10 Ways to Improve your English Language Skills

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English, being one of the most predominant and most prevalently spoken languages is the official language of 88 states in the world. For it carries such vehemence, English is primarily given significance. As for as the Indian society is concerned, the language has definitely progressed in leaps and bounds. Since the time British has left our country, English has already crept into the periphery of India. Be a reticent reader or a loquacious leader; the medium of expression plays a very significant role in communication. Thus, knowing and improving your language is as important as gaining an impulse over your field of expertise. For the limits of your language are the limits of your world!
For all the mothers in their cocoons, time to get rid of those butterflies in the social gatherings out there, here are the 10 ways of how you can improve your language:


source book
A ground-breaking way to learn English! A source book is necessarily a notebook (pocket sized or even a long note book) wherein you enter your daily experiences, new words, quotes, proverbs, idioms, etc. for your future reference. A source book can also be used as a measurement for your improvement! Inscribe everything and anything under the sun; you don’t have to a grammar Nazi, you will definitely pick up and improve with passage of time. Use it as your personal diary or a decorative artifact in your pocket; carry it everywhere and you will notice the difference soon! Even little things like writing on stick notes on refrigerators and wardrobes are some fun activities to do.

You are never too old to play. Be it a date at Barista or family time post dinner; play Scramble; the most interesting way to improve your language. Isn’t it cool to improve your language like that? Yes, it is. It not only refreshes and relieves you of stress but also helps you to spend quality time and improve at the same time! Games like Battle of Words, scramble, word building and other smart games on your smart phones are one touch away from you. The smart phones offer various kinds of learning games and other interesting free applications. Go, grab them! Play, enjoy, learn and improve. Make sure, you recap all the words you have learnt recently just to keep a check. Kitty parties are also one of the places where you can improve with your language apart from the other activities. For learning and improving are not special sports; so play it!


Stop being a moody Madonna out there. Catch up with friends, colleagues and family. Party, socialize and interact. Be it your daughter’s birthday party or Pammi auntie’s daughter reception; interact. Let yourself loose. Rigidity is no more a word in your dictionary. Speak up, speak out and speak over. No one is perfect, everyone learns from their mistakes. Socialize on networking sites. Be it face book, twitter, pinterest, quora, tumblr, etc. Interesting bloggers’ updates are seen every now and then. Thus, with easy access, gain knowledge today!


In this fast pacing world, internet has its own pros and cons. Thanks to you tube and other interesting sites on the internet which provide tips to English language. Dish services like Tata Sky too have come up with innovative and intriguing videos for the house-wives out there. A number of free online courses are also being offered which are easily accessible. With a smart phone in place, how can the access be left behind? A number of interesting applications can be downloaded right away! Download tips, videos, dictionary and a lot more from the play stores!


Watch…Watch and watch…Watch English films, television shows, soap operas, sitcoms, news, sports, videos and any other visual medium which aims to improve your English. A visual image gives a better perception and stays for a longer time. One of the easiest and entertaining ways to learn the language is to watch English films with English sub-titles. Also, watch a TV episode or a sitcom over and over again so as to learn the language without having to study it. With such a practice, a learner begins to enjoy comedy shows without even the subtitles. Noticing advertisements, bill boards, direct mailers, hoardings also help you overcome your problems.


Writing a word once is equivalent to listening to the same word hundred times. Such is the impact of writing. Writing enables one to retain the learnt for a longer time. Writing, if made a usual habit, is one of the best ways to help you improve. Unlike the volatile reading, writing marks an impression and yields longevity. Even jotting down a mere couple of words learnt a day makes a significant impact. According to recent surveys, writing the vocabulary is one of the best and easiest ways to improve your language. The usage of grammar (specially the prepositions), punctuation, vocabulary and the flow of speech are achieved easily when written. Write, write and write…Be it a hotel, film, food or music review; write in your diary. Maintaining a pocket diary and referring to a dictionary is always advisable for it causes no epidemics!


‘Practice makes a man perfect’ is very true to life and when it comes to a language like English, nothing can help well than practicing speaking. Speak with a mirror, person or even a wall; all that matters is to improve your skill by honing it. Just as you sharpen a knife against a rough surface, English is meant to be learnt by committing errors. Improving is not an over-night’s process, it takes a great deal of time and this can be achieved only by being patient and practice speaking. After all, speaking is all the effort you need to take.



Friends, Indians and Countrymen, lend me your ears! One of the major pre-requisites to learn and improve a language is the passion, perseverance and patience to listen to it. Listening to a speech is as important as giving one. One needs to be a thorough listener in order to be affluent with the language. Listening enables one to understand the tone and the pronunciation of a language and thus, one can take keen interest on listening to radio broadcasts, music, an orator or even to a basic conversation. For a good listener today is a better speaker tomorrow.


A learner without observation is like a bird without wings. Observation forms a vital part of the learning and improving English language. Be it pronunciation, vocabulary or the usage of specific words in various contexts are very imperative. Observing various conversations, contexts, news, interactions will clarify a number of doubts apart from imparting confidence. However, one must know the difference between observing and listening. Observing is the visual access to the subject; speech, body language etc. whereas listening is restricted to the auditory functioning. A good orator is always a good observer.


Be it a novel, short story, newspaper, magazine, entertainment guide or even a piece of paper; it’s all about reading. For a good communication, one has to cultivate the habit of reading. Reading, primitively serves as a base for the progress of one’s communication. Even an article a day is sure to add value to your expertise of language. Reading forms the crux of improving one’s language. For writers or orators are not born; they are made. Reading a novel in a dialogue can help you improve your language per say. As a matter of fact, reading the lyrics while listening to music can also help you improve to a large extent and enables you to read between the lines. If not scanning the pages, one must at least make an effort to skim through the pages of content. Finally, to say read this, read that read everything and read anything, all to improve your English!


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