10 Ways How Divorce Can Have Negative Impact on Children

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Marriage is a long-lasting commitment taken by two known or unknown individuals for a successful and happy life. It is with that one special person, called the spouse, with whom he/she would love to spend their entire life. But, what if things don’t go smoothly as it ought to be? This is a thought to be pondered upon. Not all are lucky to enjoy those mushy moments with their better halves throughout their life, instead gets to lead a life full of pain and agony. Though not very common, it is also not so unusual to find couples getting separated. Whatever be the reason, a divorce is never a healthy idea for all those who really want some private space in their lives. People go in for divorce when they really think that their opinions don’t match with each other and when they find it very difficult to share the same roof. But, a-midst all these, what about the kids? If a couple is childless, it may not make a huge difference as they can still lead their lives separately. But, spare a thought on those families with kids as how those children would be able to manage and live happily without either of their parent beside them.


One of the major impacts of divorce on children is their inhibition towards socializing. Children of divorced parents tend to stay away from people and their peers. A sense of insecurity forces them to behave this way. When there is a lack of parental guidance, children are unaware of how to behave in public places and it is this fear that makes them aloof. They feel that socializing might turn detrimental and rather choose the option of staying quiet. The stress and anxiety these children undergo results in such a peculiar behavioral pattern.


Education is the most important element in any kid’s life. But, what if that is hampered with this dreadful decision taken by parents? Divorce has a definitive impact on the academics of child. Studies have proven that children of divorced parents attain low grades as compared with those children from normal happy families. Children undergo a lot of tension thereby resulting in deviation from studies. As they are unable to focus and concentrate, the inattentiveness is shown in the academics. Neither are they able to listen to the classes properly, nor are they able to pick it up all by themselves.


Not just the emotional well-being, but even the physical health of children gets affected. The prime reason for this being lack of proper nourishment and care that play an essential role in children’s life. Kids are unable to take in this dramatic change and thereby develop all sorts of health problems. Lack of adult supervision further worsens the situation and the poor kid has to undergo both physical and mental trauma. The loss of health brings down the morale of the kid thereby making him/her feel less confident.


This is one among the major concerns seen among kids of divorced parents. Most of them are unable to digest the fact that no longer are they all going to stay under one roof. Children try pacifying themselves but at last all these end up in vain. When the bitter truth comes to them, the insecurity makes it difficult for them to cope with their parents’ divorce. The main reason due to which they are unable to manage this stress is their lack of cognitive ability. In most cases, kids blame themselves for their parents’ separation and feel that the onus lies on their hands to reunite their parents.


The worst impact of divorce could be driving kids towards all sort of ‘bad influences’ like drinking and smoking. Children of divorced parents can be easily lured into these bad habits because of their vulnerability. Kids tend to feel that happiness lost at home could be easily attained by resorting to such measures. A sense of excitement and a craving for pleasure drives them to smoke, drink or even consume drugs.


Not just the emotional or physical well-being of kids are affected, the trauma undergone by them leaves a deep impact on the metal status as well. What is more shocking is that children need to be drugged in order to relax their mental status. The most common psycho stimulant drug, Ritalin, needs to be given to such kids. Such drugs, when taken, help in calming the hyperactive nature of kids. In most cases, children tend to reach a stage wherein it becomes difficult to survive without the consumption of this pill.


Children tend to get more aggressive with the stress and anxiety caused by divorce. They feel that they are estranged thereby making them resort to violent behavior. Not just at home, but even at school, they can easily get into verbal or physical fights with others. It is actually the sadness within them that drives kids to this extent. There is also another major risk for aggressive children that such kids could also land up committing heinous crimes. When one among both parents tends to move away from kids, the frustration could drive them to such formidable acts. Such crime could also land the kid in juvenile homes at a very tender age.


This is one of the most alarming issues affected by divorce. Money plays a major role in any man’s life. When it becomes difficult to meet both ends by a single parent, this has a direct implication on children. Kids have to forego and sacrifice many things right at a very early age. That would be the most dreadful experience for any kid on this earth. Not always money becomes a concern, but when it does, takes the life of these young souls. In most cases, the settlement after divorce will be enough to manage kids. When such settlement money is not obtained, it becomes too difficult even to provide the kid with proper education. Thus, lack of money has a total impact on all aspects of a child’s life.


Divorce happens because a couple feels that their minds are no more aligned in one direction. The simple issue that starts as petty fights might result in both parents wanting a divorce. They forget the fact that it is their kids who are ultimate sufferers, more than them. What started as a relationship full of love and commitment gets ended up in such fights and separation. Children get completely shattered on hearing the bitter news of divorce that affects their overall mental and physical status.


The main reason for happiness in our lives is because of our family. But, when the kid gets separated from one parent, one can’t just imagine the trauma to be experienced by him/her. Kids would love to have both parents together with them and the bitter fact of separation lowers the kid’s self-esteem of.





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