Top 10 Ways how your Employees Dupe you

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An organization being duped by their employees is something which is not rare. Very often we can find employers complaining and regretting their HR decisions. There are times when the employers don’t even realize that they are being fooled and taken for a ride.

Companies use high profile screening tests ranging from aptitude, attitude and psychological testing methods to two to three rigorous interviews in order to hire the best and honest one. However, somewhere down the line the employers are also humans and can’t really judge people in absolute terms and might end up making wrong decision. There are numerous methods used by the employees to fool the organization and the higher authorities, some of the top ten ways in which they do so are

10. Faking resume


This is by far one of the most common ways in which a number of people fool their employers. Faking your work experience, the college you graduated from, your activities and achievements are some of the things that people commonly fake about on their resume to get the job they want and this faking is done in a smart way. Since Google now offers myriad of links on how people can lie on their resume this has become easier than one might even imagine. Moreover, companies don’t really have the time these days to do a complete background check of the candidate hence they blindly believe what is given on the resume.


9. Plagiarism


In companies which provide content writing services, plagiarism is a strict no. However,the employees do find their ways of getting their work done in a quicker way by just rephrasing the sentences or picking up ideas from a given article or report found on the net, putting them in their own words and submitting as their work. This way not only do the escape from this plagiarism blame game but also finish their work faster without putting in their own efforts.


8. Doing two jobs at a time


In this competitive fast moving world, everyone wants to earn more than the other to satisfy their luxurious needs. There is a general policy which goes without saying that an individual can work for only one company at a time unless he or she is a freelancer. Working for two companies at a time is generally unheard of and may later on eventually lead to conflict of interest. If the salary from one job is not enough they do another job in order to full fill their personal needs or maybe have some other personal intention in doing so. With a number of companies looking for part timers and the internet providing the audience a large platform to look for work from home jobs, finding another job has become an easy task. This way not only they get extra income, but they can successfully manage to keep it hidden from the company they are already working for.


7. Corporate espionage


Another way in which the employee can dupe their employer is by revealing the company details to an outsider. This is related to the previous one. If a person is working for two companies providing similar services at the same time, there is a high chance that this might lead to conflict of interest later on and in hopes of getting bigger bonus from one company the individual might go to an extent of revealing inside details to another company. Or the employer might be told by the company to get hired by their rival company in order to get their confidential information which can be used to their advantage.


6. Faking Bills


One of the most simple and easiest ways by which the employers might get fooled by their own people is by faking bills. These can be any sort of bills related to any type work. The bills can be faked for one’s personal profit which generally becomes a habit and the employees might engage in successive faking of bills. This habit gets developed because the higher authorities do not check and recheck the bills for their authenticity and credibility. This thought of being safe and having no chance of getting caught motivates the employee to engage in such activities.


5. Embezzle funds


Along with faking bills, the employees can also embezzle the funds or use the company funds for their personal use. This becomes easier for employees hired in the accounts or finance departments as they generally manage the companies finance and can misuse these funds anytime without getting caught. This kind of financial fraud might range from a very small amount and can run into lakhs. Generally when such frauds are committed for a small amount it goes unnoticed by the authorities, however if there is no regular check kept on the companies account details this motivates the employees to commit further fraud.


4. Making someone else complete a project


How often have we heard of such a situation occurring not only in companies but even in your own peer group or classroom groups. Bullying someone to complete the project, faking your skills and taking credit for it to impress the authorities are one of the ways the employees fool the employers. This paves the way for the authorities to promote the wrong and dishonest person which can eventually be bad for the company.

On the other hand,there might be instances where some of the team members do not do their work and the leader completes it for them to prevent a bad name. The leader might be generous enough not to take credit for the work and present it as a group effort. This way indirectly and innocently the leader paves way for lazy employees to remain in their job while they do nothing and the authorities have no clue about it. Which, is again bad for the growth of the company.


3. Faking attendance at office


In companies, employees generally have to swipe or punching in their id cards which marks their presence or in other words their attendance in the office. Most companies are strict about their working time schedule which ranges from six to eight hours with an hour or so break in between for lunch. A large number of employees have the tendency to fake their attendance by giving their colleague or friend their id card and asking them to swipe it.

This largely happens if there is no security guard to watch over the employees and prevent them from indulging in such activities. Through this way the employees can manage to miss an entire day or half a day at office without informing the authorities.


2. Do less work than they claim to have done


How easy it is to fool someone by just saying few words and exaggerating them to make it sound like a big deal. The same is done by the employees to a large extent most of the time. They exaggerate the work they have done to make it sound like they have completed something big when they have hardly done anything at all. Employees who possess the gift of gab and excellent spoken skills use this ability to manipulate their employers by telling them the amount of work they have accomplished in less amount of time. Since the authorities don’t really have the time to check the truth they usually go by what is told to them. Hence such employees use their manipulative skills to get into the good books of their employers.

1.Faking during the interview :


This method stands at the top when it comes to ways in which employees dupe their employers because this is the easiest way to fool the authorities and not giving them a tinge of doubt. Since an interview is the first step an individual has to ace, the duping starts from this point itself. The internet provides us with a plethora of websites which educates people about how to get through interviews. Added to this, websites also have a question and answer session where they have mentioned the kind of answers that an individual can give their employer for particular questions asked during the interview and impress them.

The faking starts from this point as a majority of people go through these websites and prepare their answers. These answers which have been written by experts are memorized by the individuals who duplicate it during the interview. These websites also educate people about what kind of lies are acceptable and the ones that can be easily caught. Since there is no way the employers can cross check the answers given by employees during their interview, acing it isn’t really a problem.


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