11 Awesome New Year Health Resolutions

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A new year begins with a plethora of promises. While some want their new year to bring wealth, some resolve to leave some habits and work upon their health too. A rising consciousness about health has caused people to focus on their body, mind and soul like never before. However, New Year resolutions have a distinct quality of never being successful, and being broken in midway! We bring you a list of top eleven New Year health resolutions, which are easy to follow and extremely beneficial for your mind, soul and body!

11. Drink More Water


This New Year, resolve to increase your intake of water by manifolds. Water is known to have medicinal qualities, which can help in driving away several medical conditions. Additionally, it is advisable to have water at regular intervals, as it keeps the body hydrated and prevents one from feeling severe weakness. Water is extremely beneficial for the skin, too. Water helps the skin in preserving its softness by helping the body release toxins from its bloodstream. Ideally, one should take at least a liter of water daily, in order to keep oneself from feeling weak due to dehydration.

10.Cut Out Your Stress


Racing deadlines has victimized a lot many people, causing people to stress themselves into depression. This New Year, resolve to do away with the stress and lead a more relaxed and easy life. Avoid getting upset over trivial things and fretting over them uselessly. It will not help solve any problems, but rather, it will worsen your health. Therefore, avoid thinking too much about things, let air fill up your lungs and try to find a solution for everything instead of getting worried or too stressed.

9.Cut down on Alcohol

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Yes, parties do call out for celebrations. Since it has become the modern day tradition to let the alcohol flow freely, it is not a very good practice. Alcohol is harmful for the body and for the inner self, if taken in inconsiderate and careless amounts. An increased intake of alcohol can put one in the risk of contracting several precarious conditions, like memory loss, or even seizures! Additionally, consuming huge amounts of alcohol occasionally can give rise to several liver and heart diseases. Hence, begin the New Year by resolving to keep a tab on the amount of alcohol consumed, in order to party longer and undoubtedly, harder!



Sleep is as vital to us as is breathing. Getting good sleep assures that one wakes up fresh and relaxed. However, due to abrupt schedules, one tends to ignore sleep. This New Year, promise yourself to sleep at least for eight hours in a day, in order to drive away fatigue, anxiety and depression. It is best if one can take a small nap during the course of the day, as it helps in resting the body and allows it to regain the vigor and the energy. Making this resolution can solve many a problems, like anxiety, fatigue and drive away stress.

7.Floss Your Teeth!


While many don’t think that brushing teeth requires as much thought, it is a fact that teeth ought to be brushed very carefully. An essential part of the whole ‘brushing-your-teeth’ regime is flossing. While many don’t know about it, others who do, tend to neglect it. This New Year, it won’t be a bad idea at all to resolve to floss your teeth regularly. If done regularly, flossing can help one in gaining a pristine white smile. New Year will be brighter and healthier then!

6. Check Your Intake of Coffee!



Yes, working schedules make it vital for one to take coffee, in order to drive away fatigue, sleep and stress. However, did you know that high consumption of coffee can deprive you of sleep, and can trigger insomnia! While coffee is loved by people of the world, it is a fact well known that coffee is harmful for the health, if its intake is not checked regularly. Hence, one helpful resolution can be to check your consumption of coffee. One helpful tip would be to limit the intake of coffee to two cups a day, as it will allow one to dodge several serious conditions like insomnia.

5.Cut The Junk Snack

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People across ages have found junk snacks to be convenient, considering that one does not have enough time to cook a meal at home. However, such convenience comes at a heavy price. Junk food like burger, noodles and cola contain high acidic content, which is very harmful for the body. This New Year, usher in good health by giving up on the chips, burgers and colas and taking in good and balanced diet, which is high on nutrition and energy. Doing so can help one in gaining a toned body and drive away all the ailments, which are attracted by a body filled with junk trash!

4. Plan a Fitness Regime


In such tight schedules, it can undoubtedly be very difficult to find time to go to a gym and work out. Instead, one can plan a day, which starts with a brisk walk in the arms of nature and ends on a note of healthy sleep. Begin this New Year on a healthy note by promising yourself that you would go for a walk daily, even if it is for a short interval, like 15 minutes. Doing so will help you in exploring yourself by spending some alone quality time and waking up to the beauty of nature.

3. Practice Safety During Sex

Health is not only about eating the right foods and exercising regularly. Sex life is also a crucial part of our daily health regime, as are other activities. Hence, it is vital to practice precautions like condoms, which can help prevent the couple from contracting any sort of sexually transmitted diseases. Having an active sexual life is not a problem; however, one should keep in mind that one follows necessary precautions and ensures safety of the partner. This New Year, it won’t be a bad idea at all to resolve to always carry a pack of condoms in your wallet or handbag, in order to enjoy safe sex and an STD-ridden life.

2. Quit Smoking


Smoking might appear very cool when someone does it on screen. However, it ain’t that cool, considering the grave dangers it poses to the health of the smoker. Alcohol and smoking go hand in hand, especially during the festival season, when one decides to hang out with a bunch of friends. However, with a wish to look all cool and perked up, people often forget that smoking is not only harmful for the smoker but also for those around him/her! Resolving to give up tobacco and cigarette will help one in saving self from any kinds of precarious health conditions, like lung cancer and tongue cancer, which can put an end to celebrations for forever!

1.Realize Your Beauty


The current sociological trends have created the ideology that fair is beautiful, causing men and women all over the world strive to attain unimaginable level of fairness. Break this ideological shackle and this New Year, embrace your inner self and give the world a run for its money. Ditch all your fairness creams, for they are just creators of illusion that dark is not beautiful, but fair is. Resolve to not give in to the whims and fancies of the world, and carve a niche for yourself by accepting yourself, just the way you are! These New Year resolutions are aimed at allowing people to realize and enjoy good health without having to undergo laborious planning and strategizing the whole plan.

These eleven resolutions will help the readers in forming a sound foundation for a healthy lifestyle, along with providing a peaceful mind, body and soul.


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