10 Ways to Communicate with the Other World

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The world of spirits and phantoms always sounds fascinating to us since our childhood. Knowing the correct methods of tapping into the other side can allow you to communicate freely and openly with the dead. It can be a thrilling and terrifying experience. The door is out there. Are you brave enough to open it? The choice is all yours. Here is a list of 10 ways that I have compiled on how to communicate with the other world.

10. Special Rituals

Some rituals can also help you to communicate with the other world. But you have to perform it with precision under some guidance. You have to be very patient and perform it with a clear state of mind without any selfish thoughts.

9. Meditation

Meditation is a method to remove yourself from the three-dimensional world and initiate communication with the high realms of Heaven of in the Spirit World. Essentially, before we are able to contact the Spirit World, the door to our subconscious needs to be open and for this to happen we have to gradually quiet the surface consciousness. When the door of the subconscious is open, depending on the state of mind, there is the possibility of contacting not heaven but hell instead.

8. Use Your Car to Communicate

In many places, especially the American South, legends revolve around the use of cars parked in specific locations in neutral, allowing spirits to “push” the car to let their presence be known. In some such legends, the driver is instructed to go to a particular location at midnight and put baby powder or flour on the bumper of the car, to show the handprints of the dead who pushed it.

7. Gazing Mirror

Try mirror gazing. Many famous kids’ games revolve around the legend of Bloody Mary, in which you shut yourself in the dark bathroom and invite Bloody Mary to appear in the mirror. Staring deep into a mirror and attempting to communicate with the spiritual world after cleansing the area and creating a safe, benevolent space for the spirits to gather can be an intense and mystical experience.

6. Automatic Writing

Automatic writing is distinguished from ordinary writing only in being unconscious or involuntary. Only certain tests, such as trance or anesthesia, will decide whether a person is writing automatically. Many people suppose that automatic writing is always the act of some foreign intelligence.

5. Surround yourself with personal items

If you are trying to contact a loved one, you should surround yourself with some of their photographs, as well as their personal items. Touching the objects will bring you closer to who you are trying to contact. Anything that evokes feelings or memories should be used. Light a candle and put it behind you. When dim light is used, it is best that it be placed behind your body. It is said that twilight hours is the best time to communicate with the dead because many people experience altered states.

4. Sixth Sense

You can communicate with the other world using the ability to hear outside the normal human frequency. The animals have extra sensory perception which makes them able to tune with the larger frequency band. Similarly, there are those who are born with some abilities to see ghosts or hear them which is basically known as sixth sense. Even we can learn some skills to develop those abilities.

3. EVP

The basic principle of EVP (electronic voice phenomena) is that you record yourself asking questions. You can ask a series of questions patiently. Listen it back for audio cues that the spirits were answering. You have to be very precise while choosing the recorder.

2. Scrying

Scrying refers to any basic method of using a substance or an object to communicate with the other world. Most often, this means crystals, candles, smoke, stones, bones, or glass. Like channeling, scrying is most often effective when done with an accomplished and experienced medium who maintains frequent contact with the spiritual realm.

1. Ouija Board

Ouija board is basically a flat surface with all the letters of the alphabets, the numbers 1-10, Yes/No, and “Goodbye” written on it. Grab an Ouija board and a planchette (which is basically a movable indicator point letters). Get some willing friends and designate only one of them to be the medium who will be asking questions. Find a quiet and comfortable place of your house. Light the room softly with candles and begin some appropriate prayer to invoke the spirits. You all need to place your fingers gently on planchette in central location. Focus your energy on the communication. Enjoy time communicating with the dead ones!!

These all ways are creepy to be read at first and involves high amount of risk. Besides, you don’t know what would be their response. Again there is quite a possibility that they may come at your wish, but they go only when they want. So you need to be fully ready for the consequences.


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