6. Drama

Top 10 Film Genres List

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If asked “What kind of movies do you like?” Some of the answers that can be expected are “I’m totally into romantic comedies”, “I enjoy action adventure a lot”, “I love courtroom drama”, “Horror movies give me creeps but I like them”, “Science fiction movies are so cool”, “It’s lot…

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10 easy tips to improve your handwriting

Top 10 Simple Tips to Improve your Handwriting

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Have you ever scored low in a test despite that perfect answer just because the teacher found someone else’s handwriting more ‘legible’? Have you ever gaped and wondered at a friend’s beautifully crafted angelic alphabets? Ever looked and frowned at your notes, trying to recognize the indistinguishable ‘m’ and ‘n’?…

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Top 10 Dumbest Tech Acquisitions Ever

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Mergers and acquisitions are always risky, and some end up paying off better than others. Some of them have made profits and some of them have lost their money. Some decisions will be so complicated that they will be forced to acquire the company without knowing the consequences and end…

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10 things we know about Mormon Religion


Religion plays a very vital role in a person’s individual life as well as in the collective lives of people. Religion first of all brings discipline in a person’s life; religion offers a complete code of life which a person has to follow. Secondly if something unpleasant happens to him,…

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