10 Ways to Overcome Bad Irritating Mood

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It is not a sin to be irritated thought it is not even less than that. Throughout the day we encounter objects that prove to be major irritants or informally ‘bummers’. The whole day then just goes down the drain and you realize that you can’t even carry on with your work without thinking about it. It becomes worst if you had already been pre-occupied with a problem of your own. And no counting to 10 doesn’t help it just feels foolish for the moment. Instead of going after everybody that happens to be unlucky enough to cross your way or verbally raping a co-worker just because something didn’t happen according to you, doesn’t help the situation it just further aggravates it. So what do you do then? Well you have come to the right place for listed below are some ways you can overcome that bad irritating mood and do yourself and those surrounding you a lot of ‘good’. So instead of justifying your action because you had a crabby mood make an attempt to try any of these methods.

10) Music


Nothing beats the blue like a song does. Start from aggressive tones which subside into something calm. Your mood will decrease with the rhythm. Loop some hardcore rock songs and end with ambient dubstep or Chillout downtempo. There is nothing quite like sitting back and listen to a song that you really like and let it flow through you, calming your nerves. Music is therapeutic and the probably one of the best way to out yourself back in control of your emotions that have just gone haywire. Many anger management counselors try music therapy in numerous cases and trust the experts on this. One song is all it takes.

9) Bubbles


There is theory about bubbles; yes those very soap bubbles, that manage to grab your attention irrespective of the prevalent time and situation, you can never mouth the word ‘bubble’ in an angered voice. Be my guest and try it, if ever you were to lose your calm. And why just bubbles do all those activities which ease you down within a few minutes into it. Hug your dog, take it out for a walk, play ‘fetch with it or scratch your cat’s ears and hear them purr, feed your pet cockatoo and listen to it reciting your name merrily. If it was a human that flared you up and sent you in such a mood then join the other side for a while, the furry side to be precise. Amongst you pet pals you shall find peace for thyself.

8) Movie


We all have a list of movie that we can watch a thousand time over. Contrary to your mood choose something that runs against what you are feeling at the moment. Horror, thriller and comedy are the three best genre that can prove to be an instant mood changer or uplifter if comedy genre is to be considered ( however some find it hard to laugh when something has really blown their top). Watch a good movie you have been planning to watch for a long time or better still watch it with someone who makes you feel better. After all it’s just a mood and it will dissipate just as fast as it appeared within you.

7) Kids


There is a thing about kids. They always without fail take you by surprise. They will end up teaching you things you’d just chose to ignore because you were too busy.  Moreover they will reinstate your belief that true happiness lies in a cackling laughter of a child. Take your little cousins and siblings out, play with them. Talk to them and share their stories, treat the whole neighborhood ‘kids’ gang to ice-cream and by the time you come back from a productive evening out, not only would you have gained a little friend but also would have had your mood cheered up.

6) Hobbies


Hobbies are something that you do, when you feel your best or your worst. In both cases it will render you rage-less. The more you indulge in something you like; be it playing an instrument or anything for that matter that you immensely love, the better mood you find yourself in. Not only a hobby caters to your emotional needs it also stimulates your creative self and who knows you could actually end up turning a minute of rage into something very extraordinary. So as soon as you realize that you have encountered an irritant don’t think twice before grabbing the first thing you love to do.

5) Food


Now when we say food, it doesn’t mean you need to call or coax someone in to cook and pamper you just because you are irritated. I mean why someone else should suffer for your misery.  What we mean by food is the overall process that goes into it. As you prepare something, you take cautions and precise measurements the added perks are the smell of satisfaction and aroma that soothes down your deviled zone. While you focus on the process, your mood is overwhelmed by what you are working at. Baking can be really good for getting a hold of your emotions flying all over the place. Not only will you have a calm cooking experience but your cookie stock will be replenished too.

4) Exercise


There might be some exercises or sports you love. I take all my frustrations to a basketball court and shoot them for a three-pointer. You could try swimming (water is a known element to counter pessimism and negativity) even the ancient art of mediation and yoga, a game of fast-paced sports like squash, tennis or soccer and even mind sports like chess and puzzles. While drifting into a fit of rage and frustration does nothing to your health but bad. You could invest your pumped up emotions into a sport, it will help you burn calories, fat and all the negativity.

3) Creativity


Unleash the creator in you. Have you ever seen an artist painting in a fit of rage and sometime ending up with a masterpiece? Or an actor centralizing all their rage into their character and bowling the audience out with their performance. When the destructive force of negativity gets hold of you try your level best to counter them with the creative forces you have. Pick up a pen, put your qualms and your anger to paper. Exemplary works often appears in the oddest of moments.

2) Talk and Shout


Do you have a friend who always listens to you and have this innate ability to calm you down no matter what. Call him/her already. Cry, stay quiet or slowly reveal what’s bothering you. Sometimes it’s better to share that impulsive energy with someone who can sort it out for you in case you are not in a condition to do it yourself. But share it with someone you are completely sure of because sometime talking to someone while you are uncertain of your temperament can ruin things for both of you.

Or if you are the kinds who do not indulge in revealing their weaknesses to anyone then you can try finding yourself the highest and the loneliest spot in the vicinity, go to the very top and shout your lungs out. No kidding! it really helps indeed.

1) Games


I mean the hardcore first person shooters; if you can’t really control those emotions then it is certainly better to vent it out. Pull the curtains, put on a maniacally progressive tune on the loop, switch on your console and play FPS games. Nothing trust me when nothing else helps, these games will come to your absolute rescue. You can unlock new achievements, set a record of your kills, pass new levels and look you are not frustrated anymore because you just vent it all out on a poor gamer out there who encountered you on his/her worst day on LAN.


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