First time at a Bar? Here are 10 things you should know

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Once you’re 21, going to a bar may be your new experiment which may thrill and excite you like nothing else. A bar is a different world with loud music, grooviest of numbers, people talking with a slur, crazy clubbing and a perfect nightlife. But what makes the bar so special – the drinks of course. Your bar will offer you a range of drinks, from beer to vodka, tequila to whisky, pitcher to rum – a huge list of cocktails is waiting for you at the bar. It’s a stupidly intimidating venue for all those young adults. However, it’s not just as straight as it seems, there are things about bars you may not know. The average bar you visit frequently is associated with some exclusive features and services, some add-ons and payment options. If you don’t know them, we are here to help you, to let you know 10 things your bar has to offer:

 10. Choose from “1001 cocktails”:


When you’re 21, you would definitely want to walk to a bar to get yourself a drink but what you will see will be an overwhelming range of cocktails. So, before you go to your bar, you may need some knowledge about the common drinks that are served in your bar, or for that matter any bar. The selection of your drink will depend on the alcohol content, your taste and also the cost. You can choose from wide range of vodka, tequila, whiskey, beer, rum, wine, mixed drinks or cocktails with additional flavors and varying alcohol content. Some very popular drinks to order at bars are sex on the beach, Jack & coke, tequila sunrise, whiskey sour, cosmopolitan, white Russian, lemon drop, blue Hawaiian and screw driver.

9. Tabs:


Most of the people visiting bars know what a tab is, but if it’s your first time, or if you have always paid in cash before, then you must know how to open a tab. If you want to pay with your credit card, most bars will request you to open a tab. This means they would hold on to your credit card while you’re boozing and you have to pay at the end of the night. But if you open a tab, you should keep an eye on it. Know the price of your drinks and make sure your friends are not misusing it by saying “Put it on his tab” unless you intend. Also, do not forget to collect your credit card at the end of the night or they will charge you additional service tax. Another thing is that when you transfer a tab from one bartender to another, you are also transferring the tip.

8. Lipsmacking foods:

lipsmacking foods

Now bars are not ONLY about drinks though drinks are the actual purpose. There are some excellent and lipsmacking food options provided by some bars. Most bars offer food till late night hours, because they know that is there’s food on a table, people are bound to have it, even if they claim that they are not hungry. But one very important thing that you must know is that, for drinks you do not pay taxes, but if you order some food stuff, you will have to pay tax on the entire bill including the drinks. Most common are appetizers like fries or nachos, which are just perfect along with the drinks.

7. Tips:


Tips are what the bartenders are serving you for and dealing with you at 2 am when you almost behave like a drunken idiot. You should tip them generously, at least 20% or your bill or more. You can tip $2 per drink too. Bartenders will surely remember you if you give them a good tip and will serve you quick the next time. If you want some crazy or special drink or some other favor, tip them a bit more. It might get expensive but it is the law of the land. Also follow some bar etiquettes while you give out a tip. Don’t ask the bartender how much he wants as a tip and don’t point out how much you left for the tip.

6. Designated drivers:

designated driver

The term “designated driver” refers to a person who remains sober (without alcohol) and acts as the responsible driver of a vehicle while the others being allowed to drink alcoholic beverages. Thus looking at this as a practical and ethical matter, a designated driver can be considered a person who abstains from alcohol on a social occasion so as to drive his or her companions home safely rather than letting any of them drive. In some bars, bartenders may give free sodas to such designated drivers. This is a thank you expression from their side for not letting the drunk friends drive. So this is another thing you should know – how does the bar staff treat the designated driver.

5. Pre-authorizing of cards:


You should know whether your bar pre-authorizes your card or not, at the time you open a tab. This is done as a part of ensuring the active status of your card and also making sure that your card has enough money to pay for the drinks. If your bar does that, you should know its pre-authorizing amount which generally varies from place to place. Pre-authorization means they will place a hold on your account for some amount which may appear as a pending transaction for the following three days, after which the pre-authorizing amount will be cleared and you will be charged for what you ordered at the bar.

4. Money saving options:


If you’re no rich lad but you love visiting the bar and drinking, then there are some simple money saving tips you can follow at your bar, unless of course you are in for heavy partying. You can go for tap beer rather than bottles or else you can order house alcohol or cheap bear. For this, again, you need to know what your bar has to offer. You can take your credit or debit cards off your purse and only take cash in, so as to avoid any ridiculous bills the next morning. You can even eat or drink at home, before you go to the bar.

3. Pick your bartender:


It’s nothing bad if you have some favoritism when it comes to bartenders. When you visit a bar frequently, it’s natural that you know the bartenders and they know you. Bartenders are mostly very good at remembering their customers, thanks to the tips. If you are a frequent customer and the bartender knows you, you might get served well and quick. Be good to the bartenders, smile and don’t wave money at them. When you open a tab, you must stick to your bartender. Your bartender may know your favorite order and you may not need to repeat the same stuff whenever you visit the bar. Etiquette’s are what you need to follow at bars, especially with bartenders. Who knows! You might just get a free drink at the end of the night.

2. Signature drinks:

signature drinks

Signature drinks are those drinks that are exclusively created by the establishment. These are the drinks which are not offered on the menus of other restaurants and bars. However you should keep in mind that signature drinks could be more expensive than the other regular drinks. Sometimes, a signature drink is nothing but a variation of another well known drink. If you go to a different bar or restaurant and you try to order a signature drink which you had at another bar, the bartender most probably is not going to know the recipe. So, this is among the top few things you should  know about your average bar.

1. Happy hours:

happy hours

The most important thing you should know about the bar that you frequently visit is its HAPPY HOURS. “Happy hours” is the marketing term for that period of the day in a bar when most cocktails and drinks are discounted by considerable amounts. Even the food is likely to be discounted. This is also the time when drink specials and food specials, “buy one get one” offers and combo offers are available. Happy hours are offered by almost all the bars, usually in day time. So if you are looking for well drinks, house wines and domestic drafts, this is the right time.


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