10 Ways to Predict the Unpredictable

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Everybody is curious to know about their future. Life is just plain easier when you can see what’s ahead of you. As stated in the Forbes: Some leaders clearly have poor vision – their most polished skill seems to be running into brick walls. Other leaders simply possess adequate vision – they avoid the obvious speed bumps, but fail to stand out from the crowd. Then there are those leaders who possess legendary vision – the rare few who can see around corners. What you may not realize is that everyone can learn to see around corners, and it’s not as hard as you think.


1. Apply various permutations and combinations.

It means deciding in advance, what are the various possibilities that can happen in future as a result of your work and listing them in a paper.  This gives more accurate insight into the future. For example; your friend is drunken and he is stubborn as he says to you that he can go home himself. NOW Possible Combination and Permutation of consequences can be: 1. He will never reach home.2. He will be busted by police for driving drunken.3. He is too drunk to drive, he has left his mobile in your hand and his family is not home, so sure analyzing the all scenario and conditions it’s a most likely possibility that he will meet with an accident…based on above options if you have to state your Perfect Logical Possible Combination then surely it would be 3rd one because it is the best suited one in this case (considering this case in an isolated system where you knows all the conditions of this scenario), every positive possibility is against of your friend so you predicted that it will surely happen to him

2. Start from the end.

The best logical way is to start from the end. Select and decide where and how you want your ultimate result to be i.e. creating a goal clone. And start noting down the points you can reach that in the backward manner. So this way, when you finally have finished this process, you can know what your first step should be! This way when you start doing something, you already know the outcome.


3. Do the math.

Well through various regressions, statistics and analysis one can predict the unpredictable. For example; suppose you flip a coin. Will it come up heads or tails? Well, you might have learned that the probability of either outcome is exactly 1/2. Sure in a theoretical world it is, but in a real world we can think about the parameters which might affect the outcome: how high the coin is from the ground, how much force you apply to the coin, where on the coin you apply this force, and so on. Even the humidity could be a factor, which influences the outcome! A model would be kind of like an equation so that if you plug all these parameters in, it will tell you whether the coin will land heads or tails.


4. Draw pie charts.

Who doesn’t like the pie charts? It’s the best way to conclude your thoughts to reach your goals. It also gives an answer to your questions you already know, but was unable to figure it out because of all the confusion. Point to be noted: it removes confusion! Thus making it clear what would the future be!


5. Follow the pattern.

There is always a pattern to reach the specific direction. The ways to the unpredictable goal is like a maze. The path becomes easier when you see it from the above. Same way, if you can know the exact pattern in a maze of your goal, you can easily reach towards it. Systematic attempts to observe the long-term future will definitely help one to predict things.


6. Scanning Method.

Scanning the environment is an approach for detecting hidden clues about the future in available information sources. It can be described as the activity of rapidly surveying news media, digesting the literature of science, the literature of popular culture, the literature of just about everything. The connections between various discoveries that one may scan from one’s surroundings may not be particularly obvious. However, to a person versed in scanning, “everything fits”.


7. Ask the experienced one.

As the saying goes; “To know the road ahead, ask the one who is coming back.” It’s much easier when you ask a person, who has already done it what you are going to start, how he did it and what all other things he experienced during the journey. This is also scientifically called as Delphi method. It involves a panel of experts that judge the timing, probability, importance and implications of factors, trends, and events regarding the problem in question. The basic idea of the Delphi method is as follows:

Create a list of statements/questions, have the experts give their ratings/answers/etc, make a report – send it out to everyone, have the experts revise their answers and make the second report.


8. Hard work.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” It’s true! One of the oldest lesson that every parent teaches their child and the only lesson everyone hates, is to work hard to create your own future. Your destiny is in your hands. If you do your work properly and execute it perfectly then you already know what future your work will have (of course excluding the external forces). When you do something, it contains 99% of your hard work and only 1% luck. So you already 99% know your future!


9. Research.

Research is a method based on identifying and observing historical data. Research needs finding out all the statistics pertaining to the subject, doing time analysis and collecting data. It is equivalent to analyzing trends. The point of trend analysis is to identify the trend early, while it is still likely to continue in the future. Of course, the further in time the trends, the greater the uncertainty of the event happening and there is no guarantee that the variable will continue to change the way it did in the past. Trend analysis can also be used to identify qualitative trends, where the quantitative data cannot be obtained (example: globalization). Characterizing such trends requires creative and systemic thinking and is one of the most challenging aspects of futures research.


10. Be a psychic!

Well it’s typical. If you really want to know the future, you have to be a psychic and see it through the mysterious ways of the world. Of course it’s not the best advice to predict anything but some people are born with a strong sixth sense that actually is useful in predicting the future. Extra sensory Perception, casually referred to as sixth sense, involves reception of information not gained through the recognized physical senses but sensed with the mind. This type of sensing and viewing was popularized in the 1990’s. Some people are capable of seeing the future and this has been scientifically proven too.


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