10 Ways to Improve your Finances and Earn Extra Money

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Times are tough, bills are forever going up and getting a pay rise is harder than ever, but there are solutions to this age old problem. Today, perhaps more than at any time in history, people just like you and I are earning extra money through bright ideas and hard work. The connected world we live in today makes it so much easier to reach an audience for anything that it has opened the floodgates for everyone to take control of their futures.

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Everyone has a skill, knowledge or something that others need. Everyone. There are millions of people making extra cash part time, to pay for holidays, special presents or sometimes their tuition fees, here are some ideas for those that want to join them.


10. Selling off your old stuff


Whether it is unwanted presents, that top that you bought because it looked great in the shop but never wore, or just the things you have accrued over time that you will never use, most people’s homes are full of things they could sell off and never miss. EBay is the big player, but you have Craigslist and even newspaper ads and local notice boards. Selling off the stuff you don’t use any more not only gets money into your pocket, it tidies up your home too!

9. Selling Photos


With today’s smartphones sporting ever more sophisticated cameras, nearly everyone has the ability to take photos wherever they are now. This can be a source of revenue, and there are a couple of options. The first is the one people often think of, and that is catching a snap of an event or a celebrity in an odd situation or something similar and selling it to the media. These somewhat rely on chance however, and for a more reliable income there is the concept of microstock. These are intermediary sites that sell your images for you, on a limited rights basis (meaning they pay to use your image once for a specific project). This means that each image you put up can be sold an unlimited amount of times, the payments per image sold are small, $1 or so to start, but you can take photos of virtually anything and keep putting them up. It is a numbers game, the more images the more sales you can make.

8. Used Books


A great idea that takes little time is to sell used books through an online auction, or use something like the Amazon system. Sounds great you say, but I don’t own any books. Not a problem, you can source books incredibly cheaply from charity stores, usually in boxed lots. Then simply put them up individually wherever you plan selling them. You can usually find out how much a book is worth by searching for it and seeing what current prices are. It will never make you rich, but it is possible to make a few dollars per book, and several times more than that on occasion, for very little effort.

7. Drive


The taxi and limousine business has shifted considerably since the rise of Uber, and with many similar systems now in place around the world, if you already own a suitable car, you can earn money by being a driver for one of these businesses. Success here, no matter which company is involved, relies on delivering a good service, the better your reputation the more work you get, and the more money you can make. Adding little extra touches like candy for passengers to eat and so on can go a long way to making sure you get the best ratings, although of course, punctuality, safe driving and professionalism are the baseline to start with. A great way to earn some extra csh.

6. Blogging


Many people regularly blog today, whether it is just a record of what they are up to, a blog about their favorite hobby or activity or a subject that really means something. Blogging doesn’t have to take up too much time if you don’t want it to, and with the addition of google AdSense or other ads, can make you a little extra cash from your visitors. Longer term, successful blogs who gain lots of visitors can gain sponsorship and make extra that way, although this is rare and takes a lot of effort and a lot of site views.

5. Freelancing


You can sign up for sites like Elance or Freelancer quickly and easily, and then bid on projects and start earning money! With jobs from writing web content to editing a photo, and pretty much any other skill you can think of, there is a market for what you can do. The beauty of these places is that you can take on work as you want to fit around your other commitments. Again, this is not necessarily going to change your life short term, but it can supplement an existing job, and is a great way to test out what it’s like to be your own boss. And who knows, if it goes really well, you can build up your freelancing business until you can forget your day job after all.

4. YouTube


For the more adventurous, starting a YouTube channel can be fun, and with inbuilt monetization options provided by Google, if you can get enough people to watch your videos, it can make you some money as well. Now, very, very few people get to make enough to live on from a YouTube channel, but that shouldn’t deter anyone. As long as you go in eyes open, and understand that if you are making a few dollars a week out if it that you are doing quite well, it can be a great way to express yourself.

3. Be an instructor


If you have a special skill, such as being able to use a specific piece of software really well (a good example would be Photoshop), or are just knowledgeable about something (computers, painting, DIY) you can advertise locally and offer instruction or help. Short 30 minute visits to people to sort out their computer (some people struggle to install software for instance and will pay for it to be done) can make you a reasonable amount of money in your spare time. Newspaper ads or Craiglist posts can quickly generate work.

2. Writing


If you have a knack for language, you can often make a little money by offering to write content for local businesses, whether it be web reviews or marketing letters, many small businesses often struggle with writing good copy, and are always looking for reliable providers.

1. Financial Markets


There are many success stories in the private trading world, people making a fortune by playing the markets from their computer at home. Don’t be fooled though, the very successful ones are few and far between, and most that you hear about tend to be trying to sell you a course explaining how they did it, oddly enough. However, investing is good businesses and slowly accruing profits is possible, and with today’s online brokers, is very easy to do.

None of these ideas will make you rich, but all of them can help you if bills are piling up without interfering with your job or in most cases taking up too much of your spare time.


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