How to Deal with Public Anxiety? 10 Tips

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Public anxiety is a term which is frequently used for people who are shy/timid and hesitant in public or social groups. This phenomenon is not only limited to a child or a teenager, adults too are facing this personality disorder and its misery and agony. People suffering from the same are often left embarrassed and humiliated during different stages of life say it-school, university, work-place and other personal levels. Such categories of folks have an inhibition to appear in community and are diffident in front of masses.Socially apprehensive and phobic,they often suffer from public humiliation and a thing to laugh upon. Public anxiety is unquestionably a backdrop in anyone’s personality and behavior, as it inculcates nervousness, stress and for sure decrements the level of self-confidence in that particular person. Guys suffering from public anxiety are introvert, very less amicable and they often avoid communal gatherings. In short they have a preference for known company of friends and acquaintances and they maintain a yard’s distance from strange groups whether in school, college, work- place and more. So here I present ten useful tips to deal with it –
10 Self Motivation:-

Motivation is just like a diving board that helps you to take a leap at much larger distances. Same is the case with self motivation. If you are self motivated and clear then for sure negativity can’t touch you and ultimately you would emerge triumphant. Hence to conquer public anxiety it is beneficial, that you remain motivated from your conscience and let your inner self know that yes “You can handle the public and become amicable to masses”.
9  Concentrate on what you are best at: –

One way to prove yourself best in front of the  masses is to master yourself in the trade you are best at. Being skilled and knowledgeable in your particular field develops an emotion which conquers that public anxiety .So it is very important that you practice more and more in your cherished skill whether it is sports, music, studies, dance, photography, magic, cards, painting etc.Virtuosity of that particular trade will let you reach stars and in return you would achieve laurels, which will ultimately make you more social and amicable.
8  Meditation: –

It is said in Vedas and other religious as well as spiritual books that meditation is a cure for all sorrows and problems.Infact it has been scientifically proved that mediation is an all time healer. Doctors through their practical sessions have confiscated that when you meditate you become more focused towards your aim/goal. In our colleges we have often observed some guys who are shy and feel reluctant to interact with girls. When those guys consulted the university psychologists they have been advised to meditate at least half an hour in a day. Result is fruitful; they have confessed that yes through mediation they feel calm and relieved. That feeling of anxiety of appearing in public gets dissolved day by day. Consequently, meditation will escort us towards our aimed objective and at the same time it will confiscate all other useless and trash thoughts from our mind.
7  Therapy: –

Public anxiety is a kind of an irrational fear which is termed as Social phobia. This can build up numerous negative and depressive consequences inside individual namely emotional wreckage, devastation of confidence, public inhibition, self consciousness, segregation, queasiness, palpitations and reluctance to make an eye contact. All the above mentioned stuff cumulatively develops personality disorder in any individual suffering from social phobia. Therefore many medications are being provided in the form of therapies for such folks. Most prevalent and being practiced therapy is CBT i.e. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy used for the treatment of social phobia. It deals with management of thoughts, flushing our pessimistic feelings from your mind and gradually getting involved in public rather than segregating yourself.
6  Interact with different people: –

If you interact with different people whether through mobile phone, whats app, social networking sites or face to face this will definitely enhance your self-belief and can remove the reluctance of interacting with masses. In short, to overcome public anxiety it is mandatory for us to mingle up frequently with new groups. If we are reticent in meeting groups manually, then we can start with an interaction with them through cell phones and social media such as Facebook, twitter, MySpace etc.Gradually we will become welcoming towards them and later wards can meet them face to face. In this way our anxiety will be removed and we will become more extrovert and confident in public.
5  Stress Management: –

While we confer public anxiety we also undergo a lot of emotional stress. For this purpose only stress management techniques are introduced to combat stress. A very finely written book- Monk who sold his Ferrari by NRI Robin Sharma illustrates us, how he managed stress and finally led an austere life in the Himalayas.Therefore, to fight back public anxiety it is important for us to manage that emotional stress and eradicate it completely from its very root.
4  Read a good booster book: –

A book is man’s best friends. Hence it is advised to read a book whenever you are in any problematic situation. There is a book named Managing Public Anxiety written by Debra A. Hope, it states all possible ways to combat this personality plague. It is a therapist guide and leads us to many solutions of dealing Social Anxiety Disorder. Another book named as Mastery of your anxiety and panic by Michelle G.Craske is based on ways to cope up with our in built anxiety and helps us to prevent situations leading to social panic.
3  Kick ass to your past: –

As it is stated in Bhagvad Geeta,whatever happened  it happened for good, whatever is happening is happening for bliss and whatever will happen will lead to austerity. So follow these simple lines and give a kick ass to your past.Dont look back in retrospect about your embarrassments as a result of anxiety incurred in public.Instead, make your present brighter and scintillating through your efforts and don’t ever look back.1
2  Remain Optimistic: –

Primary and foremost thing to beat public anxiety is to remain optimistic in every possible circumstances. No matter what, let your heart develop a feeling that you will be the winner and victory will be at your doorstep. Once you have developed this very sentiment, from that day onwards you would be very much comfortable in public and anxiety will remain at bay from you. Positive feeling inculcates a sense of happiness, love, bliss, responsibility and most importantly it elevates your self confidence. Being positive enhances a feeling of self-belief and self-assurance inside your heart and mind, which in turn makes you comfortable in every preferred situation be it public, society, community etc.
1  Take an initiative to appear in public after the above steps: –

Now you get a chance to finally turn your theory lessons into practical sessions. Always take an initiative and be an opportunist in every possible way. For e.g. after your college you along with your friends plan to go out. You guys chose Mc Donald’s and now its time to order the delicious food. So here you get an opportunity, to fight that public anxiety and kick it away from your personality. Take an initiative and go to the food counter to order for all. In this way you will combat your fear of encountering strangers in public and at the same time enjoy a good mean with your friends. So here you go!


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