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health care tips for season change

Top 10 Health Care Tips for Season Change

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Haven’t you grown up with the sayings “Health is wealth”, “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away”, and some more of like these? Did your mother scold you for falling sick and not taking care of yourself during the changing seasons? Have you terribly been the victim of ill…

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10 bad qualities that children learn in school

10 Bad Qualities That Children Learn In School

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School is like a second home to the children where they spend half of the days, half of their growing up stage of life. Where home teaches them of the moral values, cultures, etiquettes of the society; school shapes them in a more civilized and globalized form while gaining knowledge…

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music genres

Top 10 Music Genres List


Music is something which eases, sets all of us free from stress and tiredness. For there are the kinds of music to accompany situations, feelings, moods and everything else. This art expresses through its different styles – the moments of love, the happiness, and the gloomy days, dancing feet, driving…

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