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high blood pressure

10 Reasons to Say No to those Health Supplements

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‘Health’ is something we should never compromise with because good health can help you achieve your goals. A very famous phrase reads, ‘health is wealth’ explains us everything. Good health is the key to success. You can achieve almost everything when you are fit! You are energized and always ready…

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change your world

10 Reasons for an Early Start

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Had a lazy start to the day? Feeling lethargic? Want to lose weight? But can not do it? Here’s a solution to your problems once and for all. You have read and heard people talk about it. Yes it’s getting up early. “Early to bed and early to rise makes…

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effects of glObal warming and ozone layer depletion

Top 10 Main Causes of Global Warming


Global warming is one of the major problems which is not divided by the boundaries of various countries. Global warming is the hottest topic that anybody learned can relate to. But for those of you who do not understand what is Global Warming, here we are, it is the rise in…

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Top 10 Greatest Indian Freedom Fighters

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We have seen what happens to movies made on these subjects. People don’t value the works and the struggles of these freedom fighters. This is utterly depressing. Why don’t people show some respect to the real heroes of the country? They gave everything for their country. No matter to which…

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