Hours before Assassination Abraham Lincoln Created the Secret Service

Top 10 Abraham Lincoln Life Facts

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Abraham Lincoln was one of the most famous and gifted United States president. Under his reign, United States climbed ladders of success and earned reputation of an emerging superpower all over the world. His able governance was praised by everybody. He had a reputation of working for the betterment of…

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2. Adolf Hitler

Top 10 Dictators in the World


All through history we can see power hungry leaders who have imposed their rule on fearful populations and committed great atrocities. The methods of dictatorship are ruthless and have caused the deaths of millions of people. To maintain their power dictators use violent and forceful actions. Dictators are driven by…

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Venezuela Election

Top 10 Most Lawless Countries in World


It is because of the law that a man would think thrice before committing a murder, it is because of the law that he would think before he robs a bank or assault anyone. Basically it is the religion which tells us the difference between good and bad but technically…

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Top 10 Life Facts about Osama Bin Laden


Osama bin Mohammad bin Awad bin Laden was one of the most dangerous militant that the world has ever seen. He was on top most slot of every most wanted list of different security agencies throughout the world. Particularly he was against the United States Government and so he had…

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