10 Ways how People Waste Water

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We all have been taking water for granted because it is normally available to us all the time. But facts suggest something else. It is true that two-third of the Earth is covered with water but out of this, only three per cent is suitable for drinking while the other part is salty water. The quantity of water has remained same since the time Earth was formed but its quality is deteriorating day by day. Water conservation has become really important in recent times looking at the global climatic change and the scarcity of water that it is causing. We need to save water for our future generations and for a healthy survival of our planet. But do all of us understand that? I fear not. Most of the people are either unaware of the gravity of this situation or are too lazy to do anything about it. Some may think that what difference will it make if a single person starts taking the action while some others don’t even realize how much of water they are wasting every day. Here are 10 ways by which people waste water most commonly. If any of it sounds familiar please stop doing it, immediately.

10. Washing the car

washing the car

Washing a car is more like a routine activity for all city folks. And one can’t do without washing it at least once in a month or maybe more. But washing your car and the driveway can cost you more water than you think. In a single wash 80 gallons of water is gone whereas if you give it at a car wash, they can use up to 30 gallons of water. Obviously giving it to the car wash seems like a more sensible option but if you are doing it at home then keep a few things in mind. If there is a lawn in your house then park the car over there for washing so that all the water you use up, it can be recycled to nourish your lawn. Try to keep a bucket and use the hose only once for the final rinse. This way, a whole lot of water can be saved.

9. Diving in swimming pools

swimming pools

Who doesn’t love a nice dip in the pool on a hot sunny afternoon? But while swimming pool replenishes you it also causes a serious damage to the environment. A usual swimming pool takes in 1000 gallons of water in a month of summer because the water is constantly evaporating and more water gets splashed in. Your pool might develop some leaks too which can waste even more water and if you drain out the pool at the end of the season, then whole of the water gets wasted which is too precious for our environment.

8. Dish washing

dish washing

Even while washing your daily dishes you waste up on so much of water. An Electronic dishwasher uses up to 10 gallons of water but doing the dishes by hand can waste even more. So it’s good to invest in an electrical dishwasher. But if one washes the dishes by hand then it should NOT be done with water running. The scrubbing can be done without water, and water is required only to rinse of the soap at the end. Moreover,the rinsing should be done with all the dishes together and not one at a time.

7. Sprinklers and Fountains


A lush green lawn is liked by all but keeping it green may not be good for the environment. If the sprinklers in the lawn are turned on unnecessarily then a lot of water gets wasted. It’s advisable to turn on the sprinkler only when required and it should be adjusted well so that the water doesn’t flow out to the pavement. Just like sprinklers, fountains are also a source of water wastage. Some fountains have water constantly flowing in them and draining out to get wasted. It should be avoided.

6. Flushing


Flushing does seem like an essential and a sanitary thing to do every time you use the toilet. But a single flush can expense 10 gallons of water. And it is actually not required every time you visit the bathroom. Flushing can be avoided when it is not completely necessary, or when there is no stool to be washed off, you may add a mug of water to keep the toilet stink free without wasting too much water.

5. Bathing


“You must bath at least once a day”, if this is what your mom taught you in childhood then she missed upon a very important message. You must get cleaned every day but make sure you are not wasting too much water while doing it. Taking a bath misuses gallons of water which can be saved if you take a shower. A shower uses only 1/5th the amount of water which is required for a bath. So one must get the habit of showering from early on and the showers should also be not very long and turn it on just to rinse your body not while putting on soap.

4. Shaving


Both men and women tend to keep the tap on while shaving which is completely avertable. If one is using the sink while shaving then it should be filled only till the halfway which can be used to wash off the blade. Or if you are in a habit of shaving while taking a shower then turning off the shower while shaving is the sensible thing to do. Once you are done with it, rinse it off under the shower. This way, gallons of water can be conserved and your shaving can also be done without a problem.

3. Using Hot Water

hot water

Having a hot water bath while relaxing in your bathtub seems to be a pretty tempting thing. But did anyone tell you that hot water uses a lot more water and energy than your normal tap water. Turning on the hot water knob just for comfort isn’t a very good idea and save it only when it becomes absolutely necessary, otherwise stick to the tap water in order to conserve this resource.

2. Leaky taps and faucets

leaky faucets and taps

Leaky taps and faucets are very common to have in every household, but they can waste up to 200 gallons of water in a single day! One should keep checking the pipes, faucets, toilets etc to ensure there are not any cracks bulging that can allow the water to leak and if you spot any crack then fix it up immediately. A simple dripping tap can seem to be a thing to be ignored, but it is not, and one should get it fixed to save more water.

1. Running water while brushing teeth

running water while brushing teeth

This is so far the most common habit that people have, leading to wastage of water. And very simple is the way to avoid it. You definitely don’t need water while you are brushing your teeth. Just wet the toothbrush and turn off the tap. And once you are done brushing you can open it to wash and rinse your mouth and the toothbrush. Brushing is a daily activity that no-one skips doing and if every-one develops the habit of never leaving the tap running then a lot of water can be conserved.

I’m sure after reading each and every point you must have been like “Okay! I can do this” but if it’s the “Why shall I?” or “what difference it will make by my alone doing this?” attitude that is keeping you away from conserving water then you shall realize that even a small step can help conserving in gallons of water. A slight change in routine activities and a little concern for the environment will surely do wonders and will also make you feel good about it. And moreover, ain’t you really tired of paying that huge water bill and dealing with situations when you don’t get enough water?


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