10 Ways to be More Social and Friendly

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“BEING HUMAN” has grabbed the spotlight immensely. But now it’s time for “Being Friendly”. It is true that at this juncture the entire nation got enslaved in the rat race of earning money and acquiring a status in the society. But can a person survive in complete isolation? Definitely NOT. “Man is a social animal” and it is universally accepted. It is observed that nowadays people are moving out of their social bonding, losing friends and above all losing the slightest of sense of humor due to this competitive world. JACK is again turning into a dull boy because of only work and no friends and joy. So do we want another repetition of this childhood proverb?

If no then here are some brilliant steps for all to boost up life more socially and friendly.

10) A Friend in need is a friend indeed

A Friend in need is a friend indeed

“If we serve the mass, God will serve us”. True Indeed. Then why do we shut our windows and doors when our neighbors are in danger? Go and lend your helping hands towards them because Guys, its is best method to build a strong relation with others in the society and also in gaining a social status. Not only in neighborhood, such attitude should also be inculcated within schools and offices. Try to help your colleagues if you ever find them in a complete messy situation. Why students are so much reluctant in sharing their notes with their mates? If we always help our friends everybody will love us and we will never be able to find a single enemy even in this cruel world.

9) Decorum in a Party or social gathering:-

Decorum in a Party or social gathering

Parties!! The ultimate place to improve bonds and make new friends. Do you think sitting idle in a corner dressed in a beautiful attire would fetch you compliments and attraction? No dear. World is getting smarter and wants you to be the same. Talk and chat with people you are acquainted with and especially try complimenting them. People loves to be praised and as beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, people also loves and respect those who praise others. In a couple of few minutes you would find plenty of people around you. Also try to befriends with people who a new to you because friendship has not limits and bonds.

8) Invite People and attend invitations:-

Invite People and attend invitation

Already Stressed up with work load? How it would be if you call a mini get together in your HOME SWEET HOME? In this way we can make our bonds with friends and relatives more stronger and effective. Do not tax yourself for inviting others and try and make it more comfortable, easy and within the potential. Just a drink and snacks can lead a friendship to a great extent. Also its a trend nowadays to avoid invitations on the basis several silly reasons. But attending an invitation and mixing with people proves you as a social animal who loves the association of people. If you behave amicably with people, you would certainly receive the same.

7)  Good movies and books:-

Good movies and books

“Wow,  such an amusing character Barfi possessed! He despite of being hearing impaired still holds so much friends owing to his super cheerful behavior.” Quite impressive right? This way good movies and books holds a strong influence in our lives. Good movies always comes up with a common idea that a person can achieve success only if he/she is good to others. Thus we should always stick to watching such movies to adopt good qualities within us. Beautiful novels always tries to emphasize on the benefits of being friendly.

6) Charity begins at home.

Charity begins at home

What will make you more happy? An A+ grade in Exam or an A+ grade in conduct?At this juncture an A+ grade in exam can be scored easily because students have become much more conscious about their studies. But at this point of time what is urgently required is a A+ score in behavior and conduct. The above mentioned proverb is self explanatory and thus parents are required to give the proper lesson of being friendly to their children. Making children trained to share their food and notes with other fellow mates would make a child grow good habits in future and he/she would never face the deficiency of friends.

5) Never Argue and fight with people.

Never Argue and fight with people

Are we not satisfied with World War 1, 2 etc? Is there any need to fight anymore among ourselves? People who has the ability to pacify things in a calm and soothing way, gets the maximum applause. And it is is always found that such persons never possess much hostilities with other.A fight over a frivolous reason in college ruins entire friendship, even an argument in office might a damage a person’s career.So its always profitable to behave amiably. Your friend might fire some pinching words at you but if you react in calm and polite manner with your friend, he/she would certainly remain your friend for ever. And not only that, he/she will move around praising about you.

4) Join some NGO or perform some social work:-

Join some NGO or do some social work

Old age homes and orphanages are growing in a rapid way all around.We definitely feel sorry for these unfortunate people but  It’s not possible for a single person to stop old age homes from growing in such a rapid way.But If we can sacrifice just a couple of hours from our hectic schedule and dedicate it in the sake of these people,it would not only bring smile on their face but their blessing could gain us a good position in the society.Is it necessary to have friends only in equal status? There is lots of joy in having friendly from the underprivileged class. Winning their friendship and trust would help you to have the entire world beside you.People would befriend with us easily and would help us to change the world for betterment.

3) Remember birthdays of friends and family:-

Remember birthdays of friends and family

Why is your dearest friend so much annoyed with you? Have you forgotten the birthday of your friend? If yes then you should not regarded as a true friend and you are ought to receive such attitude.To become a good friend means to be true and devoted in every respect. Remembering birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions is a most important duty of a true friend.So wishing is a must. And if we can give a small gift to them then it would certainly turn out to be cherry on the top.

2) Always meditate:-

Always meditate

Meditation is the unique way to keep mind and body fresh. Through meditation a person can avoid all his tensions and pressures. We know Face is the mirror of mind and thus when the mind is fresh then the face has to be cheerful and glowing. If a person always wears a smile then people could certainly interact with him/her in a more relaxed way without any hesitation. Meditation helps a person to cleanse all types of arrogance, jealousy, anger. And if a person doesn’t possess such things then obviously he would be easily approachable to all could gain the status of friendly and social.

1)Joint family helps to adopt good qualities:-

Joint family builds up good quality

In a joint family a child grows up in an environment where everyone plays a great role in his/her life. Hence everyone has equal priority. Through a joint family a child learns to socially interact with each other and also how to get involved with other’s activities. A child grows up with his cousins and learns to share things and behave in a friendly manner. But nowadays nuclear family has grabbed the seat of Joint family and hence a child since his/her birth learns to remain aloof from others and thus it hampers his social bonds. In a nuclear family, a child never gets to interact with children of their age and watching T.V has turned out to be the only activity during leisure time. Thus Joint families are really helpful when it comes to developing friendly nature withing an individual.


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