10 Ways to Irritate your Siblings

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Relationship from another sibling is one of the best relationships in the world. Siblings share each and every moment of their life with each other. They play, fight and also share secrets with each other but if any other person points a finger on one of the sibling, may god save that person from other sibling. They also annoy each other in various ways. They even call each other by names and don’t even feel bad about it.

10)Annoying them while they are sleeping

annyoing while sleep

Everyone loves to sleep. Whenever you want to irritate your sibling just annoy them while they are sleeping, it is one of the best ways to irritate them. You can annoy them while they are sleeping by playing loud music, watching TV with high volume. While your sibling is sleeping, you can just tickle them, talk loudly on the phone. You can also sketch your siblings face into a clown so that when he wakes up from sleep he gets scared. One of the best ways to annoy them while they are sleeping is don’t let them sleep. Talk to them about some weird topics or by playing loud music, teasing them. You can also pinch your sibling softly then just run away. You can even put a small thread into your siblings nose or ear and as a result they will be very much annoyed and will not be able to sleep comfortably. Whenever your sibling is trying to sleep, ask them ridiculous questions like ” Where do sun come from ?”, “Why frogs croak?” etc.

9) Keeping their secrets and Blackmailing them

blackmailing them

Being siblings, you both are very close to each other and know many of each others secrets. You just know about their things by listening to their phone calls secretly or by their best friends. If you want to tease your younger sibling you can shout their boyfriends/ girlfriends name when they are talking on the phone. You can also blackmail them that you would tell their secrets to your parents if they don’t do whatever you wish them to do. Blackmail them by hiding their favorite things, and ask them to complete your wish and then only you will give them their thing back. They will also get irritated , if you blackmail them that you will tell their best friends about the weird things they did during childhood. Siblings will get frustrated and you will enjoy watching them doing their work .

8) Mimic them

mimic them

Younger siblings are very much expert in imitating their elder siblings and elder siblings get very much irritated and the younger siblings keep on enjoying. You can repeat whatever they say in a different style and also make funny faces. Try irritating them one whole day like this and they will seriously wish to slap you or run away from the house. You can also blackmail them by this method that is you will stop doing their mimicry if they do whatever you wish them to. If both of you go out, then you can their also continue imitating them in front of others and make them feel embarrassed. They will really feel bad and ask you to shut up. At this moment, you can ask them to promise them anything you wish to. Your sibling may even do a favor on you like they may allow you to play games in their mobile or allowing you to ride their bikes.

7) Sing a song over and over again

singing a sing over and over

You can irritate your kin by singing one same song again and again. Whenever they are doing some important work like studying, any office work, talking to someone on the phone, watching TV, chatting with a friend and you can disturb them in many other ways too. They will get very much irritated if you sing a song that they dislike. Your kin will get disturbed when you are continously singing and they are doing their important work and they may get irritated and even ask you to shut up, but it will be more fun if you continue to sing that song over and over again roaming all over the house. They will even complain about you to the parents too but if you continue to sing that song then you two might end fighting.

6) Learn a foreign language that they don’t know

leaarning a foreign language

Learning any language that your sibling do not know and saying him words from that language can be a great fun. For example, if you are learning any language and you both have a fight, then you can tell them that they are mad in that particular language and if they ask what does that mean then don’t tell them the meaning and ask them to do your desired work then only you would tell them the meaning of that word you said during your fight. If you are a biology student, you can say your sibling many of the words which they haven’t even heard once. It will be difficult for them to google the words because of the spelling problems. By irritating them like this the whole day by saying different words in that foreign language you can have lots of fun. You can also compel them to do your work then only you would tell about the meaning of the words unknown to them.

5) Call your brother a girl or sister a boy

calling brother a girl or sister a boy

Your siblings may get very much irritated if you change their gender. If you call your brother a girl in front of his friends he may get irritated and feel sad. You can call him doll, baby girl and also many other girly nicknames to tease him. As a prank, you can also say to him that he is not your real brother, you found him in front of your house one morning so your family kept him. This prank can only work if you are elder one in the house. If your brother has large locks then you can tease him by calling girly. Your sister will also get teased if you call her a boy. She will really get irritated by this.

4) Play any annoying instrument

playing annoying instrument

Any person may get irritated by any type of unwanted noise If you play any annoying instrument, your kin will get very much irritated by the noise and they may even ask you to stop playing that instrument. If you are loudly playing any drum, any flute or beating the table with any pen or pencil, it creates very annoying sound and may disturb your sibling from doing their work. They may even ask you to stop doing that and let them do their work. But as a sibling, you just love to irritate them so you would not stop playing that annoying instrument.

3) Ignore them ruthlessly

ignoring them

Ignorance also causes irritation. If you ignore your sibling the whole day, they may get irritated very much. Whenever they ask something where you have kept their keys? or anything they ask, they will get irritated and ask you what happened. Whenever they ask you something, just make obnoxious faces and just ignore your kin. They will get very much irritated. Your sibling may feel that they have done something wrong, that’s why you are not responding to them properly. They may also apologies. By ignoring them you can also be saved from doing any work given by your sibling. You can also enjoy with yourself and later on make fun of your sibling. Your sibling may get frustrated and may feel sorry too.

2) Cheat at games and deny cheating

cheating while playing

Being siblings, you both share each and ever moment with each other. You share same room too. Siblings also play games together and both of them wish to win the game to tease the other one. To win, you may also cheat too and when your sibling finds out that you have cheated on them,  you can simply deny the fact that you have cheated. This will irritate you very much and they may even quit the game. You can cheat while playing many games like ludo, cards, snakes and ladders and many other games. They may also warn you to not to cheat when you play again for the next time like you did it last time.

1) Playing with imaginary object

talking to imaginary object

When your siblings ask you something and you don’t reply and start playing with any imaginary object. For example, if they ask something to you and you don’t reply and rather start playing with the pencil and talking to it about your things. Your sibling may really get irritated after this and may even scold you for this. But if you keep on playing with that object and share your thoughts only with that object and don’t pay attention to whatever your kin is saying then it will really frustrate them .


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