10 Ways to Deal With Eve-teasing

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Harassment, corruption, humiliation all these have now become a common part of modern society in this 21st century. We often hear about molestation or being raped and killed a young girl or a women by the men who go wild in the public. Every women faces molestation either by hearing lewd comments on them, sexually harassed, eve teased and what not. Recently, we heard about the Delhi gang rape incident where the young girl got raped brutally in a moving bus and nobody in spite of seeing her injured on the road tried to help her. This itself shows that humanity has lost its existence in today’s time. Eve teasing occurs everyday in every corner of the region and has now become a trend among cheap men. Women have always faced this because they are being always thought of lacking physical power. But it’s time to take some action and set up a standard of being a powerful women in the society and stop the inhuman acts. 10 ways in which you can deal with eve teasing or any kind of molestation are listed below:


We often see couples at every picnic spots trying to get too close and for which they always search for isolated places. This can be a little dangerous for these individuals as they are out of the other people sight and seeing which the whole group of men get chance to take advantage of such situations when nobody is around. Since the man alone gets physically weak in front of them, in such case the woman is sexually and brutally harassed. So, you should be searching for places with some people around to prevent these kind of incidents.



If you are travelling alone without any male escort then it is better you avoid travelling in a crowded bus which specially consists of male passengers. Try to take a taxi or cab to travel to the place you want. And if you are travelling through train or metro then only travel in the ladies compartment. Cheap men always try to take advantage of such situation when you are alone so better take safety measure to avoid any kind of awkward incidents.



Often girls go out alone for works or some other purpose. But molesters /teasers are always in this chance to take due advantage of the situation. So as far as possible either stay in groups or have some elder male with you. You feel safe in groups as being an individual girl you become an easy target of molesters. Have male friends in the group if possible whenever hanging out in public places as it will help to reduce any risky incidents.



In spite of being a girl, many at times you go loud in public. You should always keep in mind that wherever you are you should be well behaved. Do not try to grab any unknown boys attention through your attitude. Even if you are in group having fun do not be loud or involve in any fights with others as that may lead to girls being getting molested by the other group male members for revenge purpose. This shuts down your image along with your dignity. So just be decent and calm in public places.



Carrying small safety weapons with you not only makes you feel safe but will even help to avoid any kind of harassing situation. Whenever you feel that somebody is trying to touch you or unnecessarily trying to get close to you just take out the bottle and spray it in his eyes and showing the knife can make the people around you aware of the situation and can come for your help. Such kinds of techniques act as a part of self defense and which will not only make the teasers learn a lesson but will also give some strength to the other girls for future of how they can protect themselves and fight against the harassers.



Be it a boy or a girl, both often go out for late night parties. But as it is said night is always a sinister so you should avoid going out at night if you are being accompanied by a female companion. Girls, do not wear short attractive dresses and avoid drinking alcohol. If you are working then, avoid taking public transports or lifts from unknown people. If you are travelling alone then, avoid passing through isolated places and take routes with people and cops around. If possible try not to go out at nights as it gets difficult to get any help if something wrong happens.



We heard about incidents where girls walking on the road are either kidnapped or suddenly surrounded by group of men. So always be alert when you walk on the road, if you find any person following you for a long time or if somebody is trying to come near you then just stop and try to show as if you are calling the police or shout and call somebody for help. This will make him little frightened and he may not try to come near you and run. And if any boy or man is trying to pass cheap comments on you while walking just be bold and try to answer him back in any way you can so that he learns a good lesson for future.



We have heard about number of cases where a person who tries to take a step against molestation himself gets in danger. Either he is brutally hit or get killed. In such situations, it gets difficulty for a woman to help herself in between the hungry beasts. Thus, it should be necessary for every girl to have some training of self defense to protect herself. It even provides you the strength and courage to protect other women in danger. Engage yourself in some taikwondo, judo or karate training to bring out the gutsy talent and prove yourself. In this way you will also be able to save not only yours but other girls life as well which will even teach those non-humans the lesson of their life.



Whenever you feel that the people around you are suspect-able, then just don’t avoid them, try to take help or just call someone on the phone let them know about the exact location where you are for if anything happens. It is always important and safe to feed emergency speed dial numbers like the cops or any male member from your home  so that whenever something wrong and unexpected thing happens you can immediately call on the respective number and tell them about your whereabouts so they can come and save you from any unfortunate event. Even if you see same thing happening somewhere you can  call the cops immediately because with your one smart step you can save someone else’ life too.



We see many girls out there dressed up in short dresses and moving around in the crowd. Dresses which expose the body parts of the girls often gives men wrong signal if moving alone. Some try to look like their favourite celebrities but that should be avoided. The stars are surrounded by their high security and are safe in the public which normal fans do not have. If possible wear scarfs and strolls to cover the face and upper body and avoid tight fitting dresses. Although there are some cheap people who still tease decent looking girls but exposing leads to more teasing. Just be covered and look simple as it still keeps a lot of evil at bay.


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  1. Lynn Dela

    January 3, 2014 4:32 am

    What do you mean “dress decently”? Do you want to know what causes rape? Rapists. Don’t blame women’s attire and women’s actions as the reason for rape. What about women who were just children when they were raped or molested? Did their little girl clothes keep rapists at bay? Were they asking for it? What if one was just walking home from work or class and dressed “decently” and still gets raped? What if you take all your precautions and still get raped? See how stupid and ignorant your advice is. You refused to address or advise the actual causes of sexual violence, rapists.

  2. Charlotte

    January 14, 2014 8:09 pm

    Did I just read what I think I just did… Are you actually saying that it is women’s fault they get raped for what they wear??? This article should be taken down immediately.

  3. SamStar

    January 24, 2014 6:04 pm

    Avoid late night outings? Alright then include another point- Go get a high-five on your face, with a chair. Coz of both of the statements make no sense at all. And these people say they are modernized! (air quote)

  4. DS

    March 11, 2014 8:25 pm

    This article is a total piece of garbage. Some of the guidelines are not only sexist, but have that ‘blame the victim’ attitude. There is nothing wrong in partying late in the night. And what does it mean to really ‘dress decently’?

  5. Woman

    March 20, 2014 2:35 am

    Dress “decently”? avoid latenights? oh, and BE WELL-BEHAVED?! can you hear yourself?!
    Heres a news flash for you: The problem isnt the woman, the problem is the indecent man. I thought we had moved on from this whole “she was asking for it” mentality and you people wonder why these perverts get away with these!
    You, madam, are a disgrace to the woman-kind. and with this post you have undone all the good that people have fought for and are still fighting for.

  6. Fizza Rizvi

    April 7, 2014 11:51 am

    Okay… :) So all girls have almost killed you with their comments. But I like this post, it proves you being a simple girl, There is just one issue: The title should be “how to avoid eve-teasing” not “how to deal” with it as the suggestions you have given might avoid the situation but the problem will remain unsolved. To deal with this problem some serious legal and social changes are required.

  7. SplitKnot

    September 11, 2014 7:52 pm

    I think this article was written by an Indian woman, for Indian women. Not really sure, but I’ve never heard of “Eve-teasing” before. Although I must agree that it’s never the woman’s fault, some of these suggestions are extremely common sense. It makes me wonder why someone bothered writing it at all.

    Although I must stress that you should really be careful with a knife. Unless you know how to use it, it can be turned against you more often than not.

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