10 Yoga Aasans to Reduce Weight

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Yoga, an ancient science, is a proven method of maintaining a serene self, a calm mind, and balance between your inner and outer world. Not only has it been used as a technique of meditation by the Yogis, it has been adopted by the fitness freaks religiously to keep a fit body. With the high profile celebrities widely disseminating the message of benefits of a physically and mentally fir body, more and more people are getting attracted to this age old practice to get in shape. Jane Fonda was the actress to bring out her fitness DVD. Many actors followed suits. For Indians, the beautiful Shilpa Shetty did the job. The credit for such wide acceptability of Yoga in daily lives of people also goes prominently to the Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev. He has been the major driving force in making Yoga a household activity.

More so, the present generation is more concerned than ever about just weighing the right kilograms. Don’t have the discipline and the patience to work out in a gym? Home is just fine. There a lot of aasans that help in reducing weight. Here are the ten yoga aasans that keep your fat in check and give you a great shape!

10. Vkrasana


Vkrasana, a tree pose aasan, makes you stretch your entire body. It is a aasan which is about balancing the entire body on one leg, standing. Therefore, it stretches every part of the body and makes your legs, ankles and feet stronger. Since the weight is balanced on one leg, it makes the hips and knees flexible. Join your hands in the form of prayer and raise them straight above your head. The supporting leg is like the root of the tree, which is steadying the entire body. It is suitable for everyone. It increases metabolism by all that stretching. It is simple, very convenient to do, and doesn’t need a guide.

9. Naukasana


This is one of the simplest aasans, mainly for reduction of belly fat, and increasing flexibility. First lie down on your back, with leg joint and hands firmly on your sides, with palms facing the ground. Slowly, raise your legs. Not one at a time, but together. Simultaneously, raise your head and back portion. Hold still at 45 degrees. When you start with this, you’ll have to take support of your palms. Later, when it has been a while, you can try to do it without taking the support of your hands. The main thing to be taken care of here is that you have to avoid bending your knees. It’s only effective when your body is perfectly straight.

8. Utkatasana


Utkatasana or chair pose is also called as the ‘The powerful pose’. In this aasana, one has to sit like one would sit on a chair. The chair is imaginary; your posture duplicates the posture on a chair. So you have to balance yourself without a chair. Since the entire effort of steadying the body is on the lower half of the body, it helps in increasing the firmness of the hips and thighs. Also, it increases the stimulation of heart. Your stamina improves since there is no support. What has to be taken care of is, while in that pose, your belly has to be sucked in to support your backbone. Performing utkatasana is easier than others, and is very effective in increasing metabolism and thus reduces body fat.

7. Dhanurasana


As the name suggests, the Dhanurasana is the yoga pose as that of a bow. What you have to do is, lie on your stomach facing the ground. Your head should touch the floor. Slowly raise your lower half of the body along with your head. Stay at that position for as long as your body can hold. Bow pose, or dhanurasana stretches the entire front of the body- thighs, stomach, and chest and reduces the abdomen fat.

6. Bhujangasana


Known as the ‘cobra pose’, this aasana reduces belly fat and strengthens the thighs and hand muscles. Lie down with your arms on your side, facing downwards, with forehead on the floor. Your hands should be at your sides, palm inwards. Slowly, start pulling yourself from waist up. Push your hands against the floor, and as you raise yourself straighten your arms. Tilt your back and turn your head upwards to look at the roof. All this while, there should be no spacing between the legs and knees should not bend upwards. Hold this position for as long as your body allows, and then start lowering yourself down.

5. Pavanamuktasana


Also called as the ‘wind removing pose’, Pavanamuktasana is highly effective in reducing unnecessary fat from abdomen and back portion of your body. It is simple to perform too. LIe on the floor, on your back. Inhale slowly, and raise your one knee up, towards your chest. Simultaneously lift your head and bend in in direction of your knee. The main thing here is to touch your forehead to the knee, while keeping your back pressed to the ground. This exercise helps in removing any gas constrictions in the body, as well as stretching all your muscles. Since the pressure is in the middle area, the metabolism helps in reducing the belly fat, and tones the thighs too.

4. Janusirsasana


  Jānu means “knee”, shirsha means “head”, and asana means “posture” or “seat”. and a seated position, one leg is extended with toes pointing upward, and the other leg is bent with knee pointing away from the straight leg. The back turns and folds over the extended leg. This puts pressure on the belly, and the abdomen. Therefore, helps in reducing fat and thus weight loss. It loosens the various constrictions in the backbone, and increases the metabolism rate. The rate of burning of calories increase and reduces the fat. It increases flexibility as well, since the back is stretched out to the maximum extent.

3. Paschimottanasana


Paschimottanasana is an aasana that helps in reducing abdominal fat, and increases appetite. Lie on your back with legs straight. Place your arms overhead, with palms facing upwards. Stretch your toes. and extend your body. Then, without taking the support of your hands, try to get up, stressing your backbone. Your back should be straight, and hands over your head, rising with your head. Bend your head forward, stretching your muscles to touch your toes. Move as close as possible towards your knees. Your head should touch your knees, and your hands should be able to touch your toes. Main purpose is to reduce the stomach and get a flat/slim tummy.

2. Bharadvajasana


This aasana is named after the sage Bharadvaja. Here, the legs are bent at the knees, twisting them towards the left, with your neck twisting in opposite direction. The lower half of your body is rotated 45 degrees to left. The right arm is straightened and the hand is placed under the left knee. After holding in that position for about 30 seconds, repeat the same process by twisting in right direction, with the neck in left. This twists your belly, increasing the metabolism activity, and burning the fat. This aasana is mainly to get a slim stomach, and reduce the thigh fat. Bharadvajasana is a very effective, non complicated aasana to reduce weight and get a slim body since it releases the tension in entire body.

1. Kapalbhati


Kapalbhati is the least complicated of the yoga exercises. Practiced over time, Kapalbhati Pranayama also helps reduce abdominal fat, fight obesity, tone abdominal muscles. Apart from that, it also gives glow to your face, making you look younger and more beautiful. Straighten your back, sitting in an upright position. Stretch your neck vertically so that all muscles are outstretched as far as possible. This will bring your spine and the base of your neck in alignment. Then comes the hand position. Join your thump tips with the index finger tips. The wrists rest on the knees, with arms straight. Close your eyes, and try to empty your mind of all thoughts, concentrating on the blackness. Inhale slowly, and then exhale forcefully through the nose. Remember, do not breathe through your mouth. It stresses your belly, and also loosens the tension in muscles. It also works as a stress buster.



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