7 Reasons to Install French Doors as Your Front Entry Door

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French doors continue to add style and give character to your space. They are nothing but elegant and luxurious, says many homeowners. The combination of glass panes with wooden panels brings the timeless beauty of French doors from the era of the 17th Century. The glass panes allow the natural light to sink in and make your interiors look bright and spacious.


If you are looking for a front entry door replacement, French doors make a perfect choice. These doors serve best for interior and exterior door, giving a sense of open space while separating two rooms or an area. The best thing about installing French doors is you can design them using attractive and sturdy hardware and a glass of your choice that blends with your decor. From styling to being affordable and secure, French doors fit the best for the role of front entry doors.


Here are a few reasons that justify French doors to be installed as front doors-


1) Lets the Natural Light Flow In-

As discussed earlier, French doors are engineered using glass and wood grilles that allow the natural light to enter your house. You can either get French doors that swing inward and outward or hop on the sliding French doors that can allow you to enjoy the beauty of your porch. Since French doors are a mix of glass and wood, they can be assembled in any way, even if you want to omit wooden panels to allow extra natural light in.


2) Makes Your Living Space Looks Spacious-

If your home’s entrance is a bit congested, then going for French doors as your entry door is the right choice. They are made up of glass which can reflect light and make your place looks brighter and more extensive. You can assimilate a sliding French door or the one opening outwardly, making your rooms airy, naturally lit and spacious.


3) Allows You to Customize-

You can choose wood of any kind for crafting stylish and functional French doors. You can select a traditional French door design with classy and modern metallic hardware to go with. Besides, you may go for silver cremone bolts, raised bottom panel, Biscayne point mahogany French doors, or French doors with open four slabs. Whatever style you may fancy, French doors can be the ultimate focal point of your front entrance.


4) Comes in a Wide Variety-

Sabana Windows have a premium style of French door collection for interior as well as exterior. They have a wide variety of French door designs, including Frt. Lauderdale Traditional, Granada Mahogany, Fiorella Doors, Coral Gables, Davinci Mahogany and many more to drool over.


Apart from going with the traditional and classy French doors, you can custom design them using stylish hardware, nuts, bolts and locks.


5) Offers Security-

Many people believe that French doors can only look beautiful than being secure. Although these doors are equipped with large windows yet, they can incorporate security hardware features like double pane, unbreakable glass, adjustable hinge, smart locking systems, etc.


7) Affordable and Energy-Efficient-

As compared to wooden doors, French doors are not only classy but also comes at affordable prices. Besides, they tend to lower your energy bills. The exterior French doors are usually crafted with double-pane glass to improve insulation and conserve energy. These dual glasses prevent the heat from escaping from interiors and preventing the cold air from outside to settle in. Moreover, you can insert shutters and extra glazing to avoid that additional rise in your utility bills and maintain privacy.


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