10 Women Centric Movies

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Women being the most intriguing and an important entity in the film industry, there are many films made keeping only the lead actress as the main part of the film and the entire story revolving around the lead actress. Well no doubt, as interesting it might look, it is also a strenuous job for the actor as the the success of the movie also depends on the actress performance along with other things. Women being the symbol of beauty, multitasking, generosity, a symbol of love and affection have been portrayed in various ways in the cinema’s. There are so many such movies which are women centric, some of which are a true story and some of which being fictional. Although, movies are made purely for entertainment, they can also be a strong media to pass a message to the public. Below are a list of such movies which have women leading the show and who have shown a great talent as well along with the support of entire movie makers.

10. Philomena

Year of Release : 2013

Lead actress: Judi Dench

Philomena is a movie based on the book ‘The Lost Child of Philomena Lee and it is a true story. The journalist author Martin Sixsmith helped Philomena Lee to look for her long lost son who was given for adoption in his toddler days without the knowledge of Philomena. This movie is one strong example that a mother’s love stays with us forever and is never impure.

9. Kahaani

Year of Release: 2012

Lead Actress: Vidya Balan

Kahaani is an Indian thriller film. The movie although was shot with a less budget it brought home a big profit as well as fame world wide. The storyline of the movie is about a pregnant woman searching for her husband living in the city streets of Kolkata. The movie claimed a lot of appreciation and praises all over the world and bagged many awards as well including of course the best actress award.

8. The Call

Year of Release: 2013

Lead actress: Halle Berry

The call is a crime thriller movie based a call made to the 9-1-1. Halle Berry as Jordan is the 9-1-1 call operator and receives a call from a girl who is being kidnapped by a serial killer. The entire movie is about trying to find the girl and Jordan’s investigating through the call. Halle Berry was nominated for the best actress award at BET Awards and Teen Choice Awards.

7. No one killed Jessica

Year of Release: 2011

Lead Actress: Vidya Balan, Rani Mukerji

The movie is based on a true story of model Jessica Lal’s unnatural death. In the movie Vidya as Sabrina Lal, is the sister of late Jessica and who tries to fight for the justice of her sister death. Rani Mukerji as Meera Gaity Helps her to fight being the journalist. Rani and Vidya together made a great performance and its worth watching the movie.

6. English Vinglish

Year of Release: 2012

Lead Actress: Sridevi

A simple plot with a fantastic performance by the veteran actress Sridevi, the movie story is based on an Indian homemaker joining an English speaking course while she stays abroad, only to end her husband and daughter taunting her lack of English skills. After it’s release the movie got good fame and well recognized globally. The film was shortlisted for the entry of Academy awards in Best Foreign Language Film and Sridevi got a reputation of being called as the ‘Meryl Streep of India’.

5. Black Swan

Year of Release: 2010

Lead Actress: Natalie Portman

How would you describe this movie? A horror but a psychological movie which won many awards to it’s credit. The story is about a ballet production company requiring a Ballerina for the Swan Lake ballet and Nina (portman) suiting the role perfectly, however she fails to bring up the required passion to be the black swan. The production director finds another ballerina Lily(Mila Kunis) suitable for the black swan. Nevertheless, he prefers Nina for the role. Nina in the attempt of getting the role for herself, looses up into a psychological drift and dies in the end after a great and perfect performance of both white and black swan. Natalie Portman bagged the best actress award in many award festivals, as well as in the Academy Awards.

4. Gravity

Year of Release: 2013

Lead Actress: Sandra Bullock

A 3D science fiction movie which plays with a plot of two astronauts in a mid orbit destruction of a space shuttle and their attempt to return to Earth. The entire movie is based on how Dr. Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) survives in the space. All though the first half we see George Clooney as Matt Kowalski, soon he will be lost in space and might have died as well. The movie won seven Academy awards.

3. Girl Interrupted

Year of Release: 1999

Lead Actress: Winona Ryder, Angelina Jolie

Girl Interrupted is an autobiography of personal experiences of Susanna Kaysen who got admitted to an asylum after taking an overdose of aspirin. The film afterwards is based on her friendship with Lisa (Angelina Jolie) and other inmates. Lisa in spite of being a sociopath, is the most smart, manipulative inmate and she makes Susanna to skip her therapy and other medicines and escape from the institution. After seeing the death of their friend with whom Lisa and Susanna stay for an overnight Susanna returns back and continues with her therapy. The movie brought a lot of fame for Angelina Jolie as a supporting actress and won her different awards.

2. Frances Ha

Year of Release: 2013

Lead Actress: Greta Gerwig

Frances Ha is a story of a young dancer Frances Halladay, who stays with her friend Sophie. When Sophie decides to move out and live with her boyfriend, Frances is left alone. The movie from then on is about Frances moving into different places and trying to make a life and along the meeting her family and her old high school friends. In the end, she makes amends with Sophie and starts working as a choreographer.

1. Mother India

Year of Release: 1957

Lead Actress: Nargis

A film which touched thousands of hearts and is an example for all women to rise above cruel men and to fight for her rights. Radha (Nargis) brings up her sons without her husband and faces a lot of trouble and yet sets an example of a brave woman. Obviously Nargis won the best actress award in the filmfare and national awards in India and this was the first movie from India at the Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film and was also made up to the shortlist.



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