dawood ibrahim

10 Most Wanted Criminals Alive


It is bizarre that we now have to create a top ten list for criminals. Our entire nation is filled with crimes and criminals all around. People get engaged in wrong ways for their greed and satisfaction. We have now lost counts on the number of criminals that are laundering…

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10 Must Read Crime Fiction Novels

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In the late 1880’s, a figure appeared on the English Literature scene. What most people didn’t know was this figure, supposedly keeping residences at 221B Baker Street, would take the detective fiction world by storm. A storm that would last for decades and overwhelm many generations of voracious young readers….

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Top 10 Most Intelligent Heists Ever

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Have you ever thought why do people attempt heists by stealing money, jewelry or any valuables in front of the people itself. There are undoubtedly criminal masterminds behind such heists or robberies and there may be many reasons behind such brave attempts. You earn money and your valuables, and they…

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2. Adolf Hitler

Top 10 Dictators in the World


All through history we can see power hungry leaders who have imposed their rule on fearful populations and committed great atrocities. The methods of dictatorship are ruthless and have caused the deaths of millions of people. To maintain their power dictators use violent and forceful actions. Dictators are driven by…

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Venezuela Election

Top 10 Most Lawless Countries in World


It is because of the law that a man would think thrice before committing a murder, it is because of the law that he would think before he robs a bank or assault anyone. Basically it is the religion which tells us the difference between good and bad but technically…

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Top 10 Most Pirated Things in the World

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Want to watch a new movie without going to a theatre? Want to experience the gaming ‘feel’ of the game launched yesterday without purchasing a DVD? Want to listen to the audio of a new movie before the official audio launch? Piracy it is. For everything. Want to save a…

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Gilles De Rais

Top 10 Most Brutal Serial Killers Ever

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The Silence of the Lambs, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Psycho, Seven- these are some of the serial killer movies we like to indulge in on a boring afternoon. Kept constantly on the edge by the nail-biting suspense and gory details, we are gripped by the portrayed workings of their delusional…

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