10 Ways to Fall Asleep Quickly

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There could be several reasons you’re just restless, tossing and turning in your bed tonight. It could be from something as ridiculous as an unsettling end to the season of your favorite TV show you were up watching a half and hour ago to emotional stress to just being anxious about what tomorrow holds.

Or you could just be an insomniac, in which case you would need to seek medical help. For those of you that have a hard time falling asleep almost every night like I do, this article is a tribute to you.

It is a tribute to the times you’ve flipped your pillow over a dozen times but to no avail. A tribute to those times you’ve tried the counting sheep method and realized all the cartoons that said that was a foolproof way to fall asleep were lying. A tribute to those times when you’d reach out and grab your phone and mentally calculate the number of hours before you would have to drag yourself out of bed.

A good night’s rest is essential to your mental and physical functioning and well-being and a lack of sleep can lead to adverse health effects in the long run. Here are some ACTUAL foolproof ways to ensure you fall asleep quickly to have a fruitful day ahead of you tomorrow morning:


10: Ensure you get enough exercise during the day 

And why not vouch for an active lifestyle meanwhile? A good workout during the day ensures your muscles have stretched well enough for you to fall into an eternal, comfortable, non-disruptive slumber at night.

Exercise tires you out by the end of the day. Also a great idea if you have kids that keep you up at night: ensure they’re getting enough physical strain. Exercise will guarantee a better stamina in the long run, as well as good sleep every night, scientific research has proved.


9: Don’t take long naps during the day

However tempted you are during holiday season to dive into your 2-hour siesta, prevent that from happening. There is a difference between a power nap of 20 minutes and a slumber that will give you REM sleep in the afternoon instead of night, when it ideally should be.

Even if you have to pry your eyes open, do that. There’s a good chance your body is now accustomed to naps being its main source of power sleep.


8: Drink a glass of warm milk

An old midwife’s tale, this myth has been argued back and forth constantly for having both pros and cons. Unless you’re lactose intolerant, a glass of warm milk usually always paves way for a comfortable sleep right after because you’re essentially on a full stomach.


7: Let your room be your sanctuary

Which means you keep it neat and tidy. Sometimes you subconsciously don’t realize what’s getting in the way of you and your beauty sleep; there could be conditions that your body doesn’t agree with in your room that disturbs your sleep.

It could be that the temperature isn’t an optimal one, or that your pillow isn’t poofy enough or that there are too many lights shining through from outside? When you’re a light sleeper that has a hard time falling asleep, paying attention to the small disturbances is important.


6: Put on soothing music

Maybe what you need to block out any unavoidable noise from outside is music. Create a playlist with your favorite soothing tracks and plug it in.

Music helps you naturally relax and doze off because of calming qualities and the effect it has on your brain in helping it ease up.


5: Wear a sleep mask

For people whose eyes are sensitive to light, a sleep mask forces your eyes shut and will prevent you from looking around the room unnecessarily.

Just subject your eyes to that sort of activity makes your brain more excited and prone to registering everything around it and forming a continuous thought process.


4: Change clothes

Don’t wear pyjamas that are too tight or any damp clothes. Wear socks to keep your feet as warm as the rest of the body to avoid any discrepancies in body temperature.

Women, it’s recommended for health and comfort reasons to remove your bra for better asleep.


3: Get a cuddly toy

A childish detail you think nobody needs to know about your sleeping habits, but if it works for you, there’s no questioning or compromising. Some people are just more used to human company and when they are devoid of that, they have a harder time falling asleep.

To prevent that from getting in your way, get one of those giant teddy bears you see at carnivals as a prize or simply prop a pillow up against your body for comfort.


2: Meditate

If there’s something on your mind you need to resolve, taking deep breaths in and out and establishing peace with your mind is the solution. Meditate on a calming word or a phrase.

It will lower your heart rate and relax your muscles, enabling you to sleep faster.


1: Avoid stimulants and consume carefully

If you sleep on a full tummy after you have overeaten, you might feel queasy and nauseous. Eat a light dinner before bedtime and avoid alcoholic beverages or beverages with caffeine in them that will give you a sugar rush and make you excitable.


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