10 Women with the Most Beautiful Eyes

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Historically, in India and elsewhere, beautiful eyes are considered to be central to the beauty of a person.  It is said that ‘eyes are the windows to the soul’, that is, one can see through a person’s heart just by looking into his/her eyes. A pair of glistening, teary eyes can send out the most intimate message that even words cannot convey.

Different people consider different types of eyes beautiful. Someone may like a person with Asian eyes but at the same time, another person may find a person with big, round eyes to be beautiful. There is a lot of subjectivity attached to this, which obviously cannot be overcome.

Although, men too are gifted with beautiful eyes, conventionally it is women that we consider when we talk about beauty and aesthetics. I can easily recall men who have lovely expressive eyes, Jude Law and Richard Gere, for instance. However, without deviating from this convention, we present to you the top ten women with the most beautiful eyes.

10 Anne Hathaway

anne hathaway

One of the most gorgeous personalities in Hollywood, Anne Hathaway’s beauty never undermines her outstanding performances.  Her dazzling, brown eyes can give any woman a run for her money. Although, Anne Hathaway has never received exclusive mention for the beautiful eyes she possesses; it would have been amiss on our part not to include her in this list. Her eyes add to her performances; watch her movies, and see how she delivers beautifully through them.

9 Aishwarya Rai Bachchan


It would not be wrong to call Aishwarya Rai the international face of India in the fashion and film industry. She won the Miss World pageant in 1994 and is frequently touted as the most beautiful woman in the world. Aishwarya Rai is known for her exquisite green eyes that bring out her beauty to the utmost. However, many speculations surround the colour of her eyes, claiming that she uses coloured lenses and the real colour of her eyes is brown. Her eyes are adored to the extent that Ajun Coom, a UK based musician, wrote a song, dedicated to her eyes and how much he is in love with them.

8. Angelina Jolie


She represents all that is beautiful and sexy at the same time. Everyone wants a piece of Angelina Jolie- someone wants her lips, someone her shoulders someone her chin and someone her eyes. Her eyes seem to be all-penetrating and full of life-force. Their hazel colour adds to their beauty. Her eyes have the ability to camouflage with the variety of roles she has essayed on the screen- from her piercing eyes in Salt to that lonesome look in the Changeling, her eyes can be deceptive.

7 Mila Kunis

Mila kunis

This petite actress has been gifted with beautiful eyes, so beautiful that she got her first break partially because of her pretty eyes. He eyes are adored so much by her fans that they are almost jinxed! Kunis has two major conditions in the eye. Kunis has the condition, heterochromia iridum, where the irises have different colours- her left eye is brown and her right eye is green. She also suffered from chronic iritis that had caused her blindness in one eye. So much for having a pretty pair of eyes! Her eyes have a very naughty-like appeal and can make any guy fall to his knees.

6 Sophia Loren


Although presently she is seventy eight years old, her beauty remains intact. She is Italian by birth, and decided to pursue a career in acting after trying for a modelling contest. Some say her beauty is only about her eyes. Sophia has big round eyes, however she uses make-up to make them look feline and almond shaped. Her sharp eyes and a penetrating gaze have charmed men since the fifties. The hazel tint in her eyes is unequivocally, attractive. Her beauty complements her acting talents and has fetched her many awards.

5 Cameron Diaz


Talking of beautiful eyes, Cameron Diaz has, perhaps, the most distinct eyes in the industry presently.  Her eyes sparkle in lively blue and it is difficult to place such eyes on a person’s face. They are too perfect to be real and seem to be painted meticulously. Although, she has always been seen with her lively blue eyes, some claim that is the effect of a transplant. Either way, it is difficult to find a man who has not been enchanted by the transparent glow that is exuded from her eyes.

4 Penelope Cruz

penelope cruz

There is nothing about this goddess which is not perfect in the true sense of the word. She defines beauty like nobody else. Her eyes are dreamy, romantic and soulful and tell stories of intense passion. Her eyes are hazel in colour and crafted by God to perfection.  Some think that her eyes are popping which is not at all attractive; to each to his own, Cruz remains the epitome of beauty with her picture perfect hazel eyes.

3 Charlize Theron

charlize theron

She is a South African beauty with great acting credentials. Charlize Theron is well known for the exquisite eyes she possesses. Her beautifully shaped green eyes are, perhaps, the most alluring eyes I have seen. Her deep, glistening eyes look so eager for everything, which enhances the appeal of her already beautiful face. Her eyes have always been a focal point of admiration and their beauty was acknowledged by critics too, in the movie Young Adult. They said, ‘the writing and direction of this dark comedy set the tone, but Theron’s eyes — defiant, exhausted, slightly insane — convey how sometimes aging sucks’.

2 Elizabeth Taylor

elizabeth taylor

She was well-known for a lot of things-her films, her marriages, her jewellery and her uniquely beautiful eyes. She is sometimes considered to be the Greatest Hollywood Actress and the most beautiful woman in the world. It is said that whoever met Elizabeth Taylor was stunned by the beauty of her eyes. She suffered from a mutation that gave her double eyelashes, which is said to have enhanced the beauty of her eyes. Her eyes were deep blue and appeared violet giving her royal air around her. And yes, her violet eyes were perfectly natural, without any speculations; the first tinted lenses became commercially available long after her prime time.

1 Audrey Hepburn

audrey hepburn

Hepburn once said, ‘for beautiful eyes, look for the good in others’. She is one of the greatest personalities in the history of American cinema with brilliant movies like Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Roman Holiday to her credit and is also well known for her beauty and grace. Not only this, she was equally involved in humanitarian work with UNICEF. She exemplifies all that is desirable. She is often called the ‘doe-eyed beauty’ of Hollywood because of her unmatched, comely eyes. Her eyes are brown in colour, so luminous that they can light up a room. They are the quintessential eyes and augment Hepburn’s bonniness. She, without a single doubt, deserves the number one spot on this list.


There are a lot of other women with equally beautiful eyes who did not find a mention in this list-Megan Fox, Courtney Cox, Jessica Alba to name a few. As such, the competence of this list can be challenged hands-down. One may be able to point out more beautiful eyes than those listed here. However, we have tried our best to compile a plausible list, but the subjectivity still remains and it is beyond the pale of possibility to do away with it.

From Cleopatra to Audrey Hepburn, eyes have been considered the most intrinsic aspect of beauty and have allured men since times immemorial. The women mentioned in the above list have tantalizing eyes, exemplifying beauty to the utmost. Hopefully, the readers would find it agreeable!


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  1. touria55

    March 8, 2014 7:02 pm

    You mean most beautiful eyes of ‘white’ women only…..and that’s ok..because this is clearly the subjective opinion of the writer of this article…just be clear that it’s not a fact of life.

  2. Frank Albert

    May 10, 2014 4:02 am

    You two women are right. There is only one woman of colour here, which is odd, for purely aesthetic reasons, as Black women’s eyes are so often striking. Then again, there are scandalous errors of grammar and style in this bizarre taxonomy, which is, plainly, grasping for straws, when it singles out Hathaway’s dull, dazed orbs as “dazzling.” And there is a straight-up salacious and entirely too intimate factor here: “Her deep, glistening eyes look so eager for everything.” Dream on, Joshi!

  3. 8pzwcvb/

    June 14, 2014 8:35 pm

    Posters who complain there were no black women are too sensitive. Beauty is and always will be in the eye of the beholder. Go to any black represented magazine and you will not see white women represented there either.

  4. Ketch

    October 19, 2014 9:08 pm

    There is also, though, something else going on, I’ll offer. Part of what makes us find things beautiful is variety within the group. So, for instance, were this about the ten women with the most beautiful skin, it is doubtful any white women would be included–or few, anyway. There is a notable lovely range of skin colors among non-caucasians, which is not true for eye color and features. All that said, the beauty of the eyes is most often what you see behind and within them, not the face in which they are set.

  5. Steve Perry

    January 23, 2016 10:42 am

    #1 – Elizabeth Taylor
    #2 – Aishwarya Rai
    #3 – Vanessa Williams
    #4 – Charlize Theron
    #5 – Angelina Jolie
    #6 – Lynda Carter
    #7 – Sophia Loren
    #8 – Audrey Hepburn
    #9 – Penelope Cruz
    #10 – Kristin Kreuk
    Notable mentions: Jessica Alba, Jada Pinkett, Christina Aguilera, Mila Kunis, Megan Fox, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Scarlett Johannson, Tyra Banks, Alicia Keys, Jaime Pressly

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