10 Wild Animals we wish could be Domesticate

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The process of domestication took mankind about 7000 years. Long time, huh? Well yes, undoubtedly we express our gratitude to our ancestors for doing so for now we have dogs, horses and other such adorable and faithful pets at our place. Many of us would have at least given it once a thought of petting a white tiger or may be a dolphin or a deer. However it will take time. It can take several generations depending on the type of animal. While non-predators like deer and rabbits can be tamed very quickly but animals like tigers and lions would take generations. Even if we keep them since their birth away from the wild, they ought to be taken over by their animal instinct sooner or later. Moreover there is the problem with their huge structure, claws, strength and their issue with dominance and territory. The wild animals often live in packs and packs need a leader. This dominant attitude in the wild ones often puts us in danger. In spite of the risk of getting injured or as a matter of fact, even killed which all are the animals we wish to domesticate. Here is a list of the most sought after wild ones one would love to keep as pet either they are too cute or they are too deceptive for their looks.

10. Stingray


When Steve Irwin the crocodile hunter died a few years back due to a stingray wound on his chest, we grew skeptical of this creature. But stingrays have a reputation to be so cute and docile. There is always a pool of people surrounding the aquarium of stingray. Even after the deadly incident with the world famous Irwin, stingrays continue to keep their popularity intact. Does your child often end up pointing at that sea creature which is not too much of the wild sea animal and looks like a gentle one? But this doesn’t falsify the wild nature of the stingray. So hard luck with this one, alas! We cannot keep it in our usual aquarium.

9. Squirrel


Technically squirrels belong to a large family of small or medium sized rodents. There can be tree squirrels, chipmunks, flying squirrels and a few more. Howsoever bad you may want to pet one, you don’t want them jumping around the entire house for no good. They often get bored and start to feel depressed. This leads to their destructive behavioral attitude which can mess up your place. But they are so cute and cuddling! Who wouldn’t want to have one of them as a pet, running around the place, grabbing a bite from your sandwich or giving you those watery looks with their nibbling and fiddling?  Beware if you don’t want you to catch a disease as chipmunks are considered to be carrying rabies virus with them. Too much with those adorable eyes!

8. Dingo


A dog roaming freely let’s just go and pet those. They won’t be a fuss, after all what are they dogs? Yes, but free-roaming dog. Dingoes are often confused with our regular take-me home pups and lead to major injuries. They are cute, look-alike of our faithful friend but thought to be more like the wolves. It is a pity we can’t take them and keep them to guard our homes. They would make wonderful watchers with their sharp senses and violent ready-to-attack attitude. But we can’t bring a dingo to stop attacking one’s master. It is no pet to anyone, rather wild, ferocious and of attacking instinct.

7. Zebra


There have been some failed attempts to domesticate this striped animal. Zebra looks an animal wonder in itself, a perfect match of colors with dazzling stripes. This makes them more resistant to insect bites. Imagine keeping a zebra for a pet and not have to worry about taking it to a veterinarian every now and then. The stripes make them to keep the insect from biting. You don’t have to worry about the ticks and can even take your child on a zebra ride. History quotes of many attempts in riding on a zebra due to their increased tolerance. It was even thought that would make the perfect animals to ride. But ultimately it boils down to the fact that zebras are wild and unpredictable. They have a tendency to panic under pressure and threatening conditions. Although there have been some successful attempts in taming the cross-zebras commonly known as zebroids. They make for a willing and ridable zebra. In one remarkable historian incident, a lord used zebras to draw a carriage, a delight for the eye-witnesses. Thinking of getting one?

 6. Elephant

african elephants

The majestic wild animal known for its immense intellect and understanding has been proven its significance to mankind since ancient times. They were used in the warfare in India, China and Persia over the centuries. Their ability to charge at great speeds and love for their trainers made them the perfect wild animal for domestication. It is supposed that India was the first country to have begun with their training. Its unbelievable capacity for knowledge, a deep insight into learning and observing make them smart and adorable. Then size would be a little concern, baby elephants would make for an incredible pet. However it is apparent that elephants could be roped in for training, they are never truly tame. They are aggressive and difficult to control. Their frustration and pain have resulted in the trampling cases of few trainers.

5. Penguin


If only these birds could adapt to our surroundings, it would have been a marvel to keep them. With their small feet and hands they can allure almost any human. The black back and the white frontal are a pleasure. Penguins are famous around the world for their unusually upright and waddling gait and lack of fear of humans. Penguins have been characterized into many movies, cartoons and books. The most notable from the childhood remains to be ‘pingu’. Penguins are free birds and live in colonies. It would be too cruel to separate them from their group and ambiance. Moreover it would be too difficult for them to adapt to our lifestyles, like other domestic animals. It is true they are cute and rapturous, but isn’t it selfishness to pet them. If only they had come sans so many terms and conditions.

4. Koala


Who wouldn’t fall in love with a koala bear? The fascinating furry bundle has been attracting tourists for many years. Some people even consider it if koalas would make for an easy pet. In fact, if obtained at an young age, koalas would be very affectionate as pets. An Australian couple raised a pet since it was three months old. Eventually as it got older, it became very attached to humans. But can koalas really be tamed? Yes it is possible to domesticate them but it is illegal to do so. Some people have been working towards changing the law but this is probably very unlikely to happen. Koalas are now protected animals due to their hunting. Of course they are very cute and cuddly looking creatures but researchers agree that this is one animal which should be left alone if we don’t want them to become extinct.

3. Slow Loris


Look at those bulbous eyes, those hands have five small fingers. So adorable, isn’t it? Slow loris is the definition of animal-cute. Just like a small baby but dangerous. As a means of defense, they produce a toxin and deliver it by biting. Mother lorises often lick their babies with this toxin mixed with saliva to protect them from predators. For those who want a cute pet, have loris in their minds must stop thinking about it. They have been protected by law since 1973. They are an endangered species and have a high mortality rate when in captivity. Howsoever bad we may desire an adorable pet like loris, the stringent laws wouldn’t allow for it. Go and get the poachers!

2. Giant Panda


$120 just to hug a panda! In China, tourists pay to hug that cute animal. We would too watching that panda walking, acting as a cushion for your embrace and many such fantasies. But pandas are bears and bears can kill humans. We find these chunky, lumbering animals to be cute but they can be dangerous just like any other bear. They can mess with you in a number of ways and you will still find them adorable while doing it. Go on the internet and check out for videos showing pandas’ territorial behavior and how they can still manage to attract awes from the crowd.

1. Chimpanzee


Are you kidding me? Chimpanzees are practically people or maybe better than us. Then they pucker their lips, making funny noises and send us into jitters. They wrap their arms around and seem to be like hugging themselves. Its that grin they flash for the cameras, looking like devilish little scamps waiting to be cuddled with. Who wouldn’t want a pet like that? When you see that grin, its time to run because the chimp is aiming right at you for invading his space. If you don’t get this straight, be prepared to be smashed and slashed. All the while it will shrieking out a vicious noise calling out its partners to beat the hell out of you. Seriously they don’t care if you survive or not.  A moment for some realization- maybe its not the best time to domesticate those wild ones after all in spite of their delight and dainty.


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