Top 10 Cryptids you have never heard of


Cryptology finds it origin in the Greek words kryptos that means hidden and zoology which can be literally translated into the search of animals that are believed to have existed but their existence is not yet proven. Unlike dinosaurs and woolly mammoths whose fossils have been found others gain their…

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UFO and Aliens

Top 10 Weird Bermuda Triangle Theories


The ‘Triangle of Satan’ or ‘Devil’s Island’ or the more commonly known Bermuda triangle has given the scientists a run for their money. Dumbfounded on the questions about this mystical patch of water, human being has so far failed to reach any conclusive answer. The annals of experiment confirms that…

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10 very Wierd Fashion Accessories

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Accessories have always been an essential component in anybody’s wardrobe who has even a slightest interest in fashion. They can pep up your plain boring clothes in a matter of seconds without making you look over the top. For a believer in fashion, accessories play as much a role as…

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Aileen Wuornos

Top 10 Female Serial Killers List


Many people genuinely believe that women cannot commit crimes which are as violent and heinous as some committed by their male counterparts, because of all that females are natural nurturers bullshit theory. Women are capable of being violent, vicious and cruel. There were several female Nazi officers involved in torturing…

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lemon chilli

Top 10 Famous Indian Superstitions


Ours is a country where superstitions abound. Some have their basis in religious beliefs, others in scientific facts and still others in no conceivable reason. Yet, they are prevalent and they are followed stringently, even by the so-called liberated, ‘modern’, scientific minds. Listed below are just some of the more…

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