignments or annual examinations boost you and you take a kind of pleasure in preparing hard with the hope of always performing better. But college assignments or project works may not mean the same and reason behind this can be the nature of work and the circumstances under which you need to work. College has a different kind of environment and there you need a different kind of attitude to cope up with the things. The piling projects and assignments can make you feel worse and may affect your college life and your performance as well. In college projects often mean group works and group work in itself is a trouble and to deal with which you must have good communication and persuasion skills.


2. Lack of proper sleep

Lack of proper sleep


College students are generally associated with the trait of sleeping late at nights and then rushing to their morning class in their night suites. It may sound cool but the reality has a pinch of bitterness in it. Lack of proper sleep may slower down the working efficiency of your mind and you may find yourself in the situation of never ending fatigue and lethargy. And in college being out of energy means no less than being out of life. So, next time think once before cutting down your sleeping time and save yourself from getting trapped into a negative cycle.


1.Drug and alcohol abuse

Drug and alcohol abuse


Being far from your family also means being out of rules and restrictions and you may become prone to distraction and develop some unhealthy habits. College students often forget the limits and end up doing harm to themselves. These days, drug and alcohol abuse among college students has become a severe issue. Drinking beyond the limits has very bad repercussions on your health and eventually on your routine working. Addiction to drugs and alcohol can ruin your college life as well as your career. Here you can figure out that when college can bring lots of fun to your life then at the same time it can make you more vulnerable to bad habits.




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