10 Ways to Unwelcome ‘Love’ Advances

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Being in love is such an amazing feeling. It gives you the confidence like no other. To be loved by someone is one of the greatest gifts that mankind can ever get. However, quite more than often the feeling is not mutual. You see someone; you like him/her and muster courage from all corners to express your feelings. Image what happens if you, just in case, get rejected? Adjectives fail me to describe the consequences.  But most of the times, we come across the grievances of the people who get rejected. No one really bothers to think about the ones rejecting proposals. It takes as much courage to reject a proposal as proposing someone.  You do not want to end up hurting someone who is bold enough to express his/her feelings. So here are some interesting ways in which you can refuse someone without hurting their feelings.

10.The Friend Zone

The Friend Zoned

This is the classic technique to blow off someone without hurting their feelings. “I have always seen you as a very good friend. I am really sorry if I gave you a wrong idea. ” One of the safest possible ways and it always works. It is a popular belief that once a guy is friend zoned; there are more chances of sun rising in the west than him getting into a relation with the girl the friend zoned him.

9.Oh Brother, Don’t Bother

oh brother dont bother

Quite clichéd and most often seen in films, but this has proved to be successful. When a guy approaches you in the name of love, just go with, “I have always treated you like a brother. What on the earth is wrong with you? ” That’s enough for him to go and bury himself in utter embarrassment. Also, next time when talks to you or even sees you, there will be a tone of respect in his voice.

8.Sorry, Better Luck Next Time

Sorry better luck next time

This is again one of the most common excuses. “Oh. I am so sorry. But I am already seeing someone. I thought you knew.” This may not always be the best choice. The one proposing you will always check his/her facts before they even consider you. So you have to be really careful to pull this one out. Also, there is a certain amount of risk involved while using this excuse. If the one proposing you realizes that you lied to them before, there are high chances of them confronting to you.


7.Hi-Tech Rejection

Hi Tech rejection

Rejecting someone on Facebook or on a text message. DO NOT go for it unless it is the one and the only option you have. Also, avoid going for this if you are rejecting a girl. Girls can be quite sensitive about issues relating to love and relationships. However, if you are rejecting a stranger or someone you barely know, this is one of the best options. This avoids the awkwardness of facing the person. Also, you can be quite comfortable doing the whole thing from your drawing room or your bedroom.

6.The Family Guy

Family Guy

This is kind of lame and does not really work for girls. But for guys out there, this is worth a shot. If a girl is constantly nagging you to be her boyfriend and would get off you no matter how many times you rejected her in the past, just tell her that your family has a strict dating policy and that your mom thinks that you are too young to date. Although a little stereotypical, majority of the girls go for guys who are mature and are able to make their own decisions.  So the moment you say “My Mom” or “My Dad”, her love and devotion for you is gone.

5.The “EX” Factor

The EX factor

Again one of the most common ways of rejecting someone. This technique is highly popular among the romantic comedy films where the female lead is still in love with her ex when the hero comes, woos her and makes her realize that her ex is a total jerk. However, this is not one of the effective ways to get that pesky hopeless romantic out of your way. This may even boost up his/her confidence in treating you the right way and making you happy unlike your ex (if at all S/he exists). So this is not a very good excuse unless you are 100 percent confident about pulling it off.

4.The “Overly Attached” one

the Scared one

This is one of the coolest ways to reject a proposal and this is bound to work on girls. If a guy proposes to you, just hold your breath for a couple of seconds and give out a shrill cry of happiness. Get hyper excited and hug him. Tell him that you have been waiting for this moment from the last 25 years and the day has arrived. You have sacrificed 7 pigs in his name for this moment to arrive. Also, that you have already named the kids that you will be having with him in the future. Although not a very practical one, this will totally freak him out and he will think thrice, not twice before even approaching another girl.

3.Angel in Disguise

Angel in disguise

Having a guy friend has its own benefits. When that pesky annoying hopeless romantic is after your life to go out with him, a “guy friend” comes to your rescue. These are the friends with benefits. Always try having a good guy friend and in situations like these, he will surely save you from the infuriation. Just tell the one who is annoying you that this guy friend is your date. Although you will have to depend on your friend, this is one of the most effective and least harmless ways to reject a proposal.


2.The Linguistically Challenged

Linguistically Challanged

Yet another interesting way to reject a guy.  Imagine you are walking on a street or in a super market being all you. Someone out there found you charming and decided to ask you out. So they attempt casual conversation. They ask you for your name. The best thing you could do is just to tell him that you are from an entirely different state and that you don’t understand English. This is a clear sign that you are not really interested in getting into a relation. And if you don’t want the fun to end, you may start uttering random words in broken English just to make your point provided that you never see the guy in your life again. Else you are in a soup. This is proven to be one of the most effective ways of turning down a love proposal. Also considered to be one of the harmless ways.

1.The “Just Came Out Of the Closet” one

The just moved out of the closet one

One the most effective and harmless ways to turn down a love proposal ever discovered. Just tell her you are gay. Also, do whatever it takes to make you believable. When she comes and expresses her feelings to you, just go with “oh, this is embarrassing. Didn’t you hear? I just realized few days ago that I am gay. Your timing couldn’t have been worse. Anyway, now that we are on the topic, I have always had a thing for your brother. Is he seeing someone right now?” This is enough to scar her for life. Can have a pretty harsh impact on the person at the receiving end too. But nothing more like it especially with the kind of acknowledgement and the encouragement the LGBT communities are getting now. All you have to do is make sure that you sound totally convincing when to play the act. A girl doesn’t really approach a boy unless she observes him carefully from at a distance for a while. Hence always keep on watch and if you feel that she has these feelings, try changing your behavior to make it as believable as possible.


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